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UK care homes are seeking alternatives
David Brindle - The Guardian, 23 September 2020. [23-09-2020]
Growing numbers of older people are choosing live-in care or to move in with homeowners who have spare rooms.
UK: Older people without children can’t rely on unpaid, informal care
Zeynep Gurtin - The Guardian, 3 September 2020. [04-09-2020]
Women shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of the care crisis in Britain, as the population ages and fewer people have children.
Half of parents disagree with grandparents over parenting style
Nehal Aggarwal - The Bump, August 2020. [22-08-2020]
If grandparents contradict or interfere with parenting choices, it can have a serious strain on the relationship.
Grandparents raising grandchildren
Mindy Todd - NPR, 30 July 2020. [03-08-2020]
In the US, the number of grandparents raising grandchildren has increased over the past decade. Schools and nonprofits have stepped up to help with supports to children and grandparents, but that all changed with the coronavirus.
Demographic trends for the 50-and-older work force
Jill Mislinski - Advisor Perspectives, 10 October 2020. [15-06-2020]
It might seem intuitive that the participation rate for the older workers would have declined the fastest. But exactly the opposite has been the case.
Parenting parents when they don’t want help
Judith Graham - Concord Monitor, 7 January 2020. [09-01-2020]
When understanding and support are needed the most, families find themselves feuding and riven by feelings of resentment and distress.
China: demographics are becoming an economic nightmare
Tom Cheshire - Sky News, 27 December 2019. [27-12-2019]
Last year China had 167 million people aged over 60 and by 2050 there will be 487 million, more than a third of the population.
Being a grandparent
Cynthia Martin - Sequim Gazette, 30 October 2019. [01-11-2019]
The nice thing about being a grandparent, is you do all of the responsibilities connected to your job because you want to do them.
Long-distance grandparenting is not easy
John Feister - America, 21 August 2019. [23-08-2019]
For many grandparents, a desire to pass on a strong sense of cultural identity is profound.
10 When the child becomes the parent
Anu Garg - The New York Times, 19 December 2018. [23-12-2018]
Words become medicine as the author helps his formerly self-reliant mother recover from a stroke.
11 Parenting your parents
Jeff Bevis - Forbes, 24 October 2018. [28-10-2018]
Parents age, children grow up, and at some point, adult children face the sobering reality that they will have to care for their aging parents, reversing the roles they’ve always known.
12 Some immigrant parents fear losing their children forever
Jeremy Raff - The Atlantic, 18 October 2018. [19-10-2018]
Immigrant children separated from their parents can spend months, even years, in American foster homes. There have even been rare cases in which state officials have authorized permanent adoptions without notifying deported parents.
13 How your adult children can help you plan for retirement
Jackie Lam - Forbes, 21 August 2018. [26-08-2018]
Your adult children may be busy with their careers, raising families and carving out their own paths, but they may also want to assist with your retirement plans.
14 Grandparents becoming “financially unstable”
Katy Morton - Nursery World, 25 July 2018. [30-07-2018]
One in five grandparents who provide childcare have given up work or cut their working hours to do so, reveals a new survey.
15 Skills that grandparents can teach
Jennifer Winward - Gulf News, 25 July 2018. [30-07-2018]
Here are five things school children should learn from an older generation instead of YouTube and Google.
16 Grandparents can play a vital role in helping to raise children
Irish Examiner, 23 July 2018. [26-07-2018]
Children are afforded the opportunity to view things and learn from a different perspective and the contact with grandparents allows greater bonds to form which can serve them well in adulthood.
17 How this new Law will help grandparents raising grandkids
Donna Butts - Next Avenue, 11 July 2018. [17-07-2018]
In the US, More than 2.5 million grandparents have stepped up to assist their families.
18 Grandparents are the least stressful childcare option
Brendan Churchill and Lyn Craig - IOL, 7 July 2018. [07-07-2018]
The use of informal and family care may lower levels of parenting stress because using one’s own family members, such as a grandparent, is similar to co-parenting, as it involves sharing practical and emotional aspects of parenting.
19 The joy of grandparenting
Paula Span - The New York Times, 27 June 2018. [03-07-2018]
It’s still diaper-changing and storybooks, so why does it feel so different from raising our own kids?
20 USA: The age of grandparents is made of many tragedies
Robert Marantz Henig - The Atlantic, 1 June 2018. [02-06-2018]
The proportion of children living in “grandfamilies” has doubled in the US since 1970—and the reasons are often sad ones.
21 US: how nursing homes can destroy families
Jeanne Croteau - Forbes, 27 April 2018. [29-04-2018]
When your loved one is admitted to a nursing facility, you are at their mercy. There is a significant imbalance of power in many ways and many families may find themselves feeling completely lost.
22 Canada: more care for seniors, more options for families
Office of the Premier, 12 April 2018. [12-04-2018]
Ontario is moving forward with significant new funding to ensure seniors have better access to high-quality, professional care, whether they are living at home or in long-term care.
23 Japan: Robots may have role in future of elder care
Daily Mail, 28 March 2018. [01-04-2018]
Allowing robots to help care for the elderly may be a jarring idea in the West, but many Japanese see them positively, largely because they are depicted in popular media as friendly and helpful.
24 UK: Care in Crisis
Age UK, 28 March 2018. [01-04-2018]
Older people should be able to live well, not just survive, and the right care and support can help them do this.
25 Retirement timing and grandparenthood in Sweden
Linda Kridahl - N-IUSSP, 20 February 2018. [23-02-2018]
Does being or becoming a grandparent influence the retirement decision? If yes, in what sense and by how much?

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