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The benefits and challenges of parenting with a disability

Belo Cipriani - The Huffington Post, 16 February 2017.
It seems sometimes that people see a parent with a disability and assume that the person must be less capable, must behave in a way younger than his peers, or that his children must help him. But having a disability does not prevent anyone from being a capable and loving parent. Yet, it does present a set of unique challenges.

Parenting my teen feels really lonely right now

Randi Olin - THe Washington Post, 21 February 2017.
Despite having close family ties and friendships, parenting has become something of a solitary undertaking for the author. She can’t write about it. She can’t talk about it. She has never felt more alone in her thoughts.

There’s more to marriage than rings

Sandy Laumeyer - The Courier, 22 February 2017.
Your married life can be filled with love, joy, pleasure, laughter, satisfaction and wonderful memories. Difficult times can be overcome through your combined strength. But only if you are both fully and completely committed to making your marriage successful.

The financial benefits of marriage

Beth Braverman - Consumer Reports, 13 February 2017.
Valentine’s Day isn’t just about exchanging chocolate and flowers with a loved one. It’s also a day when many people consider getting engaged. According to a study by American Express, 1 in 12 unmarried couples was expecting a proposal on Valentine’s Day last year. Proposing to your loved one can lead to many financial bonuses—assuming the proposal leads to marriage. Here are a few of the financial benefits of getting married.

Israel: marriage counseling to be subsidized by State

Gil Hoffman - The Jerusalem Post, 19 February 2017.
Marriage counseling might be seen as an option when a couple gets into difficulties, but legislation being introduced to the Knesset seeks to turn the concept on its head and propose it as prophylactic measure against the increase in the divorce rate. The bill would offer not inconsiderable financial inducements to couples who register to marry if they participate in a marriage preparation course before they tie the knot.

Helping children build self-confidence

Damnniel Paul - Hilldsdale Daily News, 19 February 2017.
Parents are instrumental in helping their children develop self-confidence. The answer is not just spending a lot of time with the children, buying them gifts, or giving them hugs and kisses. It is much more than that. Here are a few suggestions you may wish to use.

UK: children as young as five are phoning a charity helpline

Stephanie Linning - Daily Mail, 19 February 2017.
Children as young as five are phoning a helpline to be read a bedtime story because their alcoholic parents are too drunk to put them to bed, a charity has revealed. Some phone so regularly their favourite books are kept next to the phone, according to the National Association for Children of Alcoholics.

India: millennial parenting in the digital age

Prajodh Rajan - DNA, 19 February 2017.
The children of tomorrow are likely to see the online world as a way of life – a ritual passed on by their parents who are increasingly shunning the notion of ‘evil eye’. The post-digital natives neither want a complete abstinence from technology for their children nor want them to be addicted to gadgets.

Things that breaks a child’s self confidence

AsiaNet India, 15 February 2017.
Making your child confident is a process that needs full dedication and effort from the side of parents.Finding and correcting the factors that can affect the confidence of a child should be the first step of improving his/her confidence.This can be anything from the family itself or from the friends, relatives or even teachers.

Why marriage is good for your health

Bob Livingston - Personal Liberty, 15 February 2017.
A new study reveals that marriage is good for your health. Married people tend be healthier than those who have never been married as well as those who are no longer married due to death of spouse, divorce or separation. And researchers wanted to know why that was.
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