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The bad news about helicopter parenting: it works
Pamela Druckerman - The New York Times, 7 February 2019. [09-02-2019]
New research shows that hyper-involved parenting is the route to kids’ success in today’s unequal world.
Positive parenting: winning the right way
Michelle Dunaway - 9&10 News, 23 January 2019. [24-01-2019]
It is not always about winning, but how you play the game.
Let your grown children find their own way
Richard Watts - Next Avenue, 21 January 2019. [24-01-2019]
Rather than raising them to fulfill your expectations, what if you put as much effort into helping them realize their own?
Chore wars: should children be paid for household tasks?
Andrew Taylor - The Sydney Morning Herald, 20 January 2019. [20-01-2019]
When we pay kids to do things that humans have always had to do as participants of communities and families, it sends them some sort of a message that they are entitled to an exchange for these things.
Good parenting requires good partnering
Tom Tozer and Bill Black - Montgomery Advertiser, 8 January 2019. [13-01-2019]
Good fathers help make good kids. You’re probably already doing a pretty good job. Look for areas where you can improve. We all have them.
What you didn’t know about children in the middle ages
Matthew Gabriele - Forbes, 6 January 2019. [08-01-2019]
There is lots of evidence that children in the European Middle Ages were protected, loved, and recognized as different from adults.
The art and science of parenting
The Economist, 3 January 2019. [08-01-2019]
We are creating a miniature version of our own lives for our kid, wanting him to be productive, keeping him busy all the time.
The stress of modern parenting
Slovie Jungreis-Wolff - Aish, 5 January 2019. [08-01-2019]
The power of a parent’s love is more valuable than any after school activity, technology or pair of sneakers money can buy.
The relentlessness of modern parenting
Claire Cain Miller - The New York Times, 25 December 2018. [06-01-2019]
Raising children has become significantly more time-consuming and expensive, amid a sense that opportunity has grown more elusive.
10 Parents must reclaim the central role if crisis among children is to end
Helen O’Callaghan - Irish Examiner, 29 December 2018. [06-01-2019]
Our hands-off approach to childrearing means kids are increasingly being led by their peers.
11 The better way to discipline children
Claire McCarthy - Harvard Health Publishing, 1 January 2019. [06-01-2019]
Parents need to teach their children good behavior; it doesn’t just happen and it is incredibly hard work.
12 7 stories on how to be a better parent
Herb Scribner - Deseret News, 22 December 2018. [23-12-2018]
Every day there are new tasks and situations to handle and events to work through that make it hard to know what to do.
13 What you can do if your child is being bullied
Samantha Bagayas - Rappler, 22 December 2018. [23-12-2018]
According to the National Baseline Study on Violence Against Children, 3 out of 5 Filipino children have experienced peer violence in the form of bullying.
14 The fun guide to becoming a good parent
Sheila Wayman - The Irish Times, 18 december 2018. [19-12-2018]
We see the behaviour and try to correct it, rather than trying to see the message behind it.
15 How to teach your kids non-verbal communication
Vaibhav Datar - The Indian Express, 18 December 2018. [19-12-2018]
As parents we have this immense responsibility of teaching children the importance of body language, which is probably the only communication skill that is not taught in schools.
16 On cultural and technological parenting
Julian Vigo - Forbes, 11 December 2018. [15-12-2018]
After her second suspension from the bus for bullying, Ohio student was made to walk to school by her father.
17 Parenting: Stretch legs, not voice, to get someone’s attention
Kathy Lynn - North Shore News, 30 November 2018. [06-12-2018]
If you are a parent who is tired of listening to kids screaming, first examine your own behaviours. Are you yelling instead of walking to them and using your ‘inside voice’?
18 should you raise independent children the ‘Swiss’ way?
The Local, 4 December 2018. [06-12-2018]
Swiss children are encouraged to explore, play outside for hours without adult supervision and the philosophy “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only badly dressed children” is upheld.
19 Parenting with the end result in mind
Montgomery Adviser - Jenni Stahlmann and Jody Hagaman, 25 November 2018. [28-11-2018]
What would change in our parenting if we could see the future adults in these little people we are raising?
20 Helping kids develop social awareness
Jenni Stahlmann and Jody Hagaman - Herald Tribune, 19 November 2018. [25-11-2018]
Social awareness is centered on your ability to recognize and understand the emotions of others.
21 A dated and ineffective parenting strategy
Claire Gillespie - The Washington Post, 19 November 2018. [25-11-2018]
Supernanny may have left our screens, but many parents still rely on timeouts when their kids misbehave. A growing number of experts, though, advise against it.
22 Self-awareness is first step toward emotional intelligence
Jenni Stahlmann and Jody Hagaman - Herald-Tribune, 5 November 2018. [11-11-2018]
Those of us who are raising kids can do a lot to increase their emotional intelligence, starting with helping kids identify and name their emotions from the time they are babies, even before they learn to talk.
23 India: Providing is not parenting
Prarthna Saran - Sunday Gurdian, 10 November 2018. [11-11-2018]
Parents provide rich toys, gadgetries and expensive holidays, but rarely teach simplicity and control. Children learn to spend before they learn to earn!
24 ‘Bare Minimum Parenting’ defends laid-back approach to kids
Eric Spitznagel - New York Post, 10 November 2018. [11-11-2018]
Deep down, we all secretly hope our kid will become the next Einstein or Mozart — and will do anything to help achieve it. But it’s probably not going to happen.
25 Parenting is a team effort
Times Herald, 29 October 2018. [02-11-2018]
American society sometimes gives fathers a bad reputation, like they are incompetent or don’t know what is best for their babies, but that is simply not true.

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