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It’s time to normalize pregnancy, parenting and politics
Tiffany Gooch - The Star, 4 October 2020. [10-10-2020]
We let process and ceremony dictate our politics, forgetting that our political leaders and advocates are humans, with families, and our systems need to be designed to fit their needs.
Parenting in today’s society is exhausting, so let’s be like ’90s moms
Stephanie Sullivan - Omaha World-Herald, 3 October 2020. [10-10-2020]
Being a mom in today’s world is a new level of exhausting that our mothers never experienced. We live in an over-stimulating, content-crazed world where we place more value on what’s trending than what’s actually best for our children.
New book designed to help moms not feel so alone
Nicole Villalpando - Austin 360, 28 August 2020. [28-08-2020]
The goal for the book is to give people the raw side of parenting that most people put a filter on. The author wants fellow moms to know they are not alone.
This Mother’s Day, children are stepping up
Lenore Skenazy - The Wall Street Journal, 9 May 2020. [08-05-2020]
With their usual overscheduled lives on pause, kids are learning to be more resilient and self-sufficient.
Assisted reproductive technology and the family
Julian Vigo - Forbes, 25 June 2018. [29-06-2018]
While the technology exists to enable more and more women to have pregnancies in their forties and fifties, there is still little understanding as to why women wish to put off motherhood and why having children later might actually be an good idea.
Let’s tell the truth about single parenting
Joan Thatiah - Daily Nation, 5 June 2018. [19-06-2018]
While it is possible to live a happy and fulfilled life while being a solo parent, the truth is there is nothing glamorous about it.
Is motherhood the unfinished work of feminism?
Amy Westervelt - The Guardian, 26 May 2018. [10-06-2018]
Motherhood is having a moment in books, TV and even women’s magazines, but in feminist theory it’s sadly taboo.
One in four Irish mums struggle with being judged on parenting skills
Aoife Bannon - The Irish Sun, 14 March 2018. [16-03-2018]
A new research finds 27% of dads feel they are their own worst critic. It also reveals almost half of parents agree that life with kids would be easier if they got more sleep.
What stage of a career is the time to have children?
Hannah Murphy - Financial Times, 6 March 2018. [06-03-2018]
Parenthood can shape a woman’s career by delaying progression and weighing on earnings. Professional women might face emotional pressure, whether self-imposed or from employers, when deciding if or when to start a family.
10 US women are delaying motherhood, but they’re more likely to have children
Claire Zillman - Fortune, 18 January 2018. [19-01-2018]
What does the average American mother look like? A report from Pew Research Center out Thursday paints a new portrait of mom.
11 The politicization of motherhood
James Taranto - The Wall Street Journal, 27 October 2017. [29-10-2017]
Conservatives cheer and liberals jeer New York psychoanalyst Erica Komisar’s book on the science of early childhood development.
12 Single-parenting is a hard job
Jean Snow - Times Record News, 17 October 2017. [17-10-2017]
Have you ever said, “Until you walk a mile in my shoes, don’t judge me?” That saying truly fits the stigma attached to some single parents.
13 Strengthens family ties between incarcerated moms, children
Jennifer Dobner - Salt Lake Tribune, 7 October 2017. [08-10-2017]
Utah prison officials couldn’t say how many state inmates are parents, but nationally between 50 percent and 75 percent of the more than 2.3 million incarcerated Americans have children, according to a 2017 report from the National Institute of Justice.
14 Parenting made me uncool — and I don’t care
Lauren Wellbank - The Week, 12 September 2017. [16-09-2017]
“I am done worrying about being trendy. My kids don’t want to miss a single thing I do, which leads me to believe that they have their own metrics for cool, and that somehow I make the cut. That’s more than enough for me.”
15 Motherhood isn’t sacrifice, it’s selfishness
Karen RIianldi - The New York Times, 4 August 2017. [02-09-2017]
When we bring into the world a being that is of us, someone we will protect and love and for whom we will do everything we can to help thrive and flourish. How is this selfless?
16 Mother’s Day: Giving the best gift of all
Rebecca Johnston - Marietta Daily Journal, 14 May 2017. [14-05-2017]
What do mothers really want for Mother’s Day? The answer is poignantly expressed by saying that all they really want is time with “you,” her child. They want you to stop by, give her a call, and let her know what is going on in your life.
17 Why moms should stay with children in their early years
Erica Komisar - New York Daily News, 14 May 2017. [14-05-2017]
An epidemic of troubled children who are being diagnosed and medicated earlier and earlier with ADHD, early aggression and other behavioral and social disorders. Many people say these two phenomena are utterly unrelated. The author believes they are connected.
18 A letter to my mother
Mary Schmich - Chicago Tribune, 12 May 2017. [13-05-2017]
Children grow up seeking reassurance from their parents. It may take them a long time to understand the kind of reassurance their parents need from them. The author hopes to inspire a few people to think of what they would like to say to their mothers while they still have time, even if their mother is gone.
19 Older mothers are better mothers, new study finds
Johnny Holden - The Irish Times, 2 May 2017. [02-05-2017]
The established wisdom that motherhood is best kept to the young is being reconsidered.
20 Pregnancy changes the brain to help mothering
Pam Belluck - The New York Times, 19 December 2016. [20-12-2016]
Pregnancy changes a woman’s brain, altering the size and structure of areas involved in perceiving the feelings and perspectives of others, according to a first-of-its-kind study. Most of these changes remained two years after giving birth, at least into the babies’ toddler years.
21 Here come three-parent children
Wesley J. Smith - National Review, 2 December 2016. [05-12-2016]
The United Kingdom may soon become the first country to explicitly permit the birth of children from embryos modified to contain three people’s DNA. At the same time, new research backs up concerns that such a treatment — which aims to erase diseases transmitted by the DNA found in cellular structures called mitochondria — may not always be 100% effective.
22 How moms make friends in the Digital Age
Laurie Hollman - Huffington Post, 24 June 2016. [24-06-2016]
There are now hundreds of Mommy Blogs, so how do you choose who to link up with?
23 How to make motherhood moments matter
News-Dispatch, 16 June 2016. [17-06-2016]
Life is busy. For stay-at-home moms, working moms, work-from-home moms, or any other kind of mom, life is rushing by. Here are some tips to slow down, and make motherhood moments matter for your family.
24 The business mantra that transformed my parenting
Paula Throckmorton - The Huffington Post, 20 May 2016. [21-05-2016]
Mothers are overwhelmed. There is no way to do the laundry, cook or even assemble meals, get a little exercise for you and your child, meet up with friends or relatives so you don’t get too isolated, shop for groceries, and shuttle a kid back and forth to a school program that only lasts two hours anyway.
25 Waiting to have children minimizes income losses
Science Daily, 14 April 2016. [14-04-2016]
Working women who want to minimize career income losses related to motherhood should wait until they are about 30 years old to have their first children, suggests new research.

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