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Children born in September are smarter
Olivia Peter - Independent, 16 September 2017. [16-09-2017]
Being one of the older ones in the year group gives children an advantage in school, a new US study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research has found.
If I were a parent: teaching kids good manners
Kelly Wallace CNN, 6 September 2017. [09-09-2017]
What happens when you ask a group of elementary-school kids how they would teach their children manners if they were the parents? Based on the group of kids we brought together in Atlanta, you get a number of really good ideas.
Should you give your children an allowance?
Cheryl Lock - USA Today, 27 August 2017. [28-08-2017]
If you talk with a group of people about money for more than two minutes someone is going to unleash one of the most common financial phrases on the planet: I wish they would have taught this stuff in school.
A lot of our ideas about bilingual children are total myths
Masha Rumer - Quartz, 13 August 2017. [15-08-2017]
The author wishes that raising a bilingual child was as simple and breezy as many books and articles suggest. But in practice, many foreign-born parents struggle when it comes to passing on—and preserving—their linguistic roots.
Coaching your child to a successful school year
Erik L. Johnson - Daily Herald, 13 August 2017. [15-08-2017]
Back to school means back to routine for everyone, and for parents that can be a real challenge for their children after a summer filled with sleeping in, later hours and nonstop fun.
Washington looks to high school
Michael Alison Chandler - The Washington Post, 5 August 2017. [07-08-2017]
While most states and cities are focusing scarce early education resources on expanding access to public prekindergarten programs, the District has a public preschool program available to all 3- and 4-year-olds and is now looking to invest in quality programs for infants and toddlers.
Time to teach your children that I’m not their friend
Meredith Hale - The Washington Post, 1 August 2017. [04-08-2017]
Will today’s kids go on to struggle with authority, unable to navigate classrooms or job interviews, or entry-level positions? Or are these kids ushering in a new age, where these boundaries will one day fall away, and everyone, regardless of age or position, will be peers on equal footing?
Why all parents should care about arts education
Jill Coody Smits - The Washington Post, 28 July 2017. [31-07-2017]
There is a tangible payoff for investment in arts education that kids can’t get in a typical learning environment. Those who participate in the arts are more likely to do well in math and science and be involved in civics. They benefit from social-emotional learning that helps them manage their emotions, be aware of themselves and succeed later in life.
Should children study in the summer holidays?
Marie Jackson - BBC News, 20 July 2017. [21-07-2017]
The summer holidays are under way, but for some children, the studying - and the homework - will continue. There’s school work to catch up on; a year’s learning to consolidate.
10 Stubborn children could grow up to be richer - here’s why
Lindsay Dodgson - Business Insider, 4 July 2017. [05-07-2017]
According to a paper published in the journal Developmental Psychology, rule breaking and general defiance of parents are two of the best predictors of earning a high income as an adult. The research followed 700 children from around the age of eight to mid-life.
11 Fragile lives
Devi Kar - The Telegraph India, 20 June 2017. [21-06-2017]
Why do children have to be praised all the time? Why can't teachers scold a child spontaneously without having to worry about being blamed for undermining the child's self-esteem?
12 Drive to get children back to school failing worldwide
Rebecca Ratcliffe - The Guardian, 21 June 2017. [21-06-2017]
As UN figures show out-of-school rates unchanged since 2012, researchers say goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030 is unlikely to be met for generations. Unesco’s figures, released this week, estimate that the global poverty rate could be more than halved if everyone completed secondary school.
13 Northern Ireland charity calls for an end to physical punishment
Sheena McStravick - Belfast Live, 14 June 2017. [15-06-2017]
The charity wants parents to stop and think again when it comes to using physical means to discipline their children. A recent survey commissioned by the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People found that 63% of the public would support a change in the law to protect children.
14 Children don't listen to adults – and that's as it should be
Tim Lott - The Guardian, 26 May 2017. [27-05-2017]
Parents should be living examples of the qualities they want their children to adopt – so show, don’t tell.
15 This is how much praise kids really need
Amanda MacMillan - Time, 11 May 2017. [20-05-2017]
To help children thrive emotionally and socially, aim to praise them for their good behavior five times a day, a new study suggests. The research found that parents who did exactly that saw a boost in their kids’ wellbeing and a drop in hyperactivity and inattention.
16 How the wealthy talk to their children about money
Paul Sullivan - The New York Times, 19 May 2017. [20-05-2017]
Talking about money with anyone is a famously difficult task. Old money, historically, has been stereotyped as having a Brahmin disdain for such a gauche topic. And then there is the secrecy shrouding what people earn, particularly among colleagues.
17 How child care enriches mothers, especially the sons they raise
Claire Cain Miller - The New York Times, 20 April 2017. [26-04-2017]
As many American parents know, hiring care for young children during the workday is punishingly expensive, costing the typical family about a third of its income. Helping parents pay for that care would be expensive for society, too. Yet recent studies show that of any policy aimed to help struggling families, aid for high-quality care has the biggest economic payoff.
18 When your child doesn’t get an award
Braden Bell - The Washington Post, 24 April 2017. [25-04-2017]
When your child doesn’t get an award, stop a minute. Acknowledge the real disappointment, but then pause and redirect her, him, and, if needed, yourself. Don’t allow one disappointing experience to wipe out happy memories or damage relationships. In doing this, you help your child stay focused on what is most valuable and you help them (and yourself) develop resilience and emotional maturity.
19 Are children today getting enough ‘me’ time?
Alana Kirk - The Irish Times, 25 April 2017. [25-04-2017]
They say silence is golden and, as any parent will attest, it is often elusive as well. Most of us become crafty creators of adult ‘me’ moments – those treasured times of pause, when we shut out the noise and try to grab a little perspective with a cup of coffee or glass of wine. But how many of us ensure that our children get the same?
20 7 parenting traits that help kids succeed at work
William Arruda - Forbes, 18 April 2017. [19-04-2017]
Modeling behaviors that are essential to career success is a great way to encourage your kids to adopt these behaviors too. How can you help your kids absorb and apply them?
21 Children often notice details that adults miss
Abigail Elise - WISN ABC, 16 April 2017. [16-04-2017]
The research highlights the importance of creating supportive learning environments for young children, who may have trouble focusing on one particular detail.
22 To teach kids that the lines between right and wrong are blurry
Eliana Osborn - The Washington Post, 27 March 2017. [01-04-2017]
So little of life is yes or no, black and white. What I find myself discussing with my sons, time and again, is much harder, and more nuanced, than just telling them not to do something. Behaviors are seldom right or wrong — the line between the two frequently depends on the time and place.
23 Uganda: The role of parenting in higher education
Kiapi K. Frederick - New Vision, March 2017. [20-03-2017]
As the country readies itself to middle income status 2020 and its realization of Uganda VISION 2040, high education needs to be redefined to meet the changing times of the job market and this can only be if and only when a species called a parent gets into the picture.
24 Millions of children still out of school
HUman Rights Watch, 6 March 2017. [06-03-2017]
As part of the SDGs, governments have committed to improve access and quality of education for all children by 2030. That’s a steep order: About 263 million children are out of school worldwide. Millions have never gone to school, and many others have been forced to leave. Currently, 25 million children around the world are expected to never attend school.
25 Social mobility in the UK: poorer children "making less progress"
BBC News, 27 February 2017. [27-02-2017]
Poorer pupils are increasingly making less progress at secondary school in England compared with their more affluent peers, a study says. The gap, which was most apparent in poor white children, has widened every year since 2012. The Department for Education accepted it had “more to do” on the issue.

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