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26 Are immigrants a strength or a burden?
Ana Gonzalez-Barrera and Phillip Connor - Pew Research Center, 14 March 2019. [31-03-2019]
Majorities of publics in top migrant destination countries say immigrants strengthen their countries, according to this survey of 18 countries that host half of the world’s migrants.
27 Indicators of immigrant integration
OECD and European Union, January 2019. [08-01-2019]
Many countries have made important improvements in integrating immigrants, but many challenges remain.
28 Listening to children and young people on the move
UNICEF, December 2018. [23-12-2018]
This report presents the perspectives of nearly 4,000 young migrants and refugees who responded to a recent global poll conducted by UNICEF.
29 Migrant integration statistics
Eurostat, 10 December 2018. [19-12-2018]
This compact guide presents an overview of the indicators of migrant integration which aim to support the monitoring of the situation of migrants and the outcomes of integration policies.
30 The EU granted protection to 700,000 asylum seekers in 2016
Eurostat, 26 April 2017. [02-05-2017]
The 28 Member States of the European Union (EU) granted protection status to 710,400 asylum seekers in 2016, more than double the number of 2015. In addition to these, the EU Member States received over 14 000 resettled refugees. The largest group of beneficiaries of protection status in the EU in 2016 remained citizens of Syria (405,600 persons, or 57% of the total number of persons granted protection status in the EU Member States).
31 Persons seeking refuge in austria in 2015
PLOS One, 23 September 2016. [28-09-2016]
Given the social impact of the large number of individuals applying for asylum across Europe in 2015, it is important to study who these persons are in terms of their skills, motivations, and intentions.
32 Family celebration
PLUS Supermarkt [08-12-2019]
Being together in Christmas is not always possible, but...
33 Part of Society
Mino Danmark [23-08-2019]
A man of middle eastern origin comes to Denmark in the 1960s, and the attitude and racism the family constantly meets creates ripples that are felt to this day.
34 Every person counts
Emergency [19-01-2018]
Based on a moving true story, this spot shows that some people didn’t just leave a country. They also left a family, a job, a story.
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