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51 The cost to parents of not hiring a house cleaner
Lindsey M. Roberts - The Washington Post, 1 June 2017. [01-06-2017]
Have you ever thought about what it costs you to do your own housecleaning? Once the author did the math, she started to get on board with her husband’s suggestion to hire a cleaning service.
52 4 parenting mistakes when teaching kids about money
Aaron Crowe - Wise Bread, 24 May 2017. [27-05-2017]
Rather than your kids learning from your mistakes, they might be destined to make the same ones you’re making right now. Here are some parenting fails to avoid when teaching your kids about money.
53 The cost of having children weighs on families
Matthew Albright - The News Journal, 14 April 2017. [16-04-2017]
Many parents believe that raising children is the most important thing they will do in their lifetime. But it’s also one of the most expensive.
54 Parents lent 30% more money to children in 2016 than 2015
STV, 6 March 2017. [06-03-2017]
In Scotland, the ‘bank of mum and dad’ forked out an average of £3987.22 to help their offspring, rising 29% from £3079.91 the previous year, the Bank of Scotland found. Research also showed a rise in children aged between 18 and 24 taking a loan from their parents from a quarter in 2015 to over a third (34%) last year.
55 Crisis in Greece prompts increase in marriage breakups
Ekathimerini, 12 February 2017. [12-02-2017]
The rate of divorces has increased over the course of Greece’s economic crisis, with the most recent available statistics showing a third of marriages ending in divorce compared to two in 10 before the recession. And some 60 percent of married couples who break up have been together for more than 10 years.
56 Britain's moral failure to admit refugee children
Finantial Times, 12 February 2017. [12-02-2017]
Around the world, sympathy for the plight of those fleeing conflict and poverty is in short supply. This in no way justifies the UK government’s decision to ditch a commitment to help some of the most vulnerable.
57 Will I pay a marriage penalty on my taxes?
Dan Caplinger - The Motley Fool, 2 February 2017. [05-02-2017]
Tax laws treat married couples differently from single people, and in some cases, couples will end up paying more after they marry than they did when they were single. This phenomenon is known as the marriage penalty, and it most often happens when the two spouses each have similar and fairly high amounts of income. However, as you'll see, there are some instances in which marriage penalties apply even to low- and middle-income taxpayers.
58 Teach children to value money without being greedy
Emmie Martin - Business Insider, 10 January 2017. [11-01-2017]
As a parent, it’s important to instill certain values in your children: right from wrong, a sense of self, and the value of money, to name a few. That last one can prove tricky, though. How do you strike the balance between teaching children to be financially conscious without them becoming greedy?
59 Have baby boomers stolen the family silver?
Pauline Mason - BBC News, 10 January 2017. [10-01-2017]
We take it for granted that our children will be better off than us but the so-called millennials - anyone born in the 1980s or 1990s - could become the first generation to earn less than their parents. And are those parents, mostly baby boomers who benefited from economic good times, tax cuts and free higher education to blame?
60 The secret to raising a smart shopper
Janice Wood - Psych Central, 17 December 2016. [09-01-2017]
According to a new study, parents are the primary agents who socialize their children — more than friends, other adults, or organizations, such as churches. But which parenting style is the best to help children learn the skills and attitudes they need to be smart consumers?
61 Inside the lives of four Syrian refugee families
Aryn Baker - Time, 19 December 2016. [21-12-2016]
How do you keep a family together when you've lost everything? TIME begins a year with refugee mothers and infants entering an uncertain future.
62 A Marriage of finances
Jessica Ronky Haddad - Richmond Magazine - Bride, 13 December 2016. [20-12-2016]
Advice on how to manage marital finances
63 Boomers: know how to have your family finances meeting
Carolyn Rosenblatt - Forbes, 15 December 2016. [17-12-2016]
Many Boomers have experienced great resistance to conversations about finances with their own aging parents. This creates untold frustration. When a crisis hits, the adult children find themselves in a stressful mess without the information anyone would need to step in and help.
64 Venezuela: parents are giving away their children
Lila MacLellan - Quartz, 16 December 2016. [17-12-2016]
The economic crisis in Venezuela, sparked by the deadly combination of dropping oil prices and an immensely mismanaged economy, has led to food riots and starvation. Now some parents are giving away children because they can no longer afford to feed or care for properly.
65 The US child tax credit: what you need to know
Maurie Backman - Madison, , 15 November 2016. [16-11-2016]
Many parents struggle to keep up with the numerous expenses that come with having children, but if you have kids, you may get some federal income tax relief this year. If you claim the Child Tax Credit, you could reduce your tax liability by up to $1,000 per child. Here’s a rundown of how this credit works and why it’s given so many parents a reason to celebrate.
66 Things successful married couples do with their money
Emmie Martin - Business Insider, 10 November 2016. [12-11-2016]
Getting married is more than just a commitment to share your life with someone, it's also a pact to share your finances. Once you walk down the aisle, every money-minded decision you make — from saving for retirement to going out to lunch — affects your partner as well.
67 How families can talk about money over the holidays
Vanessa McGrady - Forbes, 11 November 2016. [12-11-2016]
Often, a holiday gathering is the only time everyone can get together. It can be the perfect opportunity to bring up financial issues such as end-of-life plans, housing changes, or supporting a family member who needs help. There are also general money talks that might have to happen.
68 Here's how much the American family has saved for retirement
Kathleen Elkins - CNBC, 12 September 2016. [13-09-2016]
Since so many families have zero savings and since super-savers can pull up the average, the median savings, or those at the 50th percentile, may be a better gauge. The median for all families in the U.S. is just $5,000, and the median for families with some savings is $60,000.
69 On World Literacy Day
Ertharin Cousin and Arlene Mitchell - Forbes, 8 September 2016. [12-09-2016]
Today, millions of children who do get to school attend without receiving from home enough food or enough nutrients. Even the best schools and teachers cannot reach their goals if children are absent or too hungry to learn.
70 Half of China's family businesses face succession
Russell Flannery - Forbes, 24 July 2016. [25-07-2016]
Many of the earliest pioneers of China’s reforms are finding that their children aren’t interested in taking over the family businesses.
71 One in three children have 'money worries'
Amelia Murray - The Telegraph, 22 July 2016. [25-07-2016]
A new study suggests children are keen to improve their knowledge of household finance. Almost two thirds said they wanted to know more about bank accounts and over a quarter wanted to have a better understanding of credit cards.
72 Why to stop taking money from your parents at your 20s
Samantha Fryzol - Elite Daily, 16 July 2016. [18-07-2016]
Everyone has their own way of handling money when it comes to their kids. But when you’re in your 20s, here are 4 reasons to stop taking that money.
73 Malnutrition, slowly killing Nigerian children
Olayemi John-Mensah - All Africa, 8 July 2016. [08-07-2016]
UNICEF has raised alarm that malnutrition is slowly killing Nigerian children from ages 0 to 5 years out of the 1.6 million children across the country.
74 Soaring child-care costs squeeze families
Eric Morath - The Wall Street Journal, 1 July 2016. [02-07-2016]
The fast-growing cost of raising children is putting extra pressure on family budgets, causing resentment to spill over in day-care parking lots and soccer fields and even into the 2016 election debate.
75 One in five US children stalled in poverty
Laura Santhanam - PBS, 23 June 2016. [24-06-2016]
Teens are less likely to become pregnant and more likely to graduate from high school than ever before.
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