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26 Do you really ‘see’ your child?
Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson - The New York Times, 6 January 2020. [09-01-2020]
Helicopter parenting has become the norm in many places, but it may not be the best way to connect with our kids.
27 To be a better parent in 2020, don’t forget to take care of yourself
Erin Anderssen - The Globe and Mail, 30 December 2019. [02-01-2020]
Parents alone can’t fix most problems. So, for now, reducing parental burnout falls largely to mothers and fathers themselves.
28 10 New Year’s resolutions to help improve family life
Breaking News, 1 January 2020. [02-01-2020]
Here are some resolution suggestions from family organisations and experts.
29 How has parenting changed over the past 10 years?
Lorraine Candy - The Times, 29 December 2019. [02-01-2020]
We helicoptered, we overshared, we felt inadequate. So are we learning from our mistakes?
30 9 parenting trends to watch out for in 2020
Jia Ling - The Asian Parent, 2 January 2020. [02-01-2020]
While there really is no one-size-fits-all way of parenting, there are certain notable trends and cultural shifts to consider.
31 How to help pregnant and parenting students
Kristan Hawkins - National Review, 23 December 2019. [27-12-2019]
Colleges and universities can ease the suffering and poverty of young families.
32 Parent-based therapy for childhood anxiety
Physicians Weekly, 23 December 2019. [27-12-2019]
A parent-based treatment that does not require the child’s direct participation in therapy can be as efficacious in treating childhood anxiety as the strongest treatment.
33 US: the decade parents couldn’t win
Jessica Grose - The New York Times, 25 December 2019. [27-12-2019]
90% of American moms and 85% American dads feel judged.
34 Parenting matters: Encouraging numbers
Cynthia Martin - Sequim Gazzete, 11 Dedember 2019. [14-12-2019]
A few ways to help your child become a number-friendly child showing how useful math is.
35 Helicopter parenting can lead to burnout for kids
Kyle Schnitzer - Business Insider, 27 November 2019. [01-12-2019]
Here is a lesson for parents — especially those too close to their children.
36 Smart parenting: Bring out the best in others
Zaid Mohamad - New Straits Times, 1 December 2019. [01-12-2019]
As parents, we want our children to achieve their fullest potential and enjoy the process of getting there too.
37 10 parenting mistakes you shouldn’t make
The Indian Express, 16 November 2019. [19-11-2019]
Let your children feel the disappointments early on, and teach them it’s ok. They’ll grow up better able to handle the stresses of life.
38 Malta: storytelling programme for parents of young children
Kristina Abela - Times of Malta, 18 November 2019. [19-11-2019]
If we want our children to feel confident, to be courageous and to be open to connection, we should know how to speak to them.
39 6 steps to more effective parenting
Jennifer Corgan - Thrive Global, 11 November 2019. [15-11-2019]
Raising kids is one of the toughest and hardest and yet the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs in the whole world and yet it the one for which you might feel the least prepared.
40 How parenting books taught me to be a better leader
Alexandra Samuel - The Wall Street Journal, 27 October 2019. [01-11-2019]
While business books often focus on how to improve your personal performance, leadership is ultimately about how you foster and nurture your team.
41 How children influence the life expectancy of their parents
Silvia Leek - MedicalXPress, 24 October 2019. [24-10-2019]
A new study shows that parents are better off right from the start than those who will not have children.
42 Uninvolved parenting can alienate your child
Paras Hemrajani - The Health Site, 17 October 2019. [12-10-2019]
Uninvolved parenting does not deal with the child’s needs or desires beyond the basics like food, clothing and shelter.
43 Ethiopia: lessons on raising children under tough conditions
Catherine Porter and Wei Fan - The Conversation, 6 October 2019. [12-10-2019]
When assessing long-term effects of early life circumstances, it’s difficult to disentangle biological from social processes.
44 Intensive care: what makes a ‘good’ parent?
Perri Klass - The New York Times, 30 September 2019. [06-10-2019]
Parents can feel inadequate if they fall short of acting directly and decisively in the child’s life.
45 How to become a more sustainable parent
Natalie MorrisT . Metro, 1 October 2019. [06-10-2019]
There are some easy steps you can take to become a more eco-conscious parent.
46 7 ways to become a more confident parent
Michelle Ganley - ABC News, 4 October 2019. [06-10-2019]
Your confidence will translate into more secure kids.
47 The most successful kids have parents who do these 5 things
Christina DesMarais - Inc., 28 September 2019. [28-09-2019]
Children who grow up to be high achievers have parents who do these things differently.
48 What would parenting be like if fathers took six months of parental leave?
Samantha Schmidt - The Washington Post, 7 September 2019. [21-09-2019]
Sweden has offered fathers incentives to take more of the paid leave. Three of the paid months are reserved for each parent and cannot be transferred.
49 The millennial mode of parenting
Pooja Biraia Jaiswal - The Week, 14 September 2019. [21-09-2019]
New-age parents are rising up to challenges, bringing in novel ways to raise kids.
50 101 reasons to be optimistic about parenting today
Fatherly, 28 August 2019. [14-09-2019]
There are a lot of incredible reasons to think that being a parent right now — and raising kids today — is pretty frigging great.
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