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51 New approach for mothers with children in care
Louise Tickle - The Guardian, 25 April 2015. [26-04-2015]
It is now well understood that women whose children are taken from them by social services will frequently keep having babies to replace those they have lost. Subsequent babies are often each removed at birth. Some women have had four, five, six and more children removed; infants can be subject to interim care orders and removed from their mothers from the moment they are born. Some family solicitors and barristers report dealing with cases involving babies eight, nine and 10.
52 Children in foster care deserve a better chance
Michael Shaver - Tampa Bay Times, 3 April 2015. [04-04-2015]
Putting it bluntly, we can’t afford to accept “what is.” Our kids deserve better. And so do our communities. It’s time to invest in successful outcomes for children in foster care. That begins with a commitment to quality case management, to our workforce. We must invest in the professionals who dedicate their days, nights and weekends to helping children who have endured pain so severe that they can’t even live safely in their own homes.
53 Children in detention exposed to danger
Ben Doherty - The Guardian, 11 February 2015. [15-02-2015]
More than 300 children committed or threatened self-harm in a 15-month period in Australian immigration detention, 30 reported sexual assault, nearly 30 went on hunger strike and more than 200 were involved in assaults, a damning report from the Australian Human Rights Commission has found. It has found detention was inherently dangerous for children, and that “prolonged detention is having profoundly negative impacts on the mental and emotional health and development of children”.
54 "More children go missing" from foster carers
BBC News, 14 January 2015. [15-01-2015]
Nearly six out of 10 missing cases were from independent fostering agencies, rather than a local authority, which have just under a third of placements. The government now collects data on children who go missing from care.
55 Children abandoned by mental-health care
Ara Darzi- The Independent, 14 December 2014. [15-12-2014]
Campaigners blame bullying, school stress and increased sexual demands. Whatever the cause, the real scandal is the lack of help offered to distressed and disturbed young people. As few as one in four receives help, despite a law that mandates equal treatment for mental and physical illness. Proven treatments are available, yet children cannot access them.
56 "Having children of our own inspired us to adopt"
Ruth Tierney - Daily Mail, 14 December 2014. [15-12-2014]
While infertility may top the list when it comes to the most common reasons for adoption, it is not the only motivator. Here three mothers tell why they chose adopted siblings for their birth children.
57 Things my 'adoptive' parents did right
Lisa Cleary - Today, 25 November 2014. [26-11-2014]
More than 30 years ago, my parents decided to adopt after several unsuccessful attempts to have a third child. I use the loose term ‘adoptive’ parents in that my parents adopted me, but they are just my parents – my real parents, the only ones I have ever known.
58 Children in need of safe, loving homes
Chamel Payet - IOL News, 9 November 2014. [10-11-2014]
While the number of orphans has increased by more than 30 percent in the past decade, the number of adoptions in South Africa is decreasing annually.
59 8 things adoptive parents should never do
Ann Brenoff - The Huffington Post, 3 November 2014. [04-11-2014]
Adoption is just the means by which a child comes into your family. Many parts of the adoption process bear no resemblance to giving birth to a child. But the one thing that should be precisely the same is this: Our children are our children forever.
60 New standards for children's social work
Judith Burns - BBC News, 30 October 2014. [31-10-2014]
The government has announced changes to children's social work in England, to restore confidence in the service. The move follows a series of scandals, including the revelation of widespread sexual abuse in Rotherham.
61 Japan's institutionalised children
Danielle Demetriou - BBC News, 6 September 2014. [07-09-2014]
In Japan, nearly 90% of 39,000 children in care last year were living in government-run institutions rather than with families, Human Rights Watch said in a report released earlier this year. The rate is the highest among industrialised nations and, as a result, tens of thousands of Japanese children live in understaffed institutions, often enduring cramped conditions, bullying, violence and social stigma.
62 Privatise child protection services, Department for Education proposes
Patrick Butler - The Guardian, 16 May 2014. [17-05-2014]
The power to take children away from their families could be privatised along with other child protection services under controversial plans the British Government has announced.
63 Wisconsin becomes first state to restrict parents from giving up adopted kids
Barnini Chakraborty - Fox News, 18 April 2014. [20-04-2014]
The legislation sought to protect adopted children from the unregulated practice of ‘re-homing,’ where adoptive parents use underground networks to find a new family.
64 Plan to give adopted children new identities to stop birth parents finding them
John Bingham - The Telegraph, 3 April 2014. [04-04-2014]
British Social services ask High Court to give two young children new names and even cut links with other siblings to protect them from abusive parents.
65 Assisting Two-Parent Families through TANF
Urban Institute, June 2016. [23-06-2016]
This report documents findings about temporary assistance for two-parent needy families in the US.
66 Chosen by children
World Vision [08-02-2020]
For the first time, the power to choose is in a child’s hands.
67 The Italian family who rescued a teen migrant
Unicef [12-07-2017]
One of the many interesting videos by Unicef on migrants shows how Oumar, after a terrifying journey from Ghana to Italy, found an Italian foster family through a local non-profit.
68 We can take care of each other
Bufetat - Norway [10-06-2017]
Commercial made by the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, promoting foster homes, and preferably in the children’s immediate environment.
69 A new life
Ikea [11-05-2017]
With this ad, Ikea follows a woman’s journey to the other side of the world, on a heartfelt quest to finally meet the child she’s adopted.
70 Janek is still waiting...
SOS Children’s Villages Poland [20-02-2017]
SOS Villages has launched this campaign to promote new foster parents for the 60,000 kids that need one in Poland.
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