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Parents don’t regret this decision, but maybe they should
Alessandra Malito - MarketWatch, 9 February 2018. [09-02-2018]
Parents often try to do what’s best for their children, including helping with student loans and college tuition — but at what cost to them?
The UK’s hidden one-child-per-family university policy
Martin Lewis - Financial Times, 24 November 2017. [25-11-2017]
Parents with more than one child be warned. If two go to university consecutively, you will effectively be penalised. It is due more to the poor design of our student finance system. Yet for some, it will result in a one-child-per-family university policy.
How to explain to a child when you can’t (or don’t want to) buy something
Erinne Magee - The Washington Post, 24 November 2017. [25-11-2017]
With holiday shopping in full swing, parents are getting on-the-fly — and often pie-in-the-sky — wish lists from their children. No matter what the hot item is this season it will fly off the shelves and be resold for an astronomical price, as parents scramble to fulfill those wishes.
How to groom your child to be financially literate
Amar Pandit - Money Control, 14 November 2017. [15-11-2017]
Most parents might touch on the concept of piggy banks and savings early on, but are usually reluctant to discuss the topic of money and family finances with their children.
UK: The families living in modern day slums
Hannah Richardson - BBC News, 8 November 2017. [11-11-2017]
Poor children are being crammed into slum-land bedsits, some of which are so risky that some families end up being referred to social services for help, charities say.
You need to talk to your parents about their retirement
Kathryn Vasel - CNN, 27 October 2017. [29-10-2017]
Discussing finances with your parents can be as uncomfortable as the talk they gave you about the birds and the bees. But it still needs to happen.
US: Parent PLUS VS. Private Student Loans
Andrew Josuweit - Forbes, 29 October 2017 [29-10-2017]
Financial aid goes a long way toward helping you pay for college — until it runs out.
‘No-deal’ Brexit likely to hit low-income families hardest
Larry Elliott and Lisa O’Carroll - The Guardian, 17 October 2017. [17-10-2017]
Sharp price rises could cost average household £260 a year if UK leaves EU without a trade deal while richest will be least affected.
Venezuela’s food scarcity take toll on children
Alexandra Ulmer - Reuters, 5 October 2017. [08-10-2017]
Venezuela, home to the world’s largest crude oil reserves, has spiraled deeper into chaos in recent years as Maduro has cracked down harder on the opposition amid a painful recession blamed by economists on his socialist government’s interventionist policies.
10 US: 1 in 7 white families are now millionaires
Tracy Jan - Washington Post, 3 October 2017. [04-10-2017]
The share of white millionaires in the United States has doubled in the past quarter-century, with 1 in 7 white families now worth more than $1 million, according to new Federal Reserve data.
11 The most and least affordable cities in the US for working class families
Skye Gould and Chris Weller - Business Insider, 18 September 2017. [23-09-2017]
The most noticeable difference between regions is that coastal cities are far and away less affordable than landlocked ones.
12 Why families stretch their budgets for high-priced youth sports
Adam Shell - USA Today, 5 September 2017. [09-09-2017]
In the US, nearly 20% of US families spend more than $12,000 a year on youth sports per child, according to a TD Ameritrade survey of parents between 30 and 60 years old with $25,000 in investable assets with kids currently playing youth sports or ones that did.
13 UK: Families failing to meet basic costs of raising children
Ben Chapman - Independent, 21 August 2017. [21-08-2017]
Low-income parents are increasingly struggling to meet even the basic cost of raising children amid rising inflation, falling real wages and frozen benefits, according to new research.
14 Study: Families bear majority of dementia-related costs
Amy Wallace - UPI, 17 August 2017. [18-08-2017]
Families bear the majority of the burden of the cost of caring for a family member with dementia, according to a study published today in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.
15 Parent’s guide to saving for a child’s college education
Joanna Nesbit - The Week, 3 August 2017. [06-08-2017]
Fiinancial aid consultants say the biggest mistake families make is engaging in the “pick a college, any college” mindset without understanding how financial aid works or analyzing their own financial profile.
16 Breaking the poverty cycle through parenting
Anna-Louise van der Merwe - Open Democracy UK - 21 July 2017 [24-07-2017]
Is it parenting or the financial situation of a family that can break the poverty trap? Parental confidence is the link between the two.
17 This is one inheritance you don't want
Suzanne Woolley - Bloomberg 14 July 2017. [14-07-2017]
You’re at risk of making the same financial mistakes as your parents, a study of 30 million personal loans finds.
18 Investing in poor children saves more lives per dollar spent
Unicef, 28 June 2017. [05-07-2017]
Investing in the health and survival of the most deprived children and communities provides more value for money than investing in less deprived groups, saving almost twice as many lives for every $1 million spent, according to a new study by the United Nations Children’s Fund.
19 Children from poor families are more likely to start puberty early
Alexandra Thompson - Daily Mail, 8 June 2017. [09-06-2017]
Researchers believe this may be due to poverty causing youngsters stress, which then leads to the early release of reproductive hormones. Previous research suggests an early puberty increases a person’s risk of certain cancers, such as breast and endometrial in women, and prostate in men.
20 The cost to parents of not hiring a house cleaner
Lindsey M. Roberts - The Washington Post, 1 June 2017. [01-06-2017]
Have you ever thought about what it costs you to do your own housecleaning? Once the author did the math, she started to get on board with her husband’s suggestion to hire a cleaning service.
21 4 parenting mistakes when teaching kids about money
Aaron Crowe - Wise Bread, 24 May 2017. [27-05-2017]
Rather than your kids learning from your mistakes, they might be destined to make the same ones you’re making right now. Here are some parenting fails to avoid when teaching your kids about money.
22 The cost of having children weighs on families
Matthew Albright - The News Journal, 14 April 2017. [16-04-2017]
Many parents believe that raising children is the most important thing they will do in their lifetime. But it’s also one of the most expensive.
23 Parents lent 30% more money to children in 2016 than 2015
STV, 6 March 2017. [06-03-2017]
In Scotland, the ‘bank of mum and dad’ forked out an average of £3987.22 to help their offspring, rising 29% from £3079.91 the previous year, the Bank of Scotland found. Research also showed a rise in children aged between 18 and 24 taking a loan from their parents from a quarter in 2015 to over a third (34%) last year.
24 Crisis in Greece prompts increase in marriage breakups
Ekathimerini, 12 February 2017. [12-02-2017]
The rate of divorces has increased over the course of Greece’s economic crisis, with the most recent available statistics showing a third of marriages ending in divorce compared to two in 10 before the recession. And some 60 percent of married couples who break up have been together for more than 10 years.
25 Britain's moral failure to admit refugee children
Finantial Times, 12 February 2017. [12-02-2017]
Around the world, sympathy for the plight of those fleeing conflict and poverty is in short supply. This in no way justifies the UK government’s decision to ditch a commitment to help some of the most vulnerable.

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