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Canada: The woman who fostered more than 250 children
Kate Kyle - CBC News, 10 September 2019. [14-09-2019]
Tammy Roberts is nominated for a national award for her work in the Northwest Territories over nearly three decades.
Do we think enough about love for children in care?
Selina Anderson - Community Care, 9 August 2019. [11-08-2019]
A care experienced social worker reflects on the need to prioritise relationships over paperwork and caseloads.
Canada: paying foster parents instead of supporting struggling families
Brielle Morgan, Katie Hyslop, Cherise Seucharan, Tracy Sherlock - Keremeos Review, 29 June 2019. [02-07-2019]
Social work experts and parents say British Columbia investing in the wrong end of the child care system
Turkey: Foster family system reaches over 6,800 kids
Hurriyet Daily News, 5 June 2019. [07-06-2019]
Turkey’s government is promoting “ protective family service” throughout the country in order to provide for the care of children in need of protection in a family environment.
Why is the US State department making it harder for orphans to find families?
Jayme Metzgar - The Federalist, 6 June 2019. [07-06-2019]
Adoption advocates ask the courts to block a crippling new State Department policy that would harm waiting families and children.
UN concerned over sexual abuse of children in UK custody
BBC News, 17 May 2019. [17-05-2019]
Grave concerns have been raised about the sexual abuse of children in detention in the UK by independent experts at the United Nations.
Foster carers should not be kept in the dark about the children they support
Krish Kandiah - The Guardian, 20 March 2019. [23-03-2019]
Significant details are rarely withheld deliberately, but a lack of information can compromise care and even jeopardise lives.
State is liable for safety of foster children
Agueda Pacheco-Flores and Paige Cornwell - Seattle Times, 1 November 2018. [02-11-2018]
The Washington State Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the state is responsible for the welfare of children after they’re placed with foster parents, broadening protections for more than 10,000 kids in government custody.
India: Government’s new protection policy for children shelter homes soon
Aanchal Bansal - The Economic Times, 6 October 2018. [06-10-2018]
After a Supreme Court rap over the case of sexual abuse case in a state-run shelter home in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, the Centre plans to launch a new child protection policy for shelters across the country.
10 Why I’ve taken a pause from foster parenting
Martin Barrow - The Huffington Post, 6 July 2018. [07-07-2018]
The emotional burden of foster caring is very real — caring for others must begin with caring for oneself.
11 Where is “home” for children in state custody?
Duaa Eldeib - ProPublica, 8 June 2018. [10-06-2018]
Many of us have distinct memories of our own childhood homes. That’s not the case for hundreds of children trapped in Illinois psychiatric hospitals.
12 Switzerland: working with nonprofit to recruit foster families
Jennifer Learn-Andes - Times Leader, 30 May 2018. [31-05-2018]
In an experimental move, Luzerne County Children and Youth is paying a nonprofit to recruit foster families and handle a new county mentoring program for older foster children.
13 In the war against faith-based adoption agencies in America, children lose
Autumn Leva - The Daily Signal , 23 March 2018. [24-03-2018]
The attempt to “punish” faith-based providers for their beliefs will end up punishing the many children and birth moms in need, in every state.
14 Parenting behavior in adoptive families
Medical Xpress, 20 February 2018. [20-02-2018]
Findings come from a study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Oregon, the University of California Riverside, George Washington University, Yale University, and The Pennsylvania State University.
15 UK: Over a quarter of adopted families in crisis
Alys Harte & Jane Drinkwater - BBC News, 26 September 2017. [26-09-2017]
Despite the challenges, most families said they were glad they adopted. Adoption UK said families needed skilled help and support.
16 Children can be taken if parents can’t control them
Bob Egelko - SF Gate, 22 July 2017. [24-07-2017]
Juvenile courts in California can supervise children whose parents are no longer able to protect or control them, even if the parents have done nothing wrong, the state Supreme Court has ruled. It allows a judge to order counseling or treatment for both parent and child, and, if problems persist, to remove the child from parental custody.
17 UK: Homeless children in temporary accommodation rises 37%
The Guardian, 22 July 2017. [24-07-2017]
Councils across England are housing the equivalent of an extra secondary school of pupils per month as the number of homeless children in temporary accommodation soars, according to local government leaders. The Local Government Association said councils are providing temporary housing for around 120,540 children with their families - a net increase of 32,650 or 37% since the second quarter of 2014.
18 Parenting orphans in Pakistan
Faizan Ali Warraich - The Nation, 5 July 2017. [05-07-2017]
A non-government organisation has taken up the duty of helping a select number of orphans from some of the most underprivileged parts of Pakistan. They are being given quality education along with good living standards so that they can build good careers and become useful citizens of the country.
19 8 things being a foster mom taught me about parenting
Emily Westbrooks - Romper, 5 May 2017. [06-05-2017]
Just because a child does something “wrong,” doesn't mean they‘re a bad kid. Likewise for birth parents. Bad choices do not mean you‘re a bad person or completely unredeemable or unlovable. More often than not, the odds were stacked against them from the very beginning.
20 Mom who's fostered 70 children shares powerful post
Caroline Bologna - The Huffington Post, 16 December 2016. [19-12-2016]
A mom’s emotional Facebook post is highlighting the importance of foster care. Since her Facebook post went viral, Hillestad has received messages from former and current foster kids and foster parents.
21 UK: Children 'left at risk by government reform delay'
Hannah Richardson - BBC News, 16 December 2016. [17-12-2016]
Children are being left “at risk of harm” because of the government's failure to develop “credible” plans to improve child protection. “Urgent” action is needed to end the variations in the quality of help for vulnerable children in England, the Public Accounts Committee says. The MPs called for the publication of detailed plans to transform child protection services.
22 How having a Foster child could change your life for the better
Dianne Franc - Parent Herald, 8 December 2016. [09-12-2016]
There are so many things you can do if you want to make a difference in this world and one of them is becoming a foster parent. You don’t have to be a birth parent and have kids originally before you can qualify for it. All you need is that passionate and caring heart for a child who might just need a parent even if it is just temporary.
23 UK: Are we taking too many children into care?
Louise Tickle - The Guardian, 26 November 2016. [27-11-2016]
The numbers of children being taken into care are at record levels and rising, leading to fears that the system could soon be at breaking point. Why is this happening – and what can be done?
24 Unicef sounds alarm for Sweden's rehomed children
The Local, 27 November 2016. [27-11-2016]
Children and young people placed in care by Swedish social services could be suffering as much harm as good, says a new report by children’s charity Unicef.
25 A better way to help vulnerable children and families
Orrin G. Hatch, Ron Wyden, Kevin Brady and Sander M. Levin - The Washington Post, 5 September 2016. [07-09-2016]
In many cases, it’s possible to improve a child’s family situation at home and avoid the trauma of being separated from family, friends and school, as well as the long-term cost of foster care. Most children come into foster care not as a result of physical or sexual abuse but due to complex factors related to neglect.

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