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51 India: Why you should start investing early for your children
Ashwin Patni - India Times, 14 November 2018. [15-11-2018]
When it comes to saving and budgeting for family matters, women managing household expenses generally have the upper hand. Whether the monthly budgets are limited or not as against the household needs, they have a natural tendency to save a portion of it for any contingencies.
52 We can no longer just stand by while children are dying in war zones
Gordon Brown - The Guardian, 2 November 2018. [02-11-2018]
All around the world children are being targeted with impunity. Surely the international community can unite on this issue?
53 The imaginary worlds of children reflect positive creativity
Medical X Press, 2 November 2018. [02-11-2018]
Children who create imaginary parallel worlds, alone or with friends, are more found more commonly than previously believed, according to new research.
54 Brainwave activity reveals potential biomarker for autism in children
Kanazawa University, 26 October 2018. [28-10-2018]
Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can impair communication ability, socialization, and verbal and motor skills.
55 UK: Record number of children’s operations cancelled last year
BenQuinn - The Guardian, 27 October 2018. [28-10-2018]
A record number of 18,647 emergency and non-emergency children’s operations were cancelled last year, according to new figures which Labour described as a “shameful” indictment of the government’s handling of healthcare.
56 UK: More lone children seeking help
Will Rimell - Southern Daily Echo, 18 October 2018. [19-10-2018]
More than 130 unaccompanied asylum seeking children call Hampshire their home, it has been revealed, some of which have been trafficked into the county.
57 Children with problems or problem children?
Hannah Richardson - BBC News, 19 October 2018. [19-10-2018]
There’s nothing pleasant about being on the end of a child’s angry or aggressive outburst - whether you’re a parent or a teacher.
58 UNICEF supports Indonesian authorities in identifying unaccompanied children
Joe English - UNICEF, 5 October 2018. [06-10-2018]
UNICEF and a team of social workers from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs have started the process of identifying unaccompanied and separated children, following the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.
59 More than 6,500 children missing in Mexico, new data reveals
David Agren - The Guardian, 5 October 2018. [06-10-2018]
According to the national registry, about 18% of the nation’s 37,435 missing are minors, a problem largely unrecognized.
60 High rise parenting puts kids at risk
Nigel Gladstone - The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 September 2018. [16-09-2018]
The soaring number of families raising children in high-rise apartments in Sydney has highlighted the safety, technical and cultural flaws in many unit towers that were not designed with them in mind.
61 Inside South African crisis of missing children
Times, 9 September 2018. [09-09-2018]
A total of 16,000 children have gone missing since the turn of the millennium in South Africa, but new research says the police database is confusing and unreliable.
62 ‘Lost generation’: UNICEF warns on fate of Rohingya children
The Guardian, 23 August 2018. [26-08-2018]
More than 380,000 children are cut off from education by Bangladesh to prevent camps becoming “permanent fixture”.
63 UK: Vulnerable children are on the new frontline of a crisis in social care
Michael Savage- The Guardian, 18 August 2018. [20-08-2018]
Constraints on councils mean they are cutting preventative measures, thereby increasing pressures on services
64 We need to protect the children
The Star, 15 August 2018. [15-08-2018]
Malaysian paediatricians remind that injuries are an important preventable cause of death among children.
65 Children are nearly 1/3 of identified trafficking victims globally
UNICEF, 29 July 2018. [30-07-2018]
UNICEF and the Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking urge Governments to adopt solutions shown to protect uprooted children.
66 UK: “potentially harmful” antidepressants for children
Jane Dalton - Independent, 22 July 2018. [23-07-2018]
The pills were handed out in large numbers despite warnings that they may harm developing brains for little benefit. Antidepressants rarely work in children, according to experts, with one saying that doctors were “medicalising adolescence”.
67 The impacts of family separation last a lifetime for children
David Schwartz - The Hill, 27 June 2018. [29-06-2018]
According to the author, forced separation of families at the US border will have a similar impact as the war in the former Yugoslavia.
68 Will the US find a good solution for migrant children?
Brianna Nofil - Time, 28 June 2018. [29-06-2018]
What’s currently happening at the U.S.-Mexico border is unprecedented in scale, but the immigration system’s struggle to cope with children is nothing new.
69 What separation from parents does to children
William Wan - The Washington Post, 18 June 2018. [19-06-2018]
Child-parent separation is driving pediatricians, psychologists and other health experts to vehemently oppose the Trump administration’s new border crossing policy, which has separated more than 2,000 immigrant children from their parents in recent weeks.
70 Fake news harms children’s self-esteem and trust
Judith Burns - BBC News, 13 June 2018. [13-06-2018]
More than 2,000 UK 8 to 16-year-olds were shown six news stories, two of which were fake, and only 2% identified them.
71 UK: children from poorer families less likely to take up free pre-school place
Eleanor Busby - Independent, 12 June 2018. [13-06-2018]
According to a new study, it is nonsensical that current government policy does not target funding where it is most needed.
72 Australian children are becoming very good at saving money
Sophie Elsworth - News Corp Australia 3 June 2018. [03-06-2018]
Children are becoming savvy with their cash by stashing away about one third of their pocket money each week, new findings have revealed.
73 India’s children: 174 go missing every day, half untraced
Bala Chauhan - Deccan Chronicle. 25 May 2018. [24-05-2018]
According to Chief Executive Officer, Child Rights and You Puja Marwah there’s “evidences on ground and numbers that indicate a large number of missing children are actually trafficked, kidnapped or abducted,” she said.
74 400,000 children on ‘verge’ of death in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Aljazeera, 11 May 2018. [12-05-2018]
The UN’s children’s agency calls for $88m of aid to address the ongoing crisis in Congo’s Kasai region.
75 Ukraine: children forced to learn in bullet-riddled classrooms
UNICEF, 4 May 2018. [05-05-2018]
The education system in eastern Ukraine has been in the crossfire for more than four years.
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