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Family's financial security top priorities for Indians
Sanjeev Sinha - Financial Express, 20 October 2020. [22-10-2020]
Retirement is seen by Indians as an important but distant prospect. Instead, Indians prioritise children’s needs.
Creating for and communicating with tomorrow's families
James Guerrier - Viacom CBS, 16 September 2020. [17-09-2020]
A new project looked at what family life around the world today can tell us about tomorrow, and learned that kids come first in today’s families, that parenting is a balancing act rife with hard-to-resolve tensions, and that parenting has become more fluid and flexible than in the past.
Why Indians continue to live in joint families
Soutik Biswas - BBC News, 14 September 2020. [17-09-2020]
Once one parent - usually the father - passes away, sons still overwhelmingly take care of their widowed parent, even if they had been living in a nuclear household before.
A message to employers: give families a seat at the table
Dan Porterfield - Forbes, 4 February 2020. [08-02-2020]
Parents are by nature problem-solvers. When it comes to family finances or time management, most working parents are flexible, adaptable, and think on their feet.
Families come in different forms, and all forms have value
Emily Dhanani - InForum, 23 January 2020. [27-01-2020]
The choice to have, or not have, children is a personal decision with a vast amount of reasons behind those choices, all of which are individual to each family.
Best Cities for Families 2020
Movinga, 23 January 2019. [24-01-2020]
After analysing the best cities for various opportunities such as finding love, education, employment, or starting a new business, we decided to turn our attention towards the fundamental features of a city that concern parents or parents-to-be when looking to make a move.
When families welcome new family members & cultures
Francois Botha - Forbes, 30 November 2019. [01-12-2019]
While the focus has predominantly been on wealth and asset management and strategy, in recent years, this has shifted to encompass more personal considerations.
A poor relationship with your family could make you sick
Sandee LaMotte - CNN, 7 November 2019. [15-11-2019]
A new study finds people who feel they aren’t supported by their extended family are more likely to suffer chronic illness than those who aren’t happy with their spouse or partner.
Half of Britons socialise with family and friends at most once a month
The Guardian, 17 June 2019. [20-06-2019]
Some 8,000 Britons were surveyed on every aspect of their live, with an average ‘wellbeing score’ of 60.4 out of 100.
10 Why giving children fewer toys could make the whole family happier
Irish Examiner, 14 June 2019. [15-06-2019]
According to a child development expert, if parents try to live according to the basic ‘roadmap’ of buy less, fear less, referee less, hurry less and entertain less, life will be a whole lot simpler, and thus less stressful.
11 All you need to know about the International Day of Families
NDTV, 15 May 2019. [17-05-2019]
International Family Day highlights the importance of families as a basic unit of society. May 15 was decided to be celebrated as International Family Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993.
12 Singaporeans share views on marriage and parenthood
Amelia Teng - Straits Times, 20 April 2019. [20-04-2019]
Singaporeans can share their views on marriage and parenthood over the next few months through a number of channels, both online and offline, as the Government looks to encourage more people to have families.
13 Home features families want
JDNews - Melissa Erickson, 30 March 2019. [31-03-2019]
Buying a home with kids in mind is a smart move whether you already have kids, are planning to grow your family or want to consider resale value.
14 Government to consult Singaporeans on concerns over marriage and parenthood
Aqil Haziq Mahmud - Channel News Asia, 28 February 2019. [01-03-2019]
Currently, working mothers get a basic subsidy of S$600 and S$300 for infant care and childcare full-day programmes, respectively. Non-working mothers get S$150 for either.
15 How to make time with family and loved ones count
Elizabeth Grace Saunders - The New York Times, 13 February 2019. [16-02-2019]
We are all busy, but real, meaningful relationships thrive when they’re face-to-face.
16 Chinese New Year is all about the family
Sharon Ling - Metro News, 9 February 2019. [09-02-2019]
It’s a time for reconnecting with relatives and strengthening family ties, of sharing and celebrating together.
17 The continuing importance of the family
The Economist, 3 January 2019. [08-01-2019]
The family is still the best place for a child to get the love and security it needs to grow into a well-balanced adult.
18 10 New Year’s resolutions for your family in 2019
The Indian Express, 30 December 2018. [30-12-2018]
Apart from setting personal goals, it is also important to make some family resolutions, which will strengthen your bond further.
19 New Zealand: Parenting key to improving national mental health
Scoop, 5 December 2018. [06-12-2018]
The evidence is very clear that parenting is one of the most influential factors governing a host of physical, financial and emotional outcomes for individuals across their lifetimes, both positively and negatively.
20 Children caring for parents: trials and rewards
Katherine Kam - Web MD, 24 September 2018. [25-09-2018]
Not only do siblings often underestimate the burden on the main caregiver, but commonly, guilt can create stressful dynamics.
21 2018 Social Good Summit
Alexandra Ford - Mashable, 17 September 2018. [17-09-2018]
It’s not every day that you get the chance to hear from international heads of government alongside comedians, Nobel laureates, and Bollywood stars alike. But then, the Social Good Summit isn’t your everyday forum.
22 Could families be key to achieving development?
UNICEF, 18 May 2018. [19-05-2018]
A team of family policy experts have compiled a synthesis Report to analyse how policies are being used to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. The project calls on policymakers, practitioners and the general public to act.
23 Sri Lanka: happy families will make a happy society
Daily Mirror, 17 May 2018. [19-05-2018]
It is widely accepted that the family is the nucleus of society, a good society depends on a good family and therefore the day is important for all.
24 How staying away from your family affects mental and physical health
Shaloo Tiwari - The Health Site, 15 May 2018. [19-05-2018]
Making the decision of finally staying away from family does seem liberating initially but later on, as the responsibilities keep building, you tend to inclined towards your family- story of every Indian twenty-somethings who moved out of their houses.
25 New support for NT families in Australia
Chris McLennan - Katherine Times, 18 May 2018. [19-05-2018]
Families wanting advice and support will now have a dedicated new helpline to connect them with support services and resources.

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