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26 What the research says on parenting after divorce
Lois M. Collins - Deseret News, 28 December 2016. [09-01-2017]
Recommendations for what children need during and after a divorce continue to evolve with research, which increasingly points to choices parents make that can benefit or harm their children. Experts now say, for example, that absent abuse or neglect, children benefit from having strong relationships with both parents. They note that parents dissolving a union should make family-related decisions with a laser focus on what is best for their kids.
27 The emotional development of children amid parents' separation
Jaweria Asif - Parent Herald, 11 November 2016. [12-11-2016]
Divorce and separation are part of a reality that deeply affects the lives of every member of the family, especially children. Before, during and after a divorce, varying intensities of emotional wounds open up.
28 The growing case for shared parenting after divorce
Belinda Luscombe - Time, 29 September 2016. [30-09-2016]
For decades, there was a widely held belief they should have one home with the primary caretaker, often the mother. But that status quo is changing.
29 How to put children ahead of broken relationships
Jane Kelly - UVA Today, 23 September 2016. [24-09-2016]
With divorce rates reaching nearly 50 percent in the United States and more than 40 percent of children being born outside of marriage, more and more children are at risk of losing their childhoods because their parents cannot, or will not, put their differences aside, a new book says.
30 The effects of guilt-driven parenting after divorce
Donna Mott - The Huffington Post, 6 September 2016. [07-09-2016]
Many divorced parents feel the weight of guilt, because now their children’s lives become a life of twos. The big problem is when that guilt takes over and drives how you behave as a parent.
31 Research supports shared parenting
Terry Brennan - The Des Moines Register, 28 August 2016. [28-08-2016]
Shared parenting is endorsed by 110 world experts, supported by 43 peer-reviewed papers, favored by 70 percent of the population, and was the conclusion of the largest study on children of divorce, reviewing 150,000 kids. The 110 experts stated they were “united in their concern that flawed science is leading to parenting plans and custody decisions that harm children.”
32 5 things every failing marriage has in common
Hannah Rose - NewsOK, 7 August 2016. [09-08-2016]
Every marriage is riddled with its own unique problems and trials, but all failing marriages do have a few things in common. Below are few things to look out for in your troubled relationship.
33 Unequal division of labor ups risk of divorce
Cari Nierenberg - Live Science, 28 July 2016. [28-07-2016]
It isn’t the money that predicts the risk of divorce — the cash stuff doesn’t matter. It’s the behaviors of husbands and wives in a marriage — employment status and the division of housework — that may have symbolic value to each other.
34 Programme to help people affected by 'parental alienation'
Amelia Hill - The Guardian, 14 July 2016. [14-07-2016]
Rise in cases of children poisoned against one parent by the other during family breakdowns calls for intensive help, support service says.
35 Rising divorce rates caused wider income inequality
Bradford Wilcox and Anna Sutherland - The Dallas Morning News, 27 April 2016. [29-04-2016]
The standard portrayals of economic life for ordinary American families paint a picture of stagnancy, even decline, amidst rising economic inequality. But rarely does the public conversation about our changing economy, from the pages of The New York Times to the halls of the Brookings Institution, focus on questions of family structure.
36 The controversial idea of parental alienation
Lauren Pearle - ABC News, 8 April 2016. [09-04-2016]
In heated custody battles, a particularly explosive conflict can arise. One parent accuses the other of abusing their child. The accused parent, however, will sometimes say the child was brainwashed into making false accusations.
37 Simple steps to keep marriage off the Divorce Court
Toby Nwazor - The Huffington Post, 4 April 2016. [05-04-2016]
This is for anyone whose marriage is about to get to the divorce stage, and they still want to make an attempt to save it, but don’t know how. Try these unconventional tips. They could just be the magic you need to save that marriage.
38 Children suffering as family breakdowns rise
Sarah Karacs - South China Morning Post, 3April 2016. [04-04-2016]
In Hong-Kong, children who cannot be placed in foster care for various reasons end up going to small group homes or larger homes and institutions. Failing that, they remain in their emergency placements, jamming the most urgent entry point into the system.
