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51 Children sent to mental health service rose by 6%
Ian Johnston - The Independent, 30 March 2015. [30-03-2015]
Children with mental health problems can wait for more than three years to be assessed and up to nearly two years to receive treatment, according to a report. Freedom of Information requests submitted by The Times newspaper found that the longest wait from first referral to being formally assessed since 2012 was at the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, where this took three years and 20 weeks in one case.
52 Parents' depression linked to toddler's behaviors
Traci Pedersen - Psych Central, 15 March 2015. [16-03-2015]
Having either parent suffer from depression may increase the likelihood that a toddler will develop troubling behaviors such as hitting, lying, anxiety, and sadness, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study. The study is one of the first to show that a father’s depression — from postpartum to toddlerhood — can have the same effect as a mother’s depression.
53 Children's mental health is parents' greatest concern
Judith Burns - BBC News, 7 January 2015. [07-01-2015]
Some 40% of 2,267 parents surveyed by Action for Children said their children’s emotional well-being was a primary concern. Among mothers, this rose to 47%, according to the charity’s analysis of data collected by YouGov last year.
54 Parental suicide increases same risk in children
Kathleen Lees - Science World Report, 30 December 2014. [31-12-2014]
Children often mimic what their parents do. Unfortunately, for parents who attempt suicide, their children are also more likely to do so. Recent studies have found a potential link between family and suicidal behavior.
55 Learning to cope with Alzheimer's
Sarah Mchaney - PBS, 24 September 2014. [25-09-2014]
‘The Genius of Marian’ shows how one family tries to start that conversation about how loved ones can cope while adjusting to life with Alzheimer’s. This documentary tells that every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s. Two-thirds of those people are women.
56 Helping children avoid depression
Angelica Shiels - Psych Central, 17 September 2014. [18-09-2014]
Today’s children are at a higher risk for depression than any previous generation. The good news is, there is apparently something that parents and educators can do to decrease the likelihood that children will succumb to this statistic.
57 China struggles with mental health problems
Tania Branigan - The Guardian, 30 August 2014. [01-09-2014]
While budgets for child and adolescent mental health services are being frozen or cut in the UK, China is seeking to expand provision, promote psychotherapeutic approaches and adopt preventative measures, as youngsters have been isolated by government one-child policy and parents moving to find work.
58 How to improve children's mental health services
Sarah Brennan - The Guardian, 17 August 2014. [18-08-2014]
Children and young people’s mental health services in UK are too few, too poor and too stressed, causing untold suffering to children and their families. There are government inquiries, reviews and a new taskforce under way to address the issues, but what would services look like if they were working well?
59 Parent-reported cases of disability in children rise
Michelle Healy - USA Today, 18 August 2014. [18-08-2014]
More parents — especially upper-income ones — are reporting that their children have a physical, developmental or mental health disability, a study finds.
60 Kids diagnosed with depression can't shake it later
Eliana Dockterman - Time, 8 August 2014. [08-08-2014]
Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis tracked 246 children ages 3-5 to ages 9-12 and found that depressed preschoolers are 2.5 times more likely to suffer from the condition in elementary and middle school, according to the study published in the July issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry.
61 Trends in suicidality and serious self-harm for children
Pediatric Academic Societies, May 2017. [13-05-2017]
The number of children and teens being admitted to U.S. hospitals for suicidal thoughts or actions is more than double what it was nearly a decade ago. And one expert is now warning that the “alarming trends” could persist if more isn't done to reverse them.
62 Stress in America 2017 Snapshot: Coping with change
American Psychological Association, 2017. [08-04-2017]
Stress affects everyone. Although we cannot eliminate stress entirely from our lives, we can minimize it by choosing to reside in the least toxic environments. The good news is stress levels in 2016 reached their lowest point in a decade. The bad news is they’re back on the uptick this year.
63 Paternal depression during pregnancy and after childbirth
JAMA Psychiatry, 15 February 2017. [15-02-2017]
What demographic, social, relationship, and health factors are associated with depression symptoms among men whose partners are pregnant or recently gave birth? In a cohort study of 3523 men living in New Zealand, 2% scored higher than 12 on the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale during the third trimester of their partners’ pregnancy and 4% scored higher than 9 on the 9-item patient health questionnaire 9 months after childbirth.
64 Fear paralyses
Pro Infirmis [04-06-2016]
This sobering film from Switzerland shows how a person suffering from an anxiety disorder often has bigger obstacles to overcome in their day-to-day life than a person in a wheelchair.
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