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Why are so few men taking shared parental leave?
Simon Usborne - The Guardian, 5 October 2019. [06-10-2019]
Fathers tell what’s stopping them.
Canada: What the parties are promising parents
Erica Alini - Global News, 28 September 2019. [28-09-2019]
All the major parties have been courting the vote of millennials wading into the world of nappies and strollers.
Australia: Need for residential parenting services grows
Ali Sardyga - Medical X Press, 24 September 2019. [28-09-2019]
Western Sydney University researchers have found a link between birth interventions and the use of Residential Parenting Services.
Australia: Mothers and fathers should get equal leave
Caitlin Fitzsimmons - Sydney Morning Herald, 3 September 2019. [05-09-2019]
Many modern couples aspire to be equal parents, doing away with the concept of the primary and secondary caregiver.
Singapore: More can be done to help parents build strong families
The Conversation, 14 August 2019. [29-08-2019]
Increasing subsidies, enhancing accessibility and developing pre-school professionals are welcomed, but it is important to remember that having children and enabling them to succeed are more than just an issue of economic ability or physical convenience.
Best communities in Canada for families
Alireza Naraghi - MacLean’s, 8 August 2019. [11-08-2019]
Great schools, well-paying jobs and a strong sense of community make the No. 1 place ideal to raise a family in Canada, a new ranking finds.
How much is spent on family benefits in the EU?
Eurostat, 31 May 2019. [02-06-2019]
The EU Member States spent over 350 billion Euro on family benefits in 2016 (2.4% of EU GDP). This represented 9% of the total spent on social protection benefits.
There ’s evidence on how to raise children, but are parents listening?
Emily Oster - The New York Times, 23 May 2019. [27-05-2019]
Day-to-day individual choices matter less than we think, but national policies seem to matter a lot.
Should the government really make parenting ‘easy’?
Rachel Lu - The Week, 28 Februrary 2019. [01-03-2019]
Americans seem to be in a mood nowadays to throw money at families.
10 US: Democrats for family values
Paul Krugman - The New Tork Times, 21 February 2019. [23-02-2019]
For millions of Americans with children, life is a constant, desperate balancing act.
11 Malaysia: More support for women and families
Metro News, 23 Jan 2019. [24-01-2019]
Every constituency in Penang will have its own Women and Family Development Committee.
12 Are joint custody and shared parenting a child’s right?
Michel Grangeat, Edward Kruk, Malin Bergström and Sofia Marinho - Science Nordic, 29 December 2018. [06-01-2019]
Traditional family roles of mothers and fathers are changing, and policies to public protect children’s interests should reflect this.
13 UK: Private firms are making big money out of children’s social services
Ray Jones - The Guardian, 5 December 2018. [06-12-2018]
Companies have colonised social work, with those at the top taking the profits while families in difficulty continue to suffer.
14 Philippines: Keep govt out of parenting
The Manila Times, 10 October 2018. [12-10-2018]
Parental or any adult cruelty against children should be stopped by all means, including legal, if necessary. But what needs to end with such cruelty is the tendency of big-government politicians to poke their noses into private family affairs that do not involve physical violence. They should leave parenting to the parents, not to the state.
15 China is putting Uighur children in ‘orphanages’
Independent, 21 September 2018. [22-09-2018]
Chinese authorities are putting the children of Uighurs and other ethnic minority groups into dozens of state-run orphanages across the western Xinjiang region even if their parents are not dead, as some 1 million adults in their families are sent to internment camps.
16 Family leave in Latvia — among the world’s best
Julija Gifford - LSM, 28 June 2018. [29-06-2018]
It has also been hypothesized that the amount of family leave policy may have an impact on women’s participation in leadership roles, an area in which Latvia is also among the worldwide leaders.
17 Penalizing marriage for the poor
Jordan Ecker - The American Prospect, 28 June 2018. [29-06-2018]
Incredibly, the US Tax Act actually punishes low-income people for getting married.
18 Investing in families is investing in our societies
Caritas Europa - European Interewst, 9 May 2018. [12-05-2018]
On the occasion of International Day of Families, 15 May 2018, Caritas Europa calls on the European Union and its Member States to invest in family friendly policies. Family is the basic unit of society and one of the three main pillars of any fair society, along with an inclusive labour market and social protection mechanisms.
19 For Korea’s divided families, the time for reunions is running out
Crystal Tai - South China Morning Post, 5 May 2018. [05-05-2018]
After 68 years of separation, the number of Korean families with members on both sides of the border is dwindling fast, as they die out.
20 The troubling surge in English children being taken from their parents
The Economist, 22 March 2018. [01-04-2018]
Comparative data are sparse, but Britain appears to foster more children than most rich countries.
21 US: Lawmakers agree on paid family leave, but not the details
Yuki Noguchi - NPR, 27 February 2018. [28-02-2018]
Paid time off to care for a new child or a sick family member used to be a part of the Democratic Party platform. Now, Republicans are making paid family leave a legislative policy.
22 Juvenile incarceration doesn’t work, family-based programs might
Giulia Petroni - Medill Reports, 6 February 2018. [13-02-2018]
Family-focused and community-based approaches are more effective than incarceration in rehabilitating offenders and creating safe communities, according to a new report on Illinois’ juvenile-justice system.
23 Shared parental leave take-up may be as low as 2%
BBC News, 12 February 2018. [13-02-2018]
Experts say that as well as a lack of understanding of what is on offer, cultural barriers and financial penalties are deterring some parents from sharing parental leave.
24 USA: Is Federal Paid Family Leave a good idea?
George Leef - Forbes, 2 February 2018. [03-02-2018]
According to the author, the big problem with this idea is not the dollars and cents one. Rather, it is the way it perpetuates and spreads the idea that the purpose of the federal government is to provide for our needs.
25 US: The children’s health insurance program is in peril again
Jeffrey Young - Huffington Post, 8 January 2018. [10-01-2018]
On its way out the door for the holiday break in December, Congress passed a bill that was supposed to keep the Children’s Health Insurance Program afloat until the end of March. Now, the federal government is saying it can’t even guarantee continued coverage for 9 million low-income kids for the full month of January.

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