39 How 'shared parenting' can affect kids after divorce
Lois M. Collins - Deseret News, 5 February 2016. [06-02-2016]
Recently, several research groups have endorsed shared parenting, which is not exactly synonymous with joint custody, since that can be legal or physical or both, said Ned Holstein, founder and acting executive director of the National Parents Organization, which vocally supports the practice.
40 Parenting together when you can't live together
The Good Men Project, 6 February 2016. [06-02-2016]
Regardless of whether you were raised in a military boarding school or a hippie commune, you ultimately want the best for your children, right? They’re probably already struggling with the blow to their personal sense of security dealt by the divorce and are liable to act out in ways that will be distressing to you.
41 Parenting while heartbroken: the do's and don'ts
Rachel Simmons - Time, 30 December 2015. [31-12-2015]
After a breakup or divorce, parents have to decide how much to share with their children.
42 Survive parenting after divorce
Natasha Daniels - The Huffington Post, 14 December 2015. [15-12-2015]
You have given up half your belongings. You have recovered from the headache of decoding legal jargon and shelling out legal fees! You think you are almost out of the woods when the reality of co-parenting hits you like a ton of bricks. How are you going to parent after divorce?
43 Divorce impacts felt into adulthood
Kristie Auman-Bauer - Medical Xpress, 10 December 2015. [14-12-2015]
Divorce can have a multitude of short-term negative effects on children, including anxiety, anger, shock and disbelief. New Penn State research indicates parental divorce can have long-lasting impacts and even influence the health of adult children.
44 Co-parenting at christmas: some big problems
Amy Packham - The Huffington Post, 25 November 2015. [26-11-2015]
Many divorced parents struggle to devise effective arrangements that please everyone, especially those in the 42% of newly-separated parents who cannot remain on speaking terms to make arrangements for Christmas, according to a recent small-scale study.
45 Parents' behavior affects children during a divorce
Sara Au - The Huffington Post, 16 September 2015. [16-09-2015]
If you’re divorcing, it’s very likely that your world is being rocked like no other time in your life. You may feel shell-shocked, unmoored, enraged or depressed. All of those feelings -and more- are completely normal, and you need to deal with them or find help if you cannot. It’s natural for you to want to lash out at the world, or withdraw from it, or otherwise act on your feelings, but when you’re a parent you need to consider how your actions will affect your children and their behavior.
46 When helicopter parents divorce
Brandie Weikle - The Star, 23 August 2015. [25-08-2015]
Managing the minutia of a child’s day has become a common component in separation agreements, but parenting experts say that’s a bad idea.
47 10 key questions for caring co-parents
Rosalind Sedacca - The Huffington Post, 6 July 2015. [07-07-2015]
Divorced parents face challenges that are not only complex; they are long lasting as well. There are many variations of joint parenting, co-parenting and other forms of divorced parenting based on how well both parents get along, their geographical proximity, the age of the children and other contributing factors. Every decision made will affect the children involved — and the impact can be detected in children's behavior, attitudes and levels of self-esteem.
48 Divorce, grandparents, and the rest of the family
Beth Cone Kramer - The Huffington Post, 2 July 2013. [03-07-2015]
Divorce, no matter that circumstances, impacts more than the nuclear family, especially when families may have existing boundary issues. Southern California psychotherapist and relationship expert Stacy Kaiser, contributor to ‘Live Happy’ Magazine, advises, “Families need a structure but with some flexibility within that structure for unusual circumstances.”
49 Why stepparenting can be harder than parenting
Jenna Korf - The Huffington Post, 4 May 2015. [04-05-2015]
The relationship between stepparent and stepchild will take years to develop and forcing it may actually delay things, or prevent it from ever happening, as negative feelings and resentments build. But since a lot of dads don't know this, they get frustrated when their wife wants a break or is resistant to parenting their child. The fact is, there are some very good reasons why it's often harder to stepparent than it is to parent.
50 Children of divorce - less stress with both parents
CBS, 28 April 2015. [29-04-2015]
A new study evaluated psychosomatic symptoms among children of divorce. This study goes against what many believe is a detrimental living situation for children. The lack of stability and moving around has often led people to associate living with two parents separately as a negative arrangement.
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