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51 TV gives children a 'bad example' on food
Medical News Today, 4 July 2014. [05-07-2014]
Unhealthy food choices that carry bad consequences in real life are shown in a positive light by television programs aimed at children, an analysis of broadcast output has found.
52 Could arguing with family and friends lead to an early death?
Alice G. Walton - Forbes, 9 May 2014. [10-05-2014]
The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health reports a strong link between the amount of arguing a person does and the risk of dying from any cause over the next 10 years.
53 Raw milk movement puts children needlessly at risk
The News Tribune, 25 April 2014. [25-04-2014]
Raw milkers probably don’t remember a time when children were crippled by polio, killed by diseases that now are rare or sickened by unpasteurized milk.
54 More reforms needed to put children's safety first
Cheng Lu (Xinhua) - People, 21 March 2014. [21-03-2014]
China’s record on child safety is once again under fire after suspected food poisoning in a rural kindergarten.
55 Electronic Cigarette Poisoning Impacts Children
Fred Bodimer - CBS, 21 February 2014. [22-02-2014]
Nearly half of the electronic cigarette poisoning cases seen in the St. Louis area over the past year have been in young children.
56 Parents often underestimate children's weight: study
Genevra Pittman - Reuters, 4 February 2014. [08-02-2014]
Half of parents with an overweight or obese child think their kids are slimmer than they actually are, according to a new review of past studies.
57 Family versus intimate partners: who matters more for health
Sarah B. Woods, Jacob B. Priest, and Patricia N. E. Roberson - Journal of Family Psychology, 7 November 2019. [14-12-2019]
Strained family relations may lead to development or worsening of chronic health conditions.
58 Heavy and binge alcohol drinking and parenting status in the US
Sarah McKetta and Katherine M. Keyes - Public Library of Science, 26 November 2019. [01-12-2019]
Alcohol consumption by women who parent is damaging to child health, and it is concerning that women in their reproductive years have experienced increased drinking over the past decade.
59 Demographics, lifestyle behaviours and quality of life among adolescents
Regina L.T. Lee 1, Wai Tong Chien, Keiko Tanida, Sachi Takeuchi, Phuphaibul Rutja, Stephen W. H. Kwok and Paul H. Lee - MDPI, July 2019. [26-07-2019]
Identifying and addressing early signs of health-related quality of life decline provides an opportunity to ensure that young people have a healthier progression through adolescence.
60 Public health impact of food allergies in the US
American Academy of Pediatrics, 22 November 2018. [25-11-2018]
Childhood food allergy is a life-threatening chronic condition that substantially impairs quality of life.
61 Life after critical illness in children
The Journal of Pediatrics, July 2018. [26-08-2018]
When it is a child whose life is saved, the mental health effects can extend to parents and siblings. Anxiety and stress may crop up as a reaction to what they have seen.
62 Parental alcohol misuse and children
The UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, February 2018. [13-02-2018]
Parental Alcohol Misuse can negatively affect children’s physical and mental health, and other outcomes including educational attainment and behaviour.
63 EU report on quality of life indicators
Eurostat, 28 March 2017. [10-08-2017]
This publication presents a comprehensive framework of quality of life indicators is encompassing nine dimensions: material living conditions, productive or other main activity, health, education, leisure and social interactions, economic security and physical safety, governance and basic rights, natural and living environment and overall experience of life.
64 Catalyzing technology to support family caregiving
R. Adler & R. Mehta - National Alliance for Caregiving, July 2014. [17-07-2014]
Summary of recommendations given by an expert roundtable convened in April 2014 to explore how technology can help family members care for elders or younger relatives with disabilities.
65 Avoid touching your face
Gong [21-03-2020]
Since we’ll be using videoconferencing for an extended period of time, this Polish agency came up with an idea for a small new feature, which could help us change our habits and stop the spread.
66 Donate life
Donate Life California [20-04-2019]
In California, drivers who commit traffic violations are given a ‘second chance’ as thanks for being registered organ donors and giving fellow citizens a second chance at life.
67 Suicide prevention
R U OK? [26-08-2018]
When you notice a change in someone’s behaviour, no matter how small, trust that gut instinct and start a conversation that could change a life.
68 The indoor generation
The VELUX Group [20-06-2018]
We spend 90% of our life indoors. We have become The Indoor Generation and it is affecting the health and wellbeing of ous and our children.
69 A mom with cancer
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation [29-08-2014]
Ad to show viewers what it’s like to live with breast cancer, part or the new campaign for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.
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