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26 Singapore: Marriage and divorce rates down in 2018
CNA, 30 July 2019. [02-08-2019]
Singstat added that the median age of first-time grooms and brides rose from 29.8 years to 30.2 years and from 27.3 years to 28.5 years respectively between 2008 and 2018.
27 UK: Parenting doesn’t end when relationships do
James Munby - The Times, 8 July 2019. [08-07-2019]
The plans for no-fault divorces should be seen as a welcome step forward in reducing the impact on children of the parental blame game that is all too common in a divorce.
28 What couples get wrong about marriage
The Good Men Project, 29 June 2019. [02-07-2019]
Long-lasting marriages and relationships aren’t based on beautiful feelings.
29 Korea: 65% of young people think marriage, childbirth unnecessary
Kim Rahn - The Korea Times, 18 June 2019. [20-06-2019]
More than six out of 10 people in their 20s to 30s do not see marriage and childbirth as necessary, mainly because of financial pressure, a survey showed.
30 First woman in my family to choose an interracial marriage
Sahaj Kohli - Huff Post, 14 June 2019. [15-06-2019]
The author either felt too American or she was forcing herself to overlook a lack of chemistry or connection to make it work just because they were Sikh.
31 How successful are the marriages of people with divorced parents?
Joe Pinsker - The Atlantic, 30 May 2019. [02-06-2019]
Marital instability can be inherited —but less often than it used to be.
32 What marriage has taught me about work-life balance
Chidike Samuelson - Entrepreneur, 21 May 2019. [27-05-2019]
What is the point of success unless you enjoy it with the people you love?
33 7 ways millennials are changing marriage
Hillary Hoffower - Business Insider, 24 May 2019. [27-05-2019]
Millennials are marrying later in life — and breaking other marriage conventions.
34 New Zealand: Social problems will worsen as marriage rates decline
Scoop, 3 May 2019. [03-05-2019]
Family First NZ is warning that the declining marriage rate is a disturbing link to child abuse, domestic violence, teen crime and child poverty.
35 Korea: Housing crisis, low marriage rate correlated for millennials
Kim Arin - The Korea Herald, 3 May 2019. [03-05-2019]
The single most important consideration for millennials concerning housing was the cost, followed by location and type of occupancy.
36 Pakistan: Early marriage leads to domestic violence
Pakistan Today, 28 April 2019. [29-04-2019]
A survey reveals that early marriage deprives girls of education opportunities and predisposes them to teen childbearing as well as domestic and spousal violence.
37 Getting married in your 30s is the new normal
Cassie Werber - Quartz, 23 April 2019. [29-04-2019]
Since the 1970s there’s been a clear trend in the UK for rising age at first marriage —which excludes people who were previously married and have divorced or lost a spouse.
38 Marriage rate in China hits lowest on record
China Plus, 20 March 2019. [23-03-2019]
Only 7.2 people out of every 1,000 got married in China last year, the lowest marriage rate since 2013, according to the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
39 Is marriage still possible?
Paul Adams - The Epoch Times, 14 March 2019. [15-03-2019]
The author’s reply es is yes but barely, and only with a lot of community support and personal commitment. There is no utopia in our broken world.
40 US: Cohabitation is rising, marriage is declining
Mandy Gambrell - WCPO, 7 March 2019. [09-03-2019]
About 50% of US adults today are married — down 9 percent since its peak of 72 percent in 1960, according to the US Census Bureau.
41 Marriage and the domino effect
Alyssa Patterson - CSU Signal, 21 February 2019. [23-02-2019]
Students have diverse upbringings and have been influenced by what marriage is, how it affects children, and how important it should or shouldn’t be.
42 A reminder that marriage is good, can be great
Charlie Butts -OneNewsNow, 7 February 2019. [09-02-2019]
National Marriage Week is under way, and the statistics keep proving the benefits of matrimony and a stable home.
43 How marriage has changed from baby boomers to millennials
Talia Lakritz - Insider, 29 January 2019. [01-02-2019]
Millennials are often lambasted for “killing” industries or struggling to “adult,” but they’re also more accepting of interfaith and interracial relationships, are striving for more egalitarian housekeeping and parenting roles, and are getting divorced at a lower rate than baby boomers.
44 Want a happy and successful marriage?
Marcel Schwantes - Inc., 1 February 2019. [01-02-2019]
You may have been given tips to improve your marriage by friends and family. But were they backed by science?
45 How can marriage be good for mental health?
David Levine - US News, 11 January 2019. [14-01-2019]
Studies show that those in long-term marriages tend to view one another more positively over time.
46 Marriage should not just be for the middle classes
Breda O’Brien - The Irish Times, 12 January 2019. [14-01-2019]
If marriage is still an aspiration, the odds should not be stacked against working class.
47 Thailand: Regulation seeks to end child marriages, but…
Sheith Khidhir - The Asean Post, 22 December 2018. [23-12-2018]
National Human Rights Commissioner Angkhana Neelapai-jit said the Islamic Council’s move was not enough.
48 Chinese terminology: ‘naked marriage’
The Inquirer, 23 December 2018. [23-12-2018]
This new term has become popular recently among Chinese netizens and it has a special meaning: getting married without a house, car, diamond ring or a proper wedding ceremony.
49 Thai Islamic Council bans marriage of children under 17
The Straits Times, 15 December 2018. [19-12-2018]
Move puts an end to widespread practice of marrying off poor girls in country’s southern provinces.
50 Australia: is marriage changing?
Caitlin Fitzsimmons - Sydney Morning Herald, 9 December 2018. [15-12-2018]
Some see evidence of the institution of marriage declining in popularity, but the author considers it as reflective of the fact there’s less social pressure to marry for the sake of it.
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