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What it’s like growing up with a terminally ill parent
Charlotte Whitehead - The Telegraph, 3 February 2018. [03-02-2018]
Growing up with a terminally ill parent has made the author a more patient, loving and grateful person.
Teenagers need more sleep thanks to good policy and good parenting
Wendy Troxel - USA Today, 26 January 2018. [27-01-2018]
We need to overcome resistance to later school start times. More rest improves teens' well-being, public safety and academic performance.
Tips for parenting teens during the holiday frenzy
Kristen Galloway - Omaha, 7 December 2017. [24-12-2017]
You and your teenager may become out of sorts during holidays. Patience is necessary. Here are some helpful tips to help you get through the holidays with your teenager.
3 myths about your teen’s bad attitude
Alan Kazdin - Time, 17 December 2017. [17-12-2017]
Many things can be done about your teenager’s behavior and attitude — none of them is surprising, but each has to be implemented in a specific way.
Study shows teens’ bonds with parents impact future parenting
Medical XPress, 20 October 2017. [20-10-2017]
New research has put a spotlight on how adolescent girls' relationships with their parents can later affect their bonding experience with their own children.
Is it good for parents to accompany their children to college open days?
Peter McGuire - The Irish Times, 17 October 2017. [17-10-2017]
Most higher education institutions, including all of the universities, now organise talks and events for parents at open days, and there is usually a schedule done up with information specific for parents and guardians.
Throwing my children out might be an act of kindness
Saskia Sarginson - The Guardian, 19 August 2017. [19-08-2017]
When it comes to her four grownup, stay-at-home children, the author is caught between wanting to push them away and wanting to draw them closer. She and her husband often discuss ways to help them move out, but a corner of her heart feels bleak at the prospect of an empty house.
Marriage among millennials not dying in this family
Melissa Evans, Press-Telegram, 12 August 2017. [15-08-2017]
If marriage is dying, it’s not the fault of our younger peers. Between 1990 and 2015, the divorce rate actually doubled among those over 50.
Can parents stay connected with their teen sons?
Phyllis Fagell - The Washington Post, 18 April 2017. [19-04-2017]
Teen boys have powerful feelings, but parents often mistakenly assume their silence means they prefer to be disengaged. They have rich inner lives, and they care deeply about loyalty, friendship and protecting the people they love.
10 Ireland: Big increase in children who "find it easy to talk to their father"
Eilish O’Regan - The Independent, 7 March 2017. [14-03-2017]
Most children and teens in Ireland say they are happy with their lives and fewer are experimenting with alcohol, cigarettes and cannabis. But there are also signs of rising stress levels, with many youngsters buckling under the strain, leaving them at risk of depression and anxiety.
11 Parenting my teen feels really lonely right now
Randi Olin - THe Washington Post, 21 February 2017. [23-02-2017]
Despite having close family ties and friendships, parenting has become something of a solitary undertaking for the author. She can’t write about it. She can’t talk about it. She has never felt more alone in her thoughts.
12 Teen fathers must learn how to take more responsibility
Yan Carlos Cordero - The Lowell Sun, 12 February 2017. [12-02-2017]
Too few teen dads are involved in their children’s lives. They are not present physically or financially. Nearly 80 percent of teen parents don’t marry according to the Pew Research Center. Only 1 in 4 teen moms gets financial support from the dad, and if they do, it is often less than $2,000 annually.
13 How parenting tactics influence teens' problem behaviors
Mojgan Sherkat - University of California, 9 December 2016. [19-12-2016]
Yelling. Screaming. Slamming of doors. Sneaking out. Sound familiar? Perhaps you’re a parent with a teenager at home who partakes in “problem behaviors.” Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, may be able to help.
14 Influence of parenting to adolescents' rebellious conducts
Wayne Parker - Parent Herald, 12 December 2016. [12-12-2016]
A significant number if not every parent and their adolescent offspring confirms that they both bear different perspectives when it comes to how parenting is performed at home. When teens see parenting in a way that gives them despondence they showed more escalated levels of troublesome deeds such as belligerence and hostility.
15 How parents can help their children pay off student loans
Jillian Berman - The Wall Street Journal, 11 December 2016. [12-12-2016]
Should repayment of student loans be a family affair? Parents increasingly are expressing a desire to help. But financial experts say just because parents can alleviate some of a child’s financial burden doesn’t mean they should.
16 American Dream collapsing for young adults
Jim Tankersley - Chicago Tribune, 9 December 2016. [09-12-2016]
Rising income inequality has eroded the ability for American children to grow up to earn more than their parents, according to groundbreaking new research from a superstar team of economists that carries deep implications for the new US agenda.
17 Heavy drinking as a teenager puts brain at risk
Daily Mail, 14 November 2016. [15-11-2016]
Teenagers who binge drink may be putting the brain function of their future children at risk, new research suggests. The activity of numerous genes in the brains of offspring get altered, experts claim.
18 Should teenagers be compelled to do jobs?
Hasan Tariq - Parent Herald, 31 October 2016. [01-11-2016]
It is often a tough decision for parents to allow their teenage children to work when they are still studying or in school. But one answer cannot fit on everyone because each child has different needs and it totally depends on the situation of the each family.
19 The virtues of reality
Ross Douthat - The New York Times, 20 August 2016. [22-08-2016]
Since the 1990s, we’ve seen two broad social changes that few observers would have expected to happen together. First, youth culture has become less violent, less promiscuous and more responsible. But over the same period, adulthood has become less responsible, less obviously adult.
20 Millennials: they're not game-changers after all
Leah Binkovitz, The Urban Edge, 20 July 2016. [21-07-2016]
A recent study from the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering shows millennials really aren’t that different from previous generations.
21 Curb your parenting instinct?
Suren Ramasubbu - The Huffington Post, 24 February 2016. [25-02-2016]
It is universal truth that children, especially adolescent children, have a secret life, insulated from the protective eyes of parents. But when the parent loses sleep is when she hears of secret lives of teenagers being snuffed out brutally by the secret itself.
22 Parenting teens: a solitary gig
Mary Rowen - HuffPost Parents, 9 February 2016. [14-02-2016]
Of course, there are wonderful places that offer professional help. The author is fortunate to live in a country where assistance with serious problems is often only a phone call away, and has a great husband and good friends and family members to call when she really needs them. But she misses those moments spent with her local mommy pals back in the day.
23 Saving black children from suicide
BBC News, 28 December 2015. [28-12-2015]
An increase in suicide among black children in the US has alarmed mental health professionals - and thrown light on issues that may have been overlooked when treating trauma in the young.
24 One thing that always improves my parenting
Sarah MacLaughlin - The Huffington Post, 20 April 2015. [21-04-2015]
We can observe when our children ask for every toy in the store. We’ll offer the warm, firm limit that it's not a toy-buying day, and acknowledge that this is difficult. Wanting and not getting is hard — even for those of us with mature, adult brains. These all-too-human lessons will be learned in good time, and will be best incorporated as we stay connected and loving — with ourselves, and our little ones.
25 Boomerang children are driving parents into debt
Judith Woods - The Telegraph, 18 April 2015. [19-04-2015]
Three quarters of parents with children over 18 have at least one child living with then but only 42 per cent charge them rent. Of those who do, their modest request of £150 a month is just a fifth the average UK rent. It might sound as though the nation’s parents are being taken for a ride, but the reality is that which one of us wouldn’t strive to provide the best for our children?

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