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26 How Wales became a world leader in caring for the terminally ill
Ilora Finlay - Wales Online, 3 January 2018. [10-01-2018]
The infrastructure of specialist staff, combined with enthusiastic dedication to do everything to help people live well until they die, makes Wales a world leader in providing effective palliative care to the whole population.
27 Five things men need to know about marriage in retirement
Robert Laura - Forbes, 28 December 2017. [29-12-2017]
The key to finding success together is good communication, a willingness to compromise, and having fun with the transition.
28 Texas grandparents raising children “have to fight” to get state help
Jim Malewitz - The Guardian, 1 December 2017. [01-12-2017]
The number of assistance recipients under has shrunk while poverty stayed consistent – and those who do get benefits have difficulty accessing them.
29 Indulgent grandparents “bad for children’s health”
BBC News, 15 November 2017. [15-11-2017]
Grandparents want the best for their grandchildren, and the more they’re informed and enabled to play a positive role in their grandchildren’s lives the better things will be.
30 When caring for a parent is a challenge and a calling
Karla Peterson - San Diego Union Tribune, 1 October 2017. [01-10-2017]
McIntyre and her mother, Gwennie Bannis, were on a plane bound for Washington state to visit family when Bannis began to babble. She talked nonstop, and most of what she said didn’t make sense.
31 Our parents are our future
Cora Frazier - The New Yorker, 25 September 2017. [23-09-2017]
Many people think hovering and love are one and the same. That’s just not true.
32 Getting to grips with longevity
Sacha Nauta - The Economist, 6 July 2017. [13-07-2017]
Ageing populations could be a boon rather than a curse. But for that to happen, a lot needs to change first.
33 Dementia patients die sooner if caregivers are mentally stressed
Yasmin Anwar - Berkeley News, 26 June 2017. [05-07-2017]
From 2007 until 2016, UC Berkeley researchers tracked the mortality of 176 patients with neurodegenerative diseases that are corrosive to brain function. They also measured the mental health of the family members who took care of them. They found that that patients tended by caregivers with depression, anxiety and other symptoms of mental illness typically died sooner.
34 My grandfather inspires me to be a better father
Charles Moss - Washington Post, 16 June 2017. [17-06-2017]
Charles Moss, a writer and father, explains why his grandfather had such a great influence on him.
35 Grandfamilies deserve our attention
Michelle Singletary - The Washington Post, 14 May 2017. [14-05-2017]
Across the country, there are households headed by grandparents or other relatives taking care of 7.8 million children whose parents may be absent for any number of reasons. These caregivers need help because, on a real economic level, they save all of us hundreds of thousands of dollars.
36 My mother forgot who I was, and it made me a better daughter
Cynthia Miller-Idriss - The Washington Post, 12 May 2017. [13-05-2017]
The high-strung, successful school superintendent who wrote a doctoral dissertation with three small children at home is now a woman who puts her shoes on the wrong feet, wanders down hotel hallways in her pajamas and marvels at the music piped into the grocery store. She is constantly delighted with all the new things she discovers.
37 When adult children abuse their parents
Patrick Kelleher - Irish Times, 24 April 2017. [24-04-2017]
Psychological and financial abuse of older people are on the increase. As older people go into their 80s, and particularly if they have dementia, they’re more likely to be at risk.
38 The pros and cons of moving closer to your children
Glenn Ruffenach - The Wall Street Journal, 6 April 2017. [07-04-2017]
For those wrestling with the decision, some points from retirees’ experience.
39 I don't want my children to feel they must care for me when I'm old
Tim Lott - The Guardian, 31 March 2017. [01-04-2017]
I would never want to be looked after by someone who begrudged the fact. I would rather be in a care home – or on the street. If the support doesn’t come from the heart rather than some anguished moral balance sheet, then I’m not interested. Although, I may feel differently when I’m 90 and can’t even change my own adult nappies.
40 Grandparents have help for parenting
Paul Brooks - Wanganui Chronicle, 22 March 2017. [22-03-2017]
The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust Awareness Week in New Zealand is a chance to analyze the growing trend where grandparents, through necessity, are having to raise their own grandchildren. The children's parents could be absent, incapable, unwilling or violent, leaving the grandparents to step in and assume responsibility, often at great cost.
41 For many grandparents, being cut off from grandkids is a major worry
Sandra Martin - The Globe and Mail, 5 January 2017. [06-01-2017]
The conflicts are mainly between grandmothers and their daughters-in-law. Traditionally, men made the money and women controlled the family. Now, those roles are shared, but some of us still feel our mothers-in-law have an overweening bond with their sons – our husbands.
42 Why family caregivers are this nation's unsung heroes
Ann Brenoff - The Huffington Post, 1 November 2016. [01-11-2016]
We live in a system where the caregiving responsibilities that once fell squarely in the realm of nurses and professionals are now thrust on unwitting spouses and adult children with absolutely no consideration of the impact on their well-being — or even the extent of their ability to perform these tasks.
43 How to best care for an aging family member
Las Vegas Sun, 6 September 2016. [07-09-2016]
Coping with and caring for an aging family member can be tough. There is a multitude of important considerations, including medical care, finances and the overall well-being of the entire family. One of the goals for health care providers and family is to promote successful aging, which means getting involved as soon as possible.
44 Grandparents relocating to be near the family
Liz Rowlinson - The Telegraph, 14 August 2016. [14-08-2016]
There was a time when grandparents might sell the family home and head off to a picturesque little cottage. But these days, grandparents are increasingly likely to be found picking up the grandchildren from school or looking after them two days a week to help working parents save on prohibitive childcare costs.
45 In aging America, efforts to connect young and old
Jen Fifield - The Pew Charitable Trusts, 28 July 2016. [31-07-2016]
As the country ages, several universities and communities in the US have started programs that bring multiple generations together.
46 The problem with family caregiving
Andrew Paranal - Asian Journal, 30 July 2016. [31-07-2016]
With so many members of the Filipino community in the US employed in the health care field; they often have family or friends who are nurses or caregivers.
47 Caring for aging parents: the sandwich generation
Nasdaq, 20 July 2016. [21-07-2016]
These tips for the emotional well-being, the finantial consequences and the health of the parents can help carers during a challenging time.
48 When your adult children are ruining your retirement
Diane Jermyn - The Globe and Mail, 29 March 2016. [30-03-2016]
Helping out adult children in a crisis is something most parents do if they are able, but when should you start saying no? If you are at, or approaching, retirement age, the help you give now could put your retirement in jeopardy.
49 Parenting the parents
Vatsala Mamgain - Indian Express, 13 March 2016. [13-03-2016]
There isn’t a day when you are declared officially ready and grown up enough to actually look after your parents. You will fall accidentally into parenting them — one day, you will be heading to their home to drink beer with your father and eat your mother’s excellent biryani and then the next day, that will seem like a dream from someone else’s life.
50 What old parents want from their adult children
Mark Oliver Rondobio - Parent Herald, 6 March 2016. [07-03-2016]
There are a lot of adult children who wants to reciprocate the care they had from their parents and the sad thing is they sometimes get ignored.
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