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German population declines for first time in decade
Martin Arnold - Financial Times, 13 October 2020. [15-10-2020]
Pandemic has caused a fall in net immigration in the first six months, federal data show.
Over-population fading as greatest moral challenge of our time
Michael Cook - Bio Edge, 6 September 2020. [07-09-2020]
Climate change, over-population, and a demographic winter are all competing for nomination as the Greatest Moral Challenge of Our Time. This could lead to some odd political alignments.
Childless by choice – the West’s future
Will Jones - The Conservative Woman, 3 August 2020. [03-08-2020]
Are we now in the era of technocratic global government, when whoever you vote for what you get are the same soulless ‘progressive’ schemes driven by the same out-of-touch ideological elites?
UK faces demographic time bomb as Covid baby bust looms
Lizzy Burden - The Telegraph, 30 July 2020. [03-08-2020]
As women delay pregnancy until the economic storm passes, an ageing workforce could affect the UK’s future debt sustainability
Germany: birth rate drops, confirming world predictions
Rina Goldenberg - DW, 31 July 2020. [01-08-2020]
Births in Germany are down, while its population ages. It’s a similar trend in other countries.
Demographic dividend vs demographic disaster
Atul Raja - Business Work, 15 July 2020. [20-07-2020]
More than 54% of Indian population is below 25 years of age and over 66% of the population in the working-age group (15-59 years), as per a recent report.
Demography on the european agenda: strategies
European Parliamentary Research Service, 2 June 2020. [06-06-2020]
Demography matters. The economy, labour market, healthcare, pensions, regional development, and election results – all are driven by demography.
Pandemic impacting demographics, not just economics
James Langton - Investment Executive, 2 June 2020. [06-06-2020]
The Canadian economy will suffer from a lack of immigration due to Covid-19 fallout, but some of the effect may be offset by Canadians returning home from overseas and others deciding not to emigrate in the future.
US experts fear a ‘demographic time bomb’
Anna Medaris Miller - Insider, 20 May 20, 2020. [22-05-2020]
Fewer babies were born in the US in 2019 than in any of the 35 years before, continuing a trend some experts have warned about.
10 Africa’s population will double by 2050
The Economist, 26 March 2020. [30-03-2020]
The education of more African girls means it might peak sooner than most people expect.
11 With great demographics comes great power
Nicholas Eberstadt - Foreign Affairs, July/August 2019. [21-03-2020]
Few factors influence the long-term competition between great powers as much as changes in the size, capabilities, and characteristics of national populations.
12 The hollowing out of Spain – and the minister trying to reverse it
Sam Jones - The Guardian, 2 March 2020. [08-03-2020]
Rural parts of Spain have been abandoned over recent decades as people left for jobs in cities or tourist resorts.
13 Role of demographics in orchestrating structural violence
Sanjay Kumar - Wion,2 March 2020. [08-03-2020]
We should study growth and expansion of the human race, so that we will be able to predict the future progress of society based upon population trends.
14 Why Ireland has demographics on its side
Conor Skehan - Independent, 8 March 2020. [08-03-2020]
Changing demographics will throw up big surprises around the world during the rest of this century.
15 China’s declining birth rate and changes in CCP population policies
Linda Zhang - The Jameston Foundation, 28 February 2020. [04-03-2020]
The Chinese have traditionally viewed offspring as a form of wealth, and have placed immense value on fecundity.
16 Demographics can be a potent driver of economic development
David E. Bloom - International Monetary Fund, March 2020. [04-03-2020]
It is an overstatement to say that demography determines all, as it downplays the fact that both demographic trajectories and their development implications are responsive to economic incentives; to policy and institutional reforms; and to changes in technology, cultural norms, and behavior.
17 How demographics affect society
Gayatri Sitaraman - Cornell Daily Sun, 29 February 2020. [29-02-2020]
Beyond the worlds of academia and diplomacy, an expert from Cornell Population Center places a strong emphasis on ensuring the next generation of scientists are equipped to address the world’s great social and population transformations that lie ahead.
18 US: Demography is not political destiny
David Apgar - The Globalist, 26 February 2020. [29-02-2020]
Are Republicans really doomed electorally because of the demographic changes underway in the United States?
19 Youth can be a clear advantage for India
Meenakshi Datta Ghosh - The Hindu, 24 February 2020. [29-02-2020]
Its close to five decade-long demographic opportunity can be leveraged only with suitable policies and programmes.
20 World population: 2020 overview
Joseph Chamie - Yale Global Online, 11 February 2020. [22-02-2020]
Governments and businesses can better manage resources by planning around population trends, including urbanization and aging.
21 Russian demographics and power
Michael Kofman - War on the Rocks, 4 February 2020. [22-02-2020]
The conversation on demographics can tend towards the simplistic, focusing on population size rather than the qualitative dimensions that make up human capital — such as education or health.
22 Japan: demographic shift opens door to reforms
International Monetary Fund News, 10 February 2020. [22-02-2020]
With a median age of 48.4 years, Japan’s population is the world’s oldest.
23 Europe’s demographic crisis: How to get older workers back
Efi Koutsokosta and Fanny Gauret - Euronews, 12 February 2020. [17-02-2020]
Europe’s ageing population is a demographic phenomenon which sees a decrease both in fertility and in mortality rate and a higher life expectancy among European populations.
24 India’s demographics demand a different approach to automation
Rajesh Kurup - The Hindu Business Line, 12 February 2020. [17-02-2020]
India is facing a decade in which 90 million people will be of working age between 2020 and 2030, and hence the country demands a different approach to automation and Artificial Intelligence, Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran said.
25 Europe’s demographic changes perpetuate youth emigration
Portia Kentish - February 2020. [08-02-2020]
As fewer young people leads to fewer opportunities for those who remain, the exodus effect quickly snowballs.

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