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Australia: why more children are presenting mental health concerns
ABC, 19 July 2020. [20-07-2020]
We understand that there might be a host of factors that are driving these presentations but we do need to understand those elements more deeply.
Depression in children as young as seven
Victoria Allen - The Daily Mail, 27 December 2019. [27-12-2019]
US researchers who studied almost 100 children found they could predict which would suffer depressive symptoms at the age of 11 by scanning their brains when they were seven.
Ireland: children treated in hospitals for anorexia doubles
Lynne Kelleher - Independent, 27 December 2019. [27-12-2019]
The latest hospital in-patient enquiry figures show there were 58 discharges of children up to the age of 15 in 2014, but that number rose to 119 in 2018.
Depression in children: what to know
Written by Zawn Villines and medically reviewed by Carolyn Kay - Medical News Today, 12 December 2019. [14-12-2019]
Depression is underdiagnosed in children and the suicide rate has risen over the past 2 decades.
Why we need a better understanding of how PTSD affects families
The Conversation, 7 November 2019. [07-11-2019]
PTSD can have several negative effects on parents, such as an increase in shouting or hitting children.
Some children suffer depression long after being bullied
Medical Xpress, 1 July 2019. [02-07-2019]
Some young adults who were bullied as a child could have a greater risk of ongoing depression due to a mix of genetic and environmental factors, according to a new study from the University of Bristol.
Why parents struggle to find mental health care for their children
Bernard J. Wolfson - PBS, 7 May 2019. [07-05-2019]
The US faces a growing shortage of mental health professionals trained to work with young people.
The most important study on parenting in the age of anxiety
Peg Tyre - Forbes, 16 April 2019. [20-04-2019]
According to the National Institute for Mental Health, more than a third of adolescent girls have an anxiety disorder. The rate for boys is only slightly less.
Surfing’s the new wave for children with mental challenges
Rob Walker - The Guardian, 7 April 2019. [07-04-2019]
In the UK, pioneering charity teaches riding a surfboard to beat anxiety and depression.
10 Ireland: People divided on banning unvaccinated children from schools
The Journal, 31 March 2019 [31-03-2019]
Most people agree with this stance but almost one in five are unsure, according to an opinion poll.
11 Mental health provision should be non-negotiable
Irih Examiner, 1 February 2019. [01-02-2019]
Ireland is experiencing rising rates of emotional distress in children and young people, as well an increase in prescribed medication in order to cope. We need to respond to this mental health crisis in a more appropriate and holistic manner – for the sake of our children.
12 What is happening with children’s mental health?
Denis Campbell - The Guardian, 22 November 2018. [25-11-2018]
We look at the state of services and demand for them after first new data for 13 years is published.
13 Mental health diagnoses among US children, youth rise at alarming rate
Science Daily, 2 November 2018. [02-11-2018]
The number of children and adolescents visiting the nation’s emergency departments due to mental health concerns continued to rise at an alarming rate from 2012 through 2016.
14 Siblings of children with autism have social, emotional problems
Jessica Wright - Spectrum, 11 October 2018. [14-10-2018]
Even typical siblings of children with autism tend to struggle with anxiety, depression and social difficulties, according to a large new analysis.
15 How ACEs create children with behavioral health problems
Caitlin Andrews - Concord Monitor, 15 September 2018. [16-09-2018]
Adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, as they are known in the child mental and behavioral health community, can lead to lifelong conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, reactive attachment disorder and anxiety.
16 UK: Children with mental health problems have skyrocketed
Rachel Moss - HuffPost, 11 September 2018. [15-09-2018]
The number of children and young people saying they have a mental health condition has grown sixfold in England over two decades and has increased significantly across Britain in recent years, new research reveals.
17 Smacking children should be banned to protect mental health
Sabrina Barr - Independent, 13 September 2018. [15-09-2018]
Hitting children as a form of punishment may encourage them to behave in a more aggressive way, experts state.
18 C for children and D for depression
Jhinuk Mazumdar - The Telegraph (India), 22 July 2018. [23-07-2018]
Performance pressure, in academics or sports; and bullying by peers and parents are pushing more and more children towards depression. Doctors in Calcutta have come across children as young as four with symptoms of depression.
19 Sounding an alarm over children’s mental health
The Guardian, 29 June 2018. [03-07-2018]
In UK, the massive increase in young children receiving prescriptions for powerful stimulant drugs is both a very big warning signal and an indication that we need all to understand what gave rise to this pressure.
20 UK: Primary school children affected by hygiene poverty
Sally Weale - The Guardian, 19 June 2018. [19-06-2018]
Primary school children are arriving for their lessons unwashed and in dirty clothes because their parents cannot afford to buy washing powder, soap or shampoo, according to a survey by a UK charity.
21 More than 1 in 20 US children and teens have anxiety or depression
Science Daily, 24 April 2018. [25-04-2018]
Even after adjustment for other health problems, the presence of anxiety or depression was associated with increased use of healthcare services, more problems at school, and higher levels of aggravation for parents.
22 Ireland: Some children waiting 18 months for a mental health assessment
Darragh Bermingham - Breaking News, 15 March 2018. [16-03-2018]
Young people have died while on the waiting list, according to mental health campaigner and Cork city councillor Mick Finn, who has worked with young people over the last decade through his roles in the education sector.
23 Children at risk respond differently to laughter
Ana Sandoiu - Medical News Today, 30 September 2017. [01-10-2017]
For many of us, laughter is contagious. But new research suggests that for children who are at risk of becoming psychopaths in adulthood, this may not be the case.
24 Spending time with toddlers helps elderly fight dementia
Sian Griffiths - The Sunday Times, 30 July 2017. [31-07-2017]
Councils and retirement homes in England and Wales are experimenting with sharing care for the very young and the very old after research showed dramatic benefits to the health and happiness of both age groups.
25 How severe, ongoing stress can affect a child’s brain
The New York Times, 12 July 2017. [12-07-2017]
Extreme stress or trauma can cause brain changes that may interfere with learning, explain troubling behavior, and endanger health

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