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UK: New winter package to provide further support for children and families
Department for Work and Pensions, 8 November 2020. [12-11-2020]
Children and families will get extra support this winter, with councils given new funding to ensure vulnerable households do not go hungry or without essential items.
Single mothers go the distance to bring up their children
Durie Rainer Fong - Free Malaysia Today, 1 November 2020. [01-11-2020]
The little savings they have run out fast with no income coming in.
US: Shrinking population and sustainability
Nick Stonnington - Forbes, 21 August 2020. [22-08-2020]
Although many initially speculated that months of quarantine would lead to a post-pandemic baby boom, recent evidence and historical analysis indicate that Covid-19 may actually incite a baby bust, with as many as 300,000 to 500,000 fewer births in the coming year.
Poverty causes obesity
Larry Elliott - The Guardian, 9 August 2020. [10-08-2020]
Bans on junk food ads and five-a-day advice miss the point. To cut obesity people need support and jobs.
Free childcare ends for Australian families
Stuart Marsh - 9 News, 13 July 2020. [13-07-2020]
The scheme was introduced in April and gave parents a three-month reprieve from paying childcare fees, with the program aimed at easing the burden on parents who are essential workers.
Vulnerable Aussie families invisible to the homelessness system
Luke Michael - Pro Bono, 18 June 2020. [23-06-2020]
Families experience unique challenges when it comes to homelessness.
Millions families in Niger struggle as humanitarian needs mount
UN News, 19 February 2020. [22-02-2020]
Exacerbated by instability in the region that has led to an influx of thousands of refugees, returnees, internally displaced persons and migrants, simultaneous emergencies are stretching the capacities of humanitarian partners to respond.
Homeless families to be matched with apartments in NYC
Lois Weiss, Nolan Hicks and Aaron Feis - New York Post, 4 February 2020. [08-02-2020]
Only lower-rent apartments placed within market-rate buildings in exchange for tax exemptions to the landlord and those subject to Housing Development Corp. agreements are eligible.
Christmas — a time for family rows over money
Jason Butler - Financial Times, 17 December 2019. [18-12-2019]
The pain such disputes can cause during your lifetime are nothing compared to those caused after you’ve gone.
10 Austerity has pushed families into crisis and then thrown away the lifelines
Richard Vize - The Guardian, 8 November 2019. [15-11-2019]
Relentless cuts have put more children at risk of violence, poverty and homelessness, with no end in sight whatever politicians promise.
11 US: This Is the real reason families struggle financially
Camilo Maldonado - Forbes, 22 October 2019. [24-10-2019]
A report by the JPMorgan Chase Institute explains why it’s so difficult for families to plan for their monthly expenses.
12 The student debt problem is a family crisis
Mike Konczal - The Nation, 20 September 2019. [21-09-2019]
More and more parents are ending up trapped between what they feel is a moral obligation toward higher education and their financial reality.
13 Working families continue to struggle in a slowing economy
Christian Weller - Forbes, 22 August 2019. [23-08-2019]
The political spin machine is working overtime to deny what the economic data have been clearly pointing to since the start of the year – a slowing US economy.
14 Hundreds of children in England could be made homeless over summer
The Guardian, 20 July 2018. [20-07-2019]
The Local Government Association estimates that 320 children in England could be placed in temporary accommodation over the next six weeks, and it is calling on the next prime minister to make tackling homelessness an urgent priority when he takes office next week.
15 UK: Half of parents get financial help from their children
The Sun, 14 June 2019. [15-06-2019]
While the younger generation is well known for having to scrimp and save to climb onto the housing ladder, it has emerged many are also having to help their families at the same time.
16 The right way to help poor children and their mothers
The Economist, 7 March 2019. [09-03-2019]
Given the cost of American child care, which is the least affordable among developed countries, some plan is clearly needed.
17 More couples are delaying marriage due to crushing student debt
Kimberly Lawson - Brides, 18 December 2018. [19-12-2018]
Americans owe $1.5 trillion in student loans, and it’s still unclear how it impacts the day-to-day lives of young adults.
18 UNICEF strengthens support for women and children in Venezuela
UNICEF, 26 November 2018. [28-11-2018]
UNICEF has flown in nearly 130 tonnes of medicines, health and nutrition supplies for 350,000 women and children in Venezuela since August to boost Government efforts to alleviate the impact of ongoing economic crisis on the most vulnerable.
19 Invest in children’s health and education to spur economic growth
Sunday Times South Africa, 11 October 2018. [12-10-2018]
Governments should invest in healthcare and education for children in order to boost economic growth, the World Bank has urged.
20 Millennials prioritize homeownership over marriage
Phil Hall - NMP, 10 October 2018. [12-10-2018]
In the latest Bank of America Homebuyer Insights Report, 72% of Millennials polled for the survey said owning a home was their top priority. While this was a close second to being able to retire (80%), it was significantly greater than getting married (50%) and having children (44%).
21 USA: Children’s allowances in a new form
Ann Carrns - The New York Times, 5 October 2018. [06-10-2018]
Parents can now choose from a rapidly expanding menu of prepaid debit cards, aimed at giving them digital oversight of their children’s spending and saving habits.
22 Top 5 habits successful family enterprises have in common
Bill Brushett - Finantial Post, 4 October 2018. [06-10-2018]
Much of it is about sharing, both internally and externally. And then there’s the difficult but necessary discussions.
23 Shocking rise in families turning to crowdfunding for funeral costs
Jonathan Walker - Chronicle Live, 12 September 2018. [15-09-2018]
Many are turning to online websites where friends or strangers can contribute to the cost of a funeral.
24 How to manage a better safety net for your family
Ken Kam - Forbes, 29 August 2018. [31-08-2018]
There is no age or milestone that guarantees a child is mature enough to use their inheritance as we hope they will.
25 Providing opportunity is the key to lifting families out of poverty
Dianne Calvi - The Hill, 16 July 2018. [17-07-2018]
Poverty should not just be viewed as a lack of money though. If you instead define poverty as a lack of opportunity, then programs to address poverty and its many problems — including hunger — should focus on increasing the aid recipient’s economic opportunities.

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