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A pile of advice books won’t end your parenting anxiety
Meghan Leahy - The Washington Post, 13 September 2017. [16-09-2017]
We have never had so much information at our fingertips in the history of parenting. Yet we have never been more anxious and insecure about our roles.
Parenting and cancer
Tamara Anderson-Hanna - Cure, 7 September 2017. [09-09-2017]
With the beginning of the new school year, some parents might be wondering how to manage cancer-related treatments and the demands of being a parent.
Parenting while too Russian
Margarita Gokun Silver - The Washington Post, 25 August 2017. [30-08-2017]
Experiences of a Russian-born mother married to an American.
Parent survival tips for when adult children move back home
Ann Tatko-Peterson - The Mercury News, 26 August 2017. [28-08-2017]
This tips are gleaned from Bay Area parents, as well as Ruth Kalb, a psychologist in Marin County; Margie Ryerson, a Walnut Creek therapist; and Christina Newberry, the Canadian author of ‘The Hands-on Guide to Surviving Adult Children Living at Home.’
6 tips for raising resillient children
Good4Utah, 28 August 2017. [28-08-2017]
All children suffer emotional injuries while growing up such as disappointment, frustration, criticism, and exclusion by peers. In healthy development, children recover from these moments, whether on their own or with our support, and they learn valuable lessons.
Is pushy parenting ever a good idea?
Amy Harris - Evening Standard, 20 August 2017. [21-08-2017]
A 12-year-old boy from north London has been named Child Genius 2017. However it was the boy’s father, rather than the child genius himself, who bagged most of the headlines.
Dealing with unsolicited parenting advice
Victoria E. Freile - Democrat & Chronicle, 11 August 2017. [15-08-2017]
Here are some suggestions on how to handle unsolicited advice offered to every parent.
Parenting is not a 'job,’ and marriage is not 'work’
Jonathan Malesic – New Republic, August 9, 2017. [10-08-2017]
Yes, they’re hard to do. But our narrow moral vocabulary for describing non-professional pursuits is making our lives worse.
Expert discusses repercussions of helicopter parenting
Medical XPress, 10 August 2017. [10-08-2017]
It’s no secret that most parents only want what is best for their children, but what happens when parents become too involved in their lives? One American expert explains the repercussions helicopter parenting can have on children.
10 How to tell a controlling parent it is time to let go
Erin Ben-Moche - Chicago Tribune, 1 August 2017. [01-08-2017]
You are getting older, but your parents still want control. How do you tell your mom and dad it is time to let go without sounding ungrateful or insensitive?
11 Keep it consistent when parenting
Jodi Fuson - Lincoln Journal Star, 28 July 2017. [31-07-2017]
Families that seem to be able to stay on the same page tend to eat meals together and do things together that promote communication. If parents aren’t on the same page, a sense of unity, integrity and security can be lacking.
12 Share your child’s life story with them
Claudia Quigg - Herald & Review, 23 July 2017. [24-07-2017]
Every day in hospital obstetric units all over the world, brand new parents tell stories which will be told again and again. Most of the time, there are congratulations all around with a smattering of laughter and tears. But if you listen between the lines, you realize that what you are really hearing is the sound of parents constructing the story of their child.
13 Parenting program aims to help carers look after troubled children
Han Nguyen - Sydney Morning Herald, 23 July 2017. [24-07-2017]
Through the Australian Parent Child Interaction Therapy program, carers learn how to use traditional play therapy techniques with their charges. Therapists watch a carer’s interactions with the child from an observation room, using a one-way mirror, and give the carer feedback in real time, using an earpiece.
14 Digital parenting means teaching responsibility to kids
Bailey Schulz - Las Vegas Review-Journal, 21 July 2017. [24-07-2017]
One of the most important things for parents to realize is that they can’t stop their children from using the internet; it plays too large a role in their lives today, according to Toma. Instead of banning their children from technology or using parental blocks, parents should work with their children and have conversations on boundaries on the internet.
15 A parent’s recipe
Sahri Horton - Aitkin Age, 22 July 2017. [24-07-2017]
The recipe for a parent’s job begins with heaping cups of love coupled with equal amounts of discipline, unconditional support, grace and faith. Sprinkle that with laughter, patience and making memories together then add a dash of inspiration, joy, trust, tenderness, positivity and hope.
16 I’m a control freak and a parent of four adults
Saskia Sarginson - The Guardian, 22 July 2017. [24-07-2017]
“As I stare at my grown-up son, I can feel the parenting steering wheel slipping through my fingers, my feet jamming down on non-existent pedals. I’ve lost control. The funny thing is, it feels like a relief.”
17 Parenting adult children in the ‘boomerang’ years
Marilyn Heins - Arizona Daily Star, 19 Jul 2017. [21-07-2017]
Parenting adult children sounds weird. For the first time since 1940 more children between the ages of 18 and 34 are living in their parents’ home than are in any other living arrangements.
18 The one sentence you should never say as a parent
Brooke Nilson - Reader’s Digest, 20 July 2017. [21-07-2017]
Our kids can be perfect angels one minute… and our worst nightmare the next. But beware of falling into the age-old trap of thinking your child can do no wrong. Though this mistake is silent and less noticeable than most, it’s just as dangerous to your kids as a trampoline or a hazardous toy—and here’s why.
19 How to parent with resilience
Kara Baskin - HuffPost, 12 July 2017. [17-07-2017]
Resilient parenting means being resilient yourself when it comes to all things raising kids and instilling in your children the life skills that it takes to thrive throughout their entire lives. Here’s how.
20 Charlie Gard case threatens all parents
Melissa Moschella - USA Today, 16 July 2017. [17-07-2017]
Reasonable people can disagree about what is best for Charlie. But principle and law are clear on who has primary authority to determine his fate.
21 We mark the growth of our children on the door – but what for?
Tim Lott - The Guardian, 14 July 2017. [14-07-2017]
We use targets to evaluate a child’s – or a partner’s – worth, but you cannot quantify kindness or anything else truly important.
22 What happened to good old-fashioned parenting?
Starts at 60, 14 July 2017. [14-07-2017]
Radical unschooling operates on the assumption that children live their best lives when given total autonomy. With this parenting technique, there’s no formal education and children are free to make decisions about their bedtimes, diets and technology use.
23 Admit it — attachment parenting is a privileged choice
Elizabeth Broadbent - Romper, 10 July 2017. [11-07-2017]
At the surface, attachment parenting is a philosophy that all parents can theoretically practice. In its most basic form, it's the idea that all parents should form a close bond with their children as a way to raise secure, independent, and empathetic children.
24 How parenting advice assumes you’re white and middle class
Mark Nielsen - ABC, 8 June 2017. [05-07-2017]
Whose advice do you trust when it comes to raising children? For many, the answer is to ask health professionals who can draw on years of experience, and who have access to, and can make sense of, research. But a new study found the research basis of much of our parenting advice from health professionals is biased.
25 How parenting affects brain development
Carolyn Crist - Paste Magazine, 3 July 2017. [05-07-2017]
Apparently, a poorer upbringing affects the way brains transform from childhood to adulthood in a wide range of functions and behaviors. Researchers are finding that parents can make a difference despite their challenged circumstances, which gives great hope for the future.

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