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As cities gentrify, public and private efforts sprout to help families stay
Alejandro Lazo and Laura Kusisto - Wall Street Journal, 1 May 2018. [02-05-2018]
Down-payment assistance is offered; nonprofits buy buildings with tenants facing eviction.
Help your kids discover new interests
Jenni Stahlmann and Jody Hagaman - Montgomery Adviser, 2 April 2018. [23-04-2018]
According to best-selling author and researcher Angela Duckworth, passion is a key ingredient to grit, and grit is the secret ingredient for success.
Teaching kids empathy can reduce anxiety, bullying
Tom Tozer and Bill Black - Dads2Dads, 19 September 2017. [19-09-2017]
One in every five middle and high school students has complained of being bullied at school.
Changing aspects of teenage parenthood
News Medical Life Sciences, 19 September 2017. [19-09-2017]
Aspects of young parenthood are shifting, especially regarding young fathers.
China wants to talk its people into marriage and out of divorce
Echo Huang - QUARTZ, 7 September 2017. [08-09-2017]
China is worried that an aging population, and large numbers of single men thanks to a skewed sex ratio, could harm social stability.
Unplugged Parenting
Judith Woods - The Telegraph, 7 September 2017. [08-09-2017]
The smart new way to have a family digital detox.
The internet boom in foreigners teaching China’s children online
South China Morning Post, 7 September 2017. [08-09-2017]
Overseas internet tutors could share US$165-billion market in five years, as parents look to give their children a head start.
Small children left home alone while parents work
Juliette Jowit - The Guardian, 4 March 2016. [04-03-2016]
Tens of millions of children under the age of five are regularly being left alone while their parents go to work, according to a groundbreaking report on the “hidden crisis” of childcare around the world.
Wealth, inequality, and the Great Recession
Russel Sage Foundation, June 2014. [01-08-2014]
The typical American household was significantly poorer in 2013 than it was ten years earlier as a result of the Great Recession, an effect that is compounded by growing wealth inequality in the United States.
10 Family policy in France and Europe: recent changes
Olivier Thévenon,Willem Adema, Nabil Ali - INED, June 2014. [07-07-2014]
Family policies are central to the well-being of individuals in Europe, but they differ substantially across countries. This study examines the modalities and the size of social spending on family benefits and consider how they have changed recently in response to the economic crisis.
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