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Children uprooted in the Caribbean
UNICEF, December 2019. [08-12-2019]
Stronger hurricanes are devastating communities, uprooting lives and putting children and their families at risk.
Combatting children exploitation, forced marriage and abuse
European Parliament, 26 November2019. [01-12-2019]
Following the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the European Parliament reminds the challenges that they face today.
Ireland: National Childcare Scheme to put some children at ‘disadvantage’
Sheila Wayman - The Irish Times, 19 November 2019. [19-11-2019]
Although thousands more families will be able to avail of subsidised childcare for the first time, and others will see their support increased, there is concern that it will have a negative impact in the most disadvantaged communities.
UN expert faults US for high incarceration of children
Bill Chapell - NPR, 18 November 2019. [19-11-2019]
The US has the highest child incarceration rate in the world, according to an expert who authored a new UN study on the treatment of children.
UK: We are failing children in care – and they are dying on our streets
Louise Tickle - The Guardian, 11 November2019. [15-11-2019]
There is a lack of support for young people leaving care – but from privatisation of services to inadequate housing, the care system fails children long before the age of 18.
Why are so many children being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders?
Michelle McDonagh - The Irish Times, 6 November 2019. [07-11-2019]
A child development professional believes some children are being misdiagnosed.
The Convention On The Rights Of The Child— still critical 30 years on
Maryanne Murray - UNICEF USA, 19 October 2019. [15-10-2019]
How the CRC continues to be a guiding force behind UNICEF’s mission — and why upholding its principles has taken on new urgency.
Support for children with special educational needs ‘in crisis’
Sally Weale - The Guardian, 4 October 2019. [06-10-2019]
UK’s Ombudsman finds complaints about them are at record levels.
Street children: the problem that refuses to go away despite funding
James Wanzala And Mercy Adhiambo - Standard Digital, 21 September 2019. [21-09-2019]
Last year, Nairobi County launched an operation to rehabilitate street children from the Central Business District, but it hasn’t worked.
10 England’s children’s commissioner calls for police in schools
Lanre Bakare - The Guardian, 7 September 2019. [21-09-2019]
Anne Longfield set out her six-point plan to transform children’s welfare in the UK, which included a call for schools to stay open seven days a week in order to help students in most need of support.
11 US: Advocates fear census will undercount kids
Savannah Smith - NBC, 26 August 2019. [29-08-2019]
One expert said ‘negative forces’ affecting the 2020 survey could make a recurring problem worse.
12 One in ten Irish children are living in consistent poverty
Emma Costello - Extra, 23 August 2019. [23-08-2019]
Barnardos has been helping transform the lives of children lives through their services along with supporting parents and challenge society where it fails children.
13 Denmark apologises for decades-old abuse in children’s homes
The Local, 14 August 2019. [19-08-2019]
Before becoming prime minister, Frederiksen said that issuing an apology to the victims would be one of her top priorities.
14 Ireland: Government implies caring for children at home is undesirable
Maria Steen - The Irish Times, 17 August 2019. [19-08-2019]
Policy subsidises only one form of childcare and penalises single-income families.
15 Focussing on the critical years of a child’s life
K. R. Antony - The Hindu, 31 July 2019. [02-08-2019]
What the draft Indian National Education Policy omits in its chapter on early childhood care and education.
16 Needed: A Commissioner for Children at the EU
Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca - The Times of Malta, 20 July 2019. [21-07-2019]
Children are our most prized asset, yet around the world they still face poverty, trafficking, exploitation, bullying and discrimination – and even though the Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most widely ratified of any of the human rights treaties.
17 Even Europe’s most family-friendly countries don’t invest enough
Annabelle Timsit - Quartz, 15 July 2019. [20-07-2019]
By the time they turn four, almost every European child will have access to some form of early childhood education and care, but even these countries are struggling to invest enough in their youngest kids.
18 Ending child marriage is crucial for Africa’s development
UNICEF, 6 July 2019. [08-07-2019]
Angélique Kidjo, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador delivers a statement in a video broadcasted on the occasion of the side-event of the African Union Summit organized by the First Lady of the Republic and the Government of Niger, with the support of the Economic Community of West African States and United Nations partners.
19 Hundreds of children wait years for asylum decisions
Patrick Cowling & Sadaf Maruf - BBC News, 27 June 2019. [28-06-2019]
Almost 1,400 child asylum seekers have waited for more than five years for an initial decision about their right to remain in the UK.
20 Italian police arrest 18 for allegedly brainwashing and selling children
The Guardian, 27 June 2019. [28-06-2019]
Children were made to believe they had been sexually abused and were sold to foster parents.
21 UK: Police tell schools about children affected by domestic abuse
Colette Hume - BBC News, 6 June 2019. [07-06-2019]
Pupils who have witnessed domestic abuse can be offered a quiet space, breakfast and a chance to talk at school.
22 Child Protection Week 2019 in South Africa
Poelano Malema - East Coast Radio, 6 June 2019. [07-06-2019]
Government is calling for all citizens to ensure safety, care, and protection of children.
23 Many parents deny how overweight their children are
Laura Donnelly - The Telegraph, 28 April 2019. [29-04-2019]
Experts said the research showed that parents were “in denial” about spiralling weight problems, convincing themselves it was mere puppy fat.
24 'Foreign children' in Syrian camp need urgent help
UN News Centre, 18 April 2019. [20-04-2019]
Help is needed urgently from the international community to help some 2,500 apparently stateless “foreign children” at a camp for the displaced, in north-east Syria.
25 Venezuela: UNICEF ramps up support for children and families
UNICEF, 5 April 2019. [07-04-2019]
In response to repeated power outages affecting much of Venezuela, UNICEF and its partners are reinforcing essential services through the provision of emergency power sources and supplies.

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