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How to plan your family's vacation
Shivani Vorajuly - The New York Times, 8 July 2016. [08-07-2016]
Family vacations should be about creating a lifetime of memories, spending time with your loved ones and, most important, having fun. But more often than not, however, they end up being just the opposite.
Best ways to make family travel meaningful
Jim Pickell - The Huffington Post, 10 March 2016. [11-03-2016]
To help you discover what the author has learned through trial and error with his wife and children, here are 10 fun, but challenging, life-changing activities that reliably make family vacations meaningful and uplifting for everyone.
5 must-dos to make the most of family time together
Breanna Phillips - NewsOK, 14 February 2016. [14-02-2016]
Ask any empty nester about their time raising their children, and they’re likely to tell you that the time went by too fast. If you’re in the thick of the craziness, dealing with sippy cups, diapers, and nap time fights, or arguing with your teenage daughter about how much makeup she’s wearing, you might be dreaming of those quiet moments ahead. Or, perhaps, you’re trying to figure out how you can get in a little family time around everyone’s busy schedules.
Tips for celebrating a birthday during the holidays
Pamela Hayford - News-Press, 21 December 2015. [22-12-2015]
When the author wrote about her husband’s December birthday two weeks ago and asked how readers handle their family’s holiday birthdays, the response was incredible. Apparently quite a few people share a birthday with the biggest holidays of the year.
Why Americans need to rethink family time
Susan Spencer - The Huffington Post, 22 September 2015. [23-09-2015]
While it’s terrific that moms have gotten the message about the importance of eating together, the exercise part is suffering. With so many demands on families’ time, fitness has dropped off the list. But it needs to be prioritized, and here’s why: Being active can help lower the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
England's children "less free to play out"
BBC News, 10 August 2015. [11-08-2015]
Anxious parents in England give their children less freedom to play and go outside than those in many other European countries, research suggests. The children and their parents were surveyed between 2010 and 2012 about what they were allowed to do in their local neighbourhoods without supervision.
Ways to keep children learning over the holidays
Sarah Marsh and Lisa Spiller - The Guardian, 27 July 2015. [28-07-2015]
It’s time for students to kick off their school shoes and pack up their textbooks because school’s out for summer. But the arrival of the holidays doesn’t mean learning has to stop – in fact, it can provide many opportunities to broaden young minds. From family trips to museums, new literature or fun experiments in the kitchen, it’s not about following a rigid curriculum but rather discovering ways to get young charges excited about learning.
5 reasons to have family dinner
Tyler Stahle - Deseret News, 16 April 2015. [17-04-2015]
There’s a power in food that brings people together. In a recent study published in the journal of Physiology and Behavior, scientists found that people who eat together tend to get along better. The study noted that when discussions were carried out over meals, individuals were more likely to feel friendly, listen, give compliments and make compromises.
A little gift goes a long way
California Lottery [19-12-2016]
This commercial shows that sometimes the smallest gesture can make the biggest difference in someone’s life. Everyone can spread some joy this Christmas season in an unexpected way.
10 A family Christmas
Grand Canyon University [12-12-2016]
Grand Canyon University reminds with this ad that Christmas is a seasion full of thanks, traditions and spending time with loved ones, to seize for going forward and creating a better future.
11 Unhappy birthday
Gin no Sara [13-03-2016]
The Japanese Gin no Sara advocates to celebrate birthdays at home - going to the restaurant does not always meet expectations.
12 Back home for Christmas
Aer Lingus (Ireland) [26-12-2015]
As other airlines have done in the past, Aer Lingus has offered some people a ticket to go back home for a surprise family visit during Christmas.
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