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Presentation of results in Brazil
Public Hearing at the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies
Brasilia, 22nd May 2019
Organized by the Social Security and Family Commission of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies on 22nd May, a Public Hearing was celebrated on ‘The UN Agenda - Family Policies and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.’ Speakers have included the National Family Secretary of the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, Angela Gandra; several members of Parliament, including Alexandre Serfiotis, Leandra Dal Ponte and Enrico Misasi; the focal point for the family at the UN secretariat, Renata Kaczmarska; the Chief of Social and Economic Policy at UNICEF Office of Research-Innocenti, Dominic Richardson; and the director of International Relations at IFFD, Ignacio Socías.
In his intervention, Socías pointed out that “family-friendly policies enable parents and caregivers to provide the best start in life for their children; they pay off in healthier, better-educated children, a better-equipped workforce and more sustainable growth. Iit is not just the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do.”
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SDGs & Families presentation at the Human Rights Ministry
Brasilia, 23rd May 2019
An event on ‘Family policies in the Sustainable Development Objectives’, organized by the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights and in collaboration with Family Talks, International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), UNICE and the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs was organized at the Ministry headquarters for experts and practitioners who work with SDGS.
The meeting was chaired by the Minister Damares Alves, who was in charge of the closing remarks. Opening remarks were made by the National Secretary for the Family, Angela Gandra, and then Ignacio Socías (IFFD) spoke about ‘Family policies in the Sustainable Development Objectives’; Renata Kaczmarska (UN DESA) about ‘The family as an active agent for the development of Agenda 2030’; and Dominic Richardson (UNICEF) about ‘The family as an active agent for the development of Agenda 2030’. .
Some of the most important findings of the SDGs and Famiies project were highlighted during the discussion, and the importance of family policies for developmet was consistently mentioned.
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SDGs & Families presentation at the Sao Paulo Prefecture
Sao Paulo, 24th May 2019
The problems our society faces nowadays in areas such as public safety, health, education, work and gender equality could be solved more permanently and consistently with public policies focused on families. This is the overall conclusion of the study ‘Sustainable Development Goals & Families’, promoted by the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) and developed by UNICEF.
According to the project’s academic coordinator, Dominic Richardson, Head of Economic and Social Policy at UNICEF’s Innocenti Research Center, “Innovation in family policy continues to expand, and must play a greater role in fulfilling ODS.” He pointed out that there is no single solution for family policies: it is necessary to design of a portfolio of solutions according to the different geographic and social circumstances in each case.
Ignacio Socías, project coordinator and director of international relations for the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), pointed out that “the best indicator of a society’s development of how your children are treated. In this respect, the family is key.”
Renata Kaczmarska, focal point for the family at the UN secretariat, stressed that the goal of Agenda 2030 is to make families “self-reliant, prosperous and resilient”, and that “policies do not serve to replace the family, but can cooperate a lot with them.” For Kaczmarska, paternalism should be avoided and the autonomy of families encouraged.
Adriana Alvarenga, UNICEF coordinator in São Paulo, also participated in the table of discussions in the event. According to her, UNICEF supports that “families are the privileged space for children’s development.”
After the event at the Municipal Auditorium, experts also attended a meeting with municipal authorities and members of the different departments, where they discussed about public policies developed in the municipality and shared their experiences and knowledge on the role of families.
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Meeting with practitioners of the Sao Paulo Prefecture
Sao Paulo, 24th May 2019
Interview in Estadao
Sao Paulo, 27th May 2019

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Meeting with the Governor of Parana
Curitiba,4th June 2019
The Governor of the State and the Secretary of Planning and Structural Projects met with Ignacio Socías, Director of International Relations of the International Federation for Family Development, as a first step towards the establishment of partnerships between Paraná and the institution.
The Governor highlighted the importance of this work, more if we consider that “in a few years, there will be more seniors than children living in the state.” The Secretary added that “it is important to bring examples and think of programs for the family that help development for everyone”.
Audio for radio broadcasting
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