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51 Family is like a start up business
Adele Blair - The Sydney Morning Herald, 6 June 2016. [07-06-2016]
A family is something I can certainly relate to with my business. It is a little manic but you are all moving forward to a shared goal. There needs to be a system to organise the chaos.
52 How to get your family around the dinner table
Brooke Griffin - Parenting Magazine, 24 May 2016. [24-05-2016]
If eating on the go or on the couch is more normal than not, here's how to reboot and gather your family around the dinner table again.
53 What will the family of the future look like?
Eyewitness News, 14 May 2016. [14-05-2016]
As we approach UN International Day of Families, only the foolhardy would try and predict the future of family groups. Previous attempts have, in fact, failed.
54 The Pope's 'On Love in the Family'
The Wall Street Journal, 8 April 2016. [09-04-2016]
The Vatican published Friday ‘Amoris Laetitia: On Love in the Family,’ an apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis on questions regarding family, sexuality and marriage. Here are some excerpts from the document.
55 Mormon leaders urge to help all their families
Tad Walch - Deseret News, 2 April 2016. [04-04-2016]
They repeatedly expressed compassion and understanding for families in different and complex situations and urged church members to be sensitive and supportive. Twice as many children live with one parent than did 50 years ago, one leader said, and more families are divided about faith.
56 The family footsteps we follow
Frank Bruni - The New York Times, 6 March 2016. [07-03-2016]
The glory of a close family is that you never lack for cheerleaders, enveloping you in support. The flip side is that you never lack for judges, weighing you down with expectations.
57 6 Steps to a healthier family in 2016
Sara Lappe - US News, 13 January 2016. [14-01-2016]
While most people immediately vow to go on a “diet,” it’s not the best New Year's decision. A diet implies a finite period of time and once the diet is over, many go back to their old, unhealthy ways. This year, skip the word “diet” and instead, use these six tips to help your family develop healthy habits that will stick – for life.
58 What natural parenting means to me
Diana Chaplin - Huffington Post, 25 September 2015. [25-09-2015]
Let’s be real for a moment and admit that parenting is H-A-R-D. Natural parenting, or wellness-oriented parenting, where you're trying to create an environment of health, happiness, and freedom from the toxins of the world is even harder.
59 Yes, culture helped kill the two-parent family
Jordan Weissmann - Slate, 16 March 2015. [17-03-2015]
For about half a century now, two-parent families have been vanishing from the United States. And for nearly as long, Americans have been arguing over the reason why. Liberals tend to blame the economy. The disappearance of decently paid factory work decimated working-class communities, they argue, and has made it harder for young couples to settle down into stable, financially secure relationships. Conservatives, meanwhile, prefer to emphasize the role of culture.
60 The crackup of the American family
Michael Barone - New York Post, 6 January 2015. [07-01-2015]
How big a problem is family fragmentation? “Immense,” says Mitch Pearlstein, head of the Minnesota think tank Center of the American Experiment — “the biggest domestic problem facing this country.”
61 8 New Year's resolutions for a family
The Huffington Post, 31 December 2014. [31-12-2014]
What do you wish for your family in 2015? Less yelling? More time together? A chaos-free home? Dr. Phil shares eight resolutions that every family should consider making.
62 The american family is making a comeback
Michael Wear - The Atlantic, 1 October 2014. [03-10-2014]
Marriage is on the decline, birthrates are down, and divorce rates are high. But politicians in both parties are finally putting forth proposals to help—and strengthen society.
63 Pope Francis to focus on family life
AP - CBS, 16 September 2014, [17-09-2014]
The Mass for grandparents, and the group wedding that Francis celebrated last weekend, are aimed at focusing attention on family life ahead of a major two-year church study on family issues starting Oct. 5.
64 Familial love is not a contract
Andrea Mrozek - MercatorNet, 15 August 2014. [18-08-2014]
Family contracts today are mainly the result of family deterioration. It is precisely because family is not contractual that it survives and thrives. There is no contract to account for all the eventualities life brings.
65 The most important meal of the day
Katie Kelly Bell - Forbes, 11 August 2014. [12-08-2014]
Back to school madness is upon us and parents everywhere are surrendering the easy joy of summer to a clogged family calendar top-heavy with extracurricular commitments. Unfortunately, families also surrender the most important thing: the family meal. Crazy busy days tend to edge out the act of dining together—why bother when you can just take it to go and eat in the car, at the soccer field or dance studio?
66 In courting China's employees, Starbucks leans on the family
µngel Gonz lez - Seattle Times, 4 June 2014. [06-06-2014]
Starbucks’ top brass held a pep rally for staffers in Southern China that honored the prominent role played by the family in Chinese culture.
67 Celebrating Families - International Families Day, May 15 2014
Sigrid Daniel - The Huffington Post, 9 May 2014. [17-05-2014]
The United Nations observes an International Families Day every May 15, and this year is particularly special as it also marks the 20th anniversary of International Year of the Family.
68 Stress alters children's genomes
Jyoti Madhusoodanan - Nature, 7 April 2014. [11-04-2014]
Growing up in a stressful social environment leaves lasting marks on young chromosomes, a study of African American boys has revealed.
69 Why we see bosses as parents
Naomi Shragai - Financial Times, 5 de marzo 2014. [18-03-2014]
Our families live inside our minds and find their way into all our subsequent relationships, including those in the workplace.
70 Family mealtimes to become official measure of national 'happiness'
John Bingham - The Telegraph, 7 March 2014. [08-03-2014]
Mealtimes, family rows, children’s body image and internet bullying to be included in new official drive to monitor whether family life in Britain is ‘harmonious’.
71 Keep it in the family
Tim Hayward - Financial Times, 21 February 2014. [22-02-2014]
One of the most encouraging trends in restaurants today is a rediscovery of ‘family-style’.
72 North and South Koreans hold rare family reunions
BBC, 20 February 2014. [22-02-2014]
Hundreds of North and South Korean relatives are seeing each other for the first time in decades, at a reunion for families separated by the Korean War.
73 Family Relationships: Family time is priceless
Michelle Aycock - Savannah Morning News, 31 January 2014. [01-02-2014]
With the advances in technology we should have more time to spare, but that is not always the case - One area that should never be short is family.
74 6 Family Behaviors That Are Totally Dysfunctional
Caila Ball - The Huffington Post, 16 January 2014. [17-01-2014]
Dysfunctional behavior can be easy to slip into for even the most well-functioning families.
75 Caregiving in the US
AARP-NAC, May 2020. [23-06-2020]
This report reveals an increase in the number of family caregivers in the United States. Family caregivers now encompass more than one in five Americans. They are in worse health compared to five years ago.
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