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Promote shared parenting as norm in divorce cases
Loo Chee Siang - The Strait Times (Singapore), 28 April 2018. [29-04-2018]
Children rightly deserve, and should never be denied, the love and guidance of both parents. There should be no excuse for denying any child this basic right.
Family matters: explaining marriage break-up to a child
Irish Examiner, 27 April 2018. [29-04-2018]
Marriage breakup is never easy, and if there are children involved, it’ll take strength and sensitivity to ensure they don’t bear the brunt of it.
About one-third of US children are living with an unmarried parent
Gretchen Livingston - Pew Research Center, 27 April 2018. [29-04-2018]
The share of U.S. children living with an unmarried parent has more than doubled since 1968, jumping from 13% to 32% in 2017. That trend has been accompanied by a drop in the share of children living with two married parents, down from 85% in 1968 to 65%.
Parenting your adult children during a divorce
Care2, 11 April 2018. [12-04-2018]
What happens when your children are adults and fully aware of the situation at hand? As older couples divorce more regularly, the question becomes more prominent.
Teens in Dubai driven to suicide by family issues
Marie Nammour - Khaleej Times, 20 February 2018. [20-02-2018]
Domestic problems, divorce and custody battles are the main reasons behind these attempts by teens to harm themselves.
How to make blended families work
Danielle Braff - Chicago Tribune, 15 February 2018. [16-02-2018]
When you add in unrelated children to create a blended family, chances are high that there will be a few issues before the family gels. Still, more and more families are trying to make stepfamilies work today.
Shared parenting brightens the lives of children of divorce
Ned Holstein - Maryland Reporter, 19 January 2018. [19-01-2018]
The chance to brighten the lives of children through reform of custody laws has rightly become a major issue in Maryland, USA.
UAE: When marriage goes wrong, it’s mothers who suffer most
Nima Abu Wardeh - The National, 21 December 2017. [22-12-2017]
Divorce. It’s a word that divides – and I don’t mean just the parents and children. Everyone wades in – an instant expert.
Dads push for shared parenting, states consider new laws
Michael Alison Chandler - Chicago Tribune, 12 December 2017. [17-12-2017]
In recent years, more couples have been agreeing to parent after divorce as they did in marriage: collaboratively. Now lawmakers are accelerating this trend toward co-parenting.
10 Shared parenting is best for kids
Linda Wright - The Detroit News, 21 November 2017. [01-12-2017]
66 % of voters in Michigan strongly believe that having two parents share custody of their children after divorce is in the best interest of the kids.
11 End loophole allowing one parent to remove a child from country
Paula Murray - Sunday Express, 22 October 2017. [23-10-2017]
Campaigners are calling for an end to a “kidnapper’s charter” which enables a parent to remove children from Scotland without the other parent’s permission.
12 Parents of teenage daughters are more likely to divorce — but why?
Jan Kabatek and David C Ribar - ABC, 27 September 2017. [27-09-2017]
A new survey studied more than 2 million marriages in the Netherlands over 10 years and shows divorce risks increase with children’s ages until they reach adulthood — with parents of teenage daughters at greater risk.
13 Fifty-fifty split best for children of divorce
Elin Bäckström - Medical X Press, 7 September 2017. [09-09-2017]
In a new study of 3,656 children in Sweden, researchers from Uppsala University, Karolinska Institutet and the research institute CHESS show that 3-5-year-olds living alternately with their parents after a separation show less behavioural problems and psychological symptoms than those living mostly or only with one of the parents.
14 The words that ended my marriage
Brittany Wong - HuffPost, 24 August 2017. [25-08-2017]
A marriage doesn’t fall apart overnight, but sometimes, looking back, you can pinpoint certain moments that irrevocably changed things for the worse.
15 Nesting may not cushion kids from a divorce
Fiona Tapp - Herald Tribune, 1 August 2017. [01-08-2017]
One of the latest strategies parents are using to manage the difficult transition during a divorce is called nesting. Nesting is when the children remain in the family home and the parents alternate moving in and out, depending on the custody agreement.
16 After divorce, shared parenting is best
Richard A. Warshak - Stat, 26 May 2017. [27-05-2017]
The results of the author’s research has shown this clear message: children and their fathers usually (though not always) wanted and needed more time together than they were getting.
17 Shared parenting after divorce gains new attention
Benjamin Kain - MomZette, 23 February 2017. [24-02-2017]
The status quo relative to child custody proceedings now in the United States is that children — especially young children — should have a ‘primary parent’ (usually the mother) after a divorce, visiting with the ‘noncustodial parent’ (usually the father) typically every other weekend. However, recent studies suggest that children, even infants and toddlers, benefit from as close to equal time as possible with each parent after a divorce.
18 Why marriages fail after 25 years
Christine Hammond . Psych Central, 20 January 2017. [21-01-2017]
After 25 years of marriage, a couple decides to get a divorce. From the outside looking in, things could not be any stranger. The pressures of establishing a career have subsided, the kids have grown-up (and hopefully moved out), and a desired lifestyle has been obtained. After all, surely this couple has been though just about everything and survived it. Or have they?
19 What the research says on parenting after divorce
Lois M. Collins - Deseret News, 28 December 2016. [09-01-2017]
Recommendations for what children need during and after a divorce continue to evolve with research, which increasingly points to choices parents make that can benefit or harm their children. Experts now say, for example, that absent abuse or neglect, children benefit from having strong relationships with both parents. They note that parents dissolving a union should make family-related decisions with a laser focus on what is best for their kids.
20 The emotional development of children amid parents' separation
Jaweria Asif - Parent Herald, 11 November 2016. [12-11-2016]
Divorce and separation are part of a reality that deeply affects the lives of every member of the family, especially children. Before, during and after a divorce, varying intensities of emotional wounds open up.
21 The growing case for shared parenting after divorce
Belinda Luscombe - Time, 29 September 2016. [30-09-2016]
For decades, there was a widely held belief they should have one home with the primary caretaker, often the mother. But that status quo is changing.
22 How to put children ahead of broken relationships
Jane Kelly - UVA Today, 23 September 2016. [24-09-2016]
With divorce rates reaching nearly 50 percent in the United States and more than 40 percent of children being born outside of marriage, more and more children are at risk of losing their childhoods because their parents cannot, or will not, put their differences aside, a new book says.
23 The effects of guilt-driven parenting after divorce
Donna Mott - The Huffington Post, 6 September 2016. [07-09-2016]
Many divorced parents feel the weight of guilt, because now their children’s lives become a life of twos. The big problem is when that guilt takes over and drives how you behave as a parent.
24 Research supports shared parenting
Terry Brennan - The Des Moines Register, 28 August 2016. [28-08-2016]
Shared parenting is endorsed by 110 world experts, supported by 43 peer-reviewed papers, favored by 70 percent of the population, and was the conclusion of the largest study on children of divorce, reviewing 150,000 kids. The 110 experts stated they were “united in their concern that flawed science is leading to parenting plans and custody decisions that harm children.”
25 5 things every failing marriage has in common
Hannah Rose - NewsOK, 7 August 2016. [09-08-2016]
Every marriage is riddled with its own unique problems and trials, but all failing marriages do have a few things in common. Below are few things to look out for in your troubled relationship.

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