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Can children be persuaded to love a parent they hate?
Barbara Bradley - The Atlantic, December 2020. [27-11-2020]
When one parent in a divorce has worked to prejudice the kids against the other parent, the last-ditch solution for some judges is to send the children to ‘reunification camp’ with the mom or dad they can’t stand.
The corporate ideals driving ‘secret parenting’
Melissa Hogenboom - BBC, 23 November 2020. [27-11-2020]
Many parents downplay caring responsibilities at work to show commitment. Covid-19 has exposed the challenges that parents face – but will it change anything?
Will the pandemic lead to a shift in parenting roles?
Alexandra Topping - The Guardian, 19 Nov 2020. [22-11-2020]
Men are spending more time with their children and businesses are seeing economic benefits of flexible working.
Authoritative parenting raises confidence and independence
Kelly Burch - Insider, 17 November 2020. [22-11-2020]
Authoritative parents set clear expectations about how they want their children to behave.
How to find and form a “parenting posse”
Avni Patel Thompson - Harvard Business Review, 22 October 2020. [12-11-2020]
Whether you’re navigating remote school while working from home or need a last-minute pickup from soccer practice, here are ways to create this support system.
Is there a secret to happy parenting?
Kimberly Zapata - Healthline, 19 November 2020. [12-11-2020]
Happy parents are individuals who find joy in most days, if not every day. They know there is a silver lining to every cloud, and happy parents appreciate their role as parents.
Single parenting in a pandemic
Andrea Luttrell - New York Times, 5 November 2020. [12-11-2020]
How the crisis has dredged up one mother’s old regrets and worries about money.
When parents lose their jobs...
Jason DeParle - The New York Times, 31 October 2020. [01-11-2020]
The sudden increase of time with their children has reminded some low-income parents of what they have been missing.
The problem with parenting
Jan Macvarish - Spiked, 20 October 2020. [22-10-2020]
A new book explores why we are struggling to raise our children and offers a bold defence of the family.
10 How parents should talk to their children about sex
Aine Aventin - The Conversation, 22 September 2020. [29-09-2020]
Parents and children need to be able to discuss sex – but often they avoid these conversations.
11 Parenting questions I’m asked most as a child therapist
Oliver Sindall -Newsweek, 24 September 2020. [26-09-2020]
After 11 years of working in children and family services, the author has learnt that if you want to make a lasting impact on a child's life you have to support their care-givers.
12 Why perfectionists may become helicopter parents
Alison Escalante - Psychology Today, 22 September 2020. [23-09-2020]
Over-parenting is a problem because it means that parents interfere with normal child development by doing too much for the kid.
13 It’s time to give up perfectionist parenting
Elissa Strauss - CNN, 28 August 2020. [30-08-2020]
With the pandemic upending ingrained routines, perfectionists have an opportunity to reset their ways and build a healthier parent-child relationship.
14 How parents shape their child’s eating habits
The Week, 10 August 2020. [10-08-2020]
Parents can help kids eat healthier by knowing their own sense of self-control.
15 India: Parents, the first and natural tutors
Namya Mahajan and Utsav Kheria - The Hindu, 3 August 2020. [03-08-2020]
How low-income parents can start getting more involved in early childhood care and education
16 How to solve the most common issues all parents face
Charlie Lankston - Daily Mail, 17 July 2020. [20-07-2020]
Two parenting and child psychology experts are revealing exactly how to deal with some of the most common issues and scenarios.
17 10 outcomes of successful parenting
Christine Hammond - Psych Central, 12 July 2020. [13-07-2020]
Some examples of a fully functional adult that result from effective parenting. This list is not meant to be inclusive or exclusive; rather it is a spring-board for discussion.
18 The challenges of positive parenting
Olga Mecking - BBC News, 7 July 2020. [11-07-2020]
Positive parenting is a popular child-rearing philosophy – but does it come with challenges for parents and children alike?
19 The effects of smartphone use on parenting
Science News, 8 July 2020. [11-07-2020]
Parents may worry that spending time on their smartphones has a negative impact on their relationships with their children, but a new comprehensive analysis found that this is unlikely to be the case.
20 Working parents, your family needs a ‘board of directors’
Priscilla Claman - Harvard Business Review, 8 July 2020. [11-07-2020]
Coping with life’s challenges in this ambiguous context can become a real challenge, but there’s an office practice that can help: mentoring.
21 Parenting in focus: Take it easy
Cynthia Martin - Sequim Gazette, 24 June 2020. [04-07-2020]
It has been a tough time for parents, especially moms, in the last few months. With school just now being out for summer some of the pressure stops.
22 There is a significant gap in parenting support
Christy Kidner - The Canberra Times, 21 June 2020. [23-06-2020]
When a woman is pregnant, or has a newborn, a toddler or a preschooler, the amount of information and advice on offer is completely overwhelming. Then, it stops.
23 Helicopter parenting creates problems later in life
Angela Betsaida B. Laguipo - News Medical 18 June 2020. [18-06-2020]
Overly strict parents undermine the autonomy of their children which can lead to less favorable social and educational outcomes well into adulthood, a new study has shown.
24 India: What equal parenting is about
Pallavi Utagi - The Indian Express, 13 June 2020. [15-06-2020]
When both parents are committed to working together on common family goals, it sets a great example of teamwork and support that goes a long way in the child’s life.
25 Family-friendly policies crucial to help parents bear brunt of COVID-19
Made Anthony Iswara - The Jakarta Post, 1 June 2020. [29-05-2020]
As the international community celebrates the Global Day of Parents on June 1, experts in Indonesia are calling to enact family-friendly policies to support working families and minimize negative consequences for children.

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