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51 How parents can stay close to grown-up children
Julie Halpert - The New York Times, 10 September 2019. [14-09-2019]
Many parents sending kids off to college worry that their time as a family is over. But that isn’t always the case these days.
52 This is the No. 1 skill parents need to teach their kids—but most don’t
Nir Eyal - CNBC, 10 September 2019. [14-09-2019]
One of the biggest mistakes parents make is not empowering their kids with the autonomy to control their own time.
53 Paid paternity leave gives fathers life, job satisfaction
Stephanie Henry - Illinois ACE, 10 September 2019. [14-09-2019]
When fathers take even just a few days of paid paternity leave, there are beneficial outcomes for fathers, mothers, and families as a whole.
54 UK: Less than 30 minutes/day of quality time with children
Astrid Hall - Daily Mirror, 4 September 2019. [05-09-2019]
British fathers and daughters get less face-to-face time than any other parent-child combo, survey reveals.
55 Netherlands: key to raising the world’s happiest kids
Rina Mae Acosta - CNBC, 29 August 2019. [05-09-2019]
As part-time champions of Europe, the Dutch work an average of 29 hours per week — the lowest of any industrialized nation, according to the OECD.
56 Everything you need to know about ‘snowplow parenting’
Leigh Weingus – Parade, 26 August 2019. [29-08-2019]
Originally rising to popularity as a way to describe what parents like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, many parents have been left wondering if they fall into it, too.
57 Children are always victims, it all goes back to parenting
Moses Osani - Stardard Digital, 20th August 2019. [23-08-2019]
The Kenyan parent has been exposed and the seemingly ever vulnerable Kenyan child has not been spared.
58 ‘Time out’ can be a useful parenting tool, if it’s well planned
Melanie Woodfield - MedicalXPress, 21 August 2019. [23-08-2019]
Parenting young children is one of the most stressful times in a parent‘s life, and parents are developing their ability to be both warm and firm—the ideal parenting combination.
59 A working parent’s survival guide
The News, 18 August 2019. [19-08-2019]
Working parenthood requires you to handle an endless stream of to-do’s, problems and awkward situations.
60 Malaysia: creating self-awareness in our children
Zaid Mohamad - New Straits Times, 11 August 2019. [11-08-2019]
Before our children can make changes in themselves, they need to know what there is to work with.
61 How to adopt positive parenting habits
Samira Gupta - The Indian Express, 9 August 2019. [11-08-2019]
Disregarding their feelings makes them feel unwanted and causes negative effects.
62 Stop blaming our parenting
Wendy Tuohy - Brisbane Times, 30 July 2019. [02-08-2019]
American intellectual Jonathan Haidt says middle class parents are creating fragile children.
63 Sharpening your family’s social awareness tools
Jenni Stahlmann and Jody Hagaman - Herald Tribune, 22 July 2019. [26-07-2019]
This is a vital skill in today’s social climate, where research shows that empathy on the whole has declined over the last 30 years.
64 Raising a child who is likely to be bullied – or who even bullies others
Health24, 24 July 2019. [26-07-2019]
A new study provides a more complete understanding of how parents’ belittling and critical interactions with adolescents thwart their ability to maintain positive relationships with peers.
65 Parenting skills don’t necessarily come naturally
Ken Potts - Daily Herald, 11 July2019. [13-07-2019]
It seems this parenting business requires a whole lot of understanding, skill, patience and perseverance; and we eventually find ourselves doing many of the same things our parents did.
66 UK: Less than a third of eligible men take paternity leave
Jon Taylor - EMW, 8 July 2019. [08-07-2019]
The number of men taking paternity leave is continuing to fall suggests research. Approximately 31% of eligible new fathers used paternity leave in the last year versus 32% in the previous year.
67 Gap between China’s urban and rural parenting styles narrows
Xinhua, 7 July 2019. [08-07-2019]
The parenting levels of China’s rural families have gradually improved, which indicates that the gap between the urban and rural parenting ideas and ways is narrowing, according to a recent survey.
68 Panda parenting: encouraging kids to be independent
Sarah Hughes - 7News, 2 July 2019. [02-07-2019]
Panda parenting is the opposite of helicopter parenting - it's a relaxed, hands-off approach that gives children scaffolding to let them go free.
69 Child watch: New service protects babysitters and parents
Irish Examiner, 30 June 2019. [02-07-2019]
An online service matching parents with suitable child minders has been set up. But many mums and dads are not properly briefing them on what do in emergencies.
70 Science suggests parents are taking parenting too far
Patrick A. Coleman - Fatherly, 13 June 2019. [20-06-2019]
Parents who want to give their kids every advantage are spending more and more time and money on kids, but science is finding that it’ s better to step back and find balance.
71 The damage of dad-shaming
Perri Klass - The New York Times, 16 June 2019. [20-06-2019]
In the US, more than half of the fathers in a national poll reported being criticized about their parenting decisions.
72 When parents try to do it all, they do it poorly
Emily Oster - The Atlantic, 14 June 2019. [15-06-2019]
New parents are given a lot of rules to follow, but little guidance for how to choose among them when constrained.
73 The future of men and marriage is bleak
Suzanne Venker - Washington Examiner, 14 June 2019. [15-06-2019]
It’s the breakdown of marriage, in other words, or the collapse of the family, that results in father-absent homes.
74 Parenting: finding the balance
Jackie Lumbasi - The New Times, 7 June 2019. [09-06-2019]
Parents are naturally protective of their off springs and at times overdo it.
75 Cold-parenting linked to premature aging, increased disease risk in offspring
Medical X Press, 26 may 2019. [02-06-2019]
New research out of suggests that unsupportive parenting styles may have several negative health implications for children, even into their adult years.
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