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26 Family leave in Latvia — among the world’s best
Julija Gifford - LSM, 28 June 2018. [29-06-2018]
It has also been hypothesized that the amount of family leave policy may have an impact on women’s participation in leadership roles, an area in which Latvia is also among the worldwide leaders.
27 Penalizing marriage for the poor
Jordan Ecker - The American Prospect, 28 June 2018. [29-06-2018]
Incredibly, the US Tax Act actually punishes low-income people for getting married.
28 Investing in families is investing in our societies
Caritas Europa - European Interewst, 9 May 2018. [12-05-2018]
On the occasion of International Day of Families, 15 May 2018, Caritas Europa calls on the European Union and its Member States to invest in family friendly policies. Family is the basic unit of society and one of the three main pillars of any fair society, along with an inclusive labour market and social protection mechanisms.
29 For Korea’s divided families, the time for reunions is running out
Crystal Tai - South China Morning Post, 5 May 2018. [05-05-2018]
After 68 years of separation, the number of Korean families with members on both sides of the border is dwindling fast, as they die out.
30 The troubling surge in English children being taken from their parents
The Economist, 22 March 2018. [01-04-2018]
Comparative data are sparse, but Britain appears to foster more children than most rich countries.
31 US: Lawmakers agree on paid family leave, but not the details
Yuki Noguchi - NPR, 27 February 2018. [28-02-2018]
Paid time off to care for a new child or a sick family member used to be a part of the Democratic Party platform. Now, Republicans are making paid family leave a legislative policy.
32 Juvenile incarceration doesn’t work, family-based programs might
Giulia Petroni - Medill Reports, 6 February 2018. [13-02-2018]
Family-focused and community-based approaches are more effective than incarceration in rehabilitating offenders and creating safe communities, according to a new report on Illinois’ juvenile-justice system.
33 Shared parental leave take-up may be as low as 2%
BBC News, 12 February 2018. [13-02-2018]
Experts say that as well as a lack of understanding of what is on offer, cultural barriers and financial penalties are deterring some parents from sharing parental leave.
34 USA: Is Federal Paid Family Leave a good idea?
George Leef - Forbes, 2 February 2018. [03-02-2018]
According to the author, the big problem with this idea is not the dollars and cents one. Rather, it is the way it perpetuates and spreads the idea that the purpose of the federal government is to provide for our needs.
35 US: The children’s health insurance program is in peril again
Jeffrey Young - Huffington Post, 8 January 2018. [10-01-2018]
On its way out the door for the holiday break in December, Congress passed a bill that was supposed to keep the Children’s Health Insurance Program afloat until the end of March. Now, the federal government is saying it can’t even guarantee continued coverage for 9 million low-income kids for the full month of January.
36 Austria wants to cut family benefits for children living abroad
Herbert Vytiska - Euractiv, 9 January 2018. [10-01-2018]
The new Austrian government intends to cut family benefits for workers whose children live abroad. With this, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and his Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache started implementing their election campaign promises.
37 Half of US kids 3 and under await congress on children’s health funding
Bruce Japsen - Forbes, 31 December 2018. [01-01-2018]
As Congress begins in 2018 to address the long-term future of the Children’s Health Insurance Program and entitlement cuts, the medical care of almost half of US children three years old and younger is in limbo.
38 US: The plan change that could help families save
Renee Morad - Forbes, 31 December 2018. [01-01-2018]
Beginning in 2018, taxpayers will be able to increase their tax savings when funding their children’s private school educations.
39 Big changes coming for Texas Family Code in 2018
Kris Balekian Hayes - Texas Lawyer, 1 January 2018. [01-01-2018]
The final impact of these new rules will not be truly realized until after they’re implemented, but it is crucial for all family lawyers to know the details prior to Sept. 1, 2018.
40 Is it time for universal paid family leave?
Jackie Wattles - CNN, 31 July 2017. [01-08-2017]
The American public overwhelmingly supports policies that guarantee workers paid leave if they have a child, get sick or need to care for a family member.
41 EU demands right to child benefits even after Brexit
Daniel Boffey - The Guardian, 22 July 2017. [24-07-2017]
The right of EU citizens working in Britain to send child benefits to their children living abroad, even if they are born after Brexit, has become the latest flashpoint in the clashes between London and Brussels over the UK’s withdrawal from Europe.
42 US could get first paid family leave benefit
Danielle Paquette and Damian Paletta - The Washington Post, 18 May 2017. [20-05-2017]
President Trump’s budget proposal next week will include a new benefit for America’s working parents, one Democrats have long championed and Republicans have long opposed: paid family leave.
43 Children’s social care services “set to reach breaking point”
Patrick Butler - The Guardian, 11 May 2017. [11-05-2017]
Councils have warned that social care services for vulnerable children are approaching breaking point in the face of funding shortfalls estimated to reach £2bn by the end of the decade.Resources are being outstripped by steadily rising demand for child support and safeguarding services as authorities struggle with huge budget cuts.
44 UK: Children and social work bill could end the law
John Simmonds - The Guardian, 10 January 2017. [11-01-2017]
Clauses in the bill to test new ways of working will legitimise and entrench a postcode lottery of services. What is described as a “new way of working” is fundamentally a new way of working the law itself. There is therefore a key question: do these clauses end the law as we know it and replace it with a form of bureaucratic tyranny?
45 Korea: tax breaks eyed for marriage, jobs, investment
The Korea Herald, 10 January 2017. [10-01-2017]
South Korea’s Finance Ministry has said it will seek changes in tax incentives early this year in a bid to promote marriage as well as increase jobs and corporate investment. To promote marriage, the ministry plans to offer up to 1 million won ($835) of tax deduction for a couple who ties the knot, until 2019.
46 Paid family leave could be a reality in Trump's America
Josh Levs - Time, 14 November 2016. [15-11-2016]
The U.S. is the only developed nation that does not ensure a parent can be home with a new child and put food on the table for at least a block of weeks. The good news is that advancements at the state level could make a difference more quickly.
47 Children of the state
Kelly Riddell - The Washington Times, 15 September 2016. [17-09-2016]
Perhaps the body electorate has swiftly changed since the 1970s and the policy prescriptions Hillary Clinton proposed then no longer seem radical. As a parent, they do to the author. We don’t need to be taxed, to then be told by bureaucrats how to raise our child, she says.
48 The most invasive helicopter parent in America
Abby W. Schachter - New York Post, 20 August 2016. [22-08-2016]
Mothers and fathers, married and single, rich and poor, in cities and suburbs, all kinds of parents all over this country have been criminalized for private choices.
49 Even conservatives admit the US needs paid family leave
Emily Peck - The Huffington Post, 17 August 2016. [18-08-2016]
Even as one of the ugliest presidential elections in US history is coming, something remarkably positive is happening in politics. The left and right are coming together around an issue that once seemed solely the province of progressives and feminists: paid parental leave.
50 Reversing the flight from the family
David J. Theroux - The Independent, 29 July 2016. [31-07-2016]
Although the poisonous government policies causing the breakdown of the family are now known, the question remains whether the cultural decline that has led to such measures will be reversed.
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