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Why is the teen birth rate falling in USA?
Gretchen Livingston and Deja Thomas - Pew Research Cenert, 2 August 2019. [23-08-2019]
The teen birth rate in the United States is at a record low, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of newly released data from the National Center for Health Statistics.
How to have a successful marriage that lasts
Shana Lebowitz - Business Insider, 6 January 2018. [10-01-2018]
Four couples in which both partners are relationship experts about their best marriage advice have been interviewed. Common themes emerged, including: Stay curious about your partner, and know the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Judgemental families hinder rape survivors in seeking help
Ida Kvittingen - ScienceNordic, 17 October 2017. [17-10-2017]
In Norway, some young persons who have been raped are met with a mix of accusations and shame when they tell their parents about what happened.
Children need lessons in life and love, not just the mechanics of sex
Elly Hanson - The Guardian, 5 March 2017. [05-03-2017]
A wealth of evidence shows that good, properly resourced sex and relationship education delivered by well-trained people is highly effective. It is also most effective when part of a broader life-skills programme dedicated to preparing the young for the world of work and beyond. This holistic approach also avoids children being bombarded with numerous separate topics, as if they existed in silos.
Children "should be taught about pornography"
BBC News, 27 February 2017. [27-02-2017]
Plan International UK claims 75% of people think the impact of porn should be a compulsory part of the curriculum, while 7% oppose the move. In its survey of 2,000 adults it said 71% of people wanted pupils to get lessons on sexting. Education Secretary Justine Greening said she was looking at the issue, but a law change has not yet been proposed.
Married to their smartphones (Oh, and to each other, too)
Brooke Lea Foster - The New York Times, 28 October 2016. [02-11-2016]
Smartphone use is meddling in our marriages in ways that are sometimes benign but often frustrating.
8 common effects of narcissistic parenting
Craig Malkin - The Huffington Post, 27 October 2016 [02-11-2016]
What happens to the development of our personality when we live in the shadow of narcissistic parent?
South Korea publishes parenting guide for men
The Korea Herald, 28 June 2016. [01-07-2016]
As part of its efforts to encourage young fathers to actively participate in child care and eventually boost the nation’s low fertility rate, the South Korean government has come up with a parenting guidebook for fathers-to-be.
Why aren't we managing children's pain?
Rachel Rabkin Peachman - The New York Times, June 27 2016. [01-07-2016]
There are effective treatments for pediatric pain. But pediatricians, specialists and even parents have been slow to turn to them because pain in children has long been misunderstood and medical training in pain management is scant.
10 Response to those who think her decision is 'stupid'
Billy Hallowell - The Blaze, 16 January 2016. [27-01-2016]
A young woman who described herself as a “religious Jew” who is waiting until she’s married to have sex has a message for all of the “inevitable jerks” who think that she’s “some lonely, naive little girl” who is “stupid for believing in waiting.”
11 Parents shouldn't give up policing kids sexting
Naomi Schaefer Riley - New York Post, 15 November 2015. [15-11-2015]
Proclaiming your ignorance about all things technological and then handing your kid the keys to the Internet is bad parenting. Better to let them think you’re watching closely. As one mother explained, “I tell my daughter, ‘It’s my phone. You’re just borrowing it.’ ”
12 Migrant women and children forced into sex
Fox News, 23 October 2015. [24-10-2015]
The U.N. refugee agency has sounded the alarm about vulnerable women and children who are among hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants pouring into southeast Europe, saying it has received reports that some are being forced into sex to pay their way onward.
13 Ireland: children as young as 10 pushed to have sex
David Kearns - The Independent, 3 September 2015. [03-09-2015]
Children as young as ten are being pressured into sex, warns the ISPCC, who said more than 30,000 youngsters last year contacted Childline for help with sexual matters.
14 Three-parent babies could be sterile
Sarah Knapton . The Telegraph, 24 February 2015. [25-02-2015]
Peers have approved historic legislation which would see Britain become the first country in the world to create three-parent babies, despite fears children could be born sterile. Health minister Lord Howe urged the House of Lords to pass the amendment to the 2008 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act and permit controversial IVF techniques which are aimed at preventing serious inherited mitochondrial diseases.
15 What Americans think about marriage and sex
Lois M. Kollins - KTar News, 28 December 2014. [29-12-2014]
A new report by the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture unpacks American attitudes about faith, family, marriage and more. Researchers gathered 15,738 surveys from adults ages 18 to 60 to get a sense of changing attitudes regarding topics like cohabitation — 44 percent think it’s OK, 30 percent neutral, 25 opposed — to whether marriage is an outdated notion — 66 percent say no, 10 percent say yes.
16 Talking to teens about sex
United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County [09-11-2015]
A Teen Pregnancy Prevention campaign created by Serve Marketing encourages parents to talk to their teens about sex before it’s too late.
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