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26 Ireland: Children on reduced timetables ‘denied education’
Kitty Holland - Irish Times, 16 November 2018. [16-11-2018]
Children – many of them disadvantaged – are being denied their education by being placed on reduced timetables at school, usually for behavioural issues, according to June Tinsley, head of advocacy with Barnardos.
27 We need to reach children before they decide university isn’t for them
Christopher Birchall - The Guardian, 18 October 2018. [19-10-2018]
To boost social mobility, universities need to start speaking to children from disadvantaged backgrounds at a younger age.
28 Parenting is different to teaching - and children need both
Polly Dunning - The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 October 2018. [12-10-2018]
A fundamental misunderstanding of education forgets that knowing something is not the same as being able to teach it. Early childhood educators are experts in how young children learn and develop and how to implement appropriate strategies to enhance that learning experience.
29 UK: Children and Families Minister’s speech to teachers, 5 October 2018. [06-10-2018]
Nadhim Zahawi speaks to the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) about closing the attainment gap in the early years.
30 Minister to parents: “Get involved in school transition”
Katrina King - Barbados Today, 15 September 2018. [16-09-2018]
In Barbados, more parents need to get involved in the ‘difficult process’ of their children’s transition from primary to secondary school.
31 About 10 percent of US children are diagnosed with ADHD
Angelica LaVito - CNBC, 31 August 2018. [31-08-2018]
ADHD was already considered one of the most common conditions among children in 2015, and the spike shows just how many young people are being diagnosed with it.
32 Should children ever be expelled from daycare?
Douglas Quan - National Post, 24 August 2018. [26-08-2018]
In Canada, daycare expulsion seems to be an issue that affects far too many children and parents … and lack of government regulation is a big part of the problem.
33 Happy children do chores
K. J. Dell’Antonia - The New York Times, 18 August 2018. [19-08-2018]
Children who consider themselves necessary to the family are less likely to feel adrift in a world where everyone wants to feel needed.
34 Children as young as eight feel the pressure for the ‘perfect’ body
Aisha Dow - The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 August 2018. [15-08-2018]
Young girls and boys with higher hormone levels have the greatest rates of body dissatisfaction, and the effect is more pronounced in girls, a new study has found.
35 How to raise a happy kid in the digital age
Caroline Knorr - The Washington Post, 10 August 2018. [11-08-2018]
As more research emerges on the effect of media and tech on kids’ mental health, it confirms that supportive relationships, a feeling of self-worth, strong character and other positive influences are what really matter to be happy.
36 UK: Projects to improve education for children with additional needs
Department for Education, 6 August 2018. [06-08-2018]
Nine projects across the country have been awarded a share of £4million to transform the education and outcomes of children taught in alternative provision.
37 The secret to praising your children properly
Mike Rampton - The Guardian, 4 August 2018. [04-08-2018]
Praise effort rather than talent and results, be specific and include personal qualities.
38 India: parenting includes teaching and learning
J S Rajput - The New Indian Express, 1 July 2018. [03-07-2018]
At present, the Indian system of school education is clearly divided into two distinct groups: private schools and sarkari schools. Parenting, too, could be classified broadly into three categories.
39 Thoughtful parenting: educating our kids together
Deirdre Pepin - Stemboat Pilot & Today, 1 July 2018. [03-07-2018]
Educated kids can be great by age 8. But a future where every child thrives won’t happen without equal opportunity.
40 Let’s protect children against disadvantage with early education
Anne Douglass - The Hill, 22 April 2018. [23-04-2018]
Economic inequality is a barrier to educational opportunity. Likewise, the root causes of low rates of literacy are no mystery.
41 USA: homeless children, 3 times as likely to be suspended at school
Elizabeth A. Harris - The New York Times, 11 April 2018. [12-04-2018]
Homeless students miss an average of 20 school days a year, making them less likely than other children to be on grade level and more likely to drop out of school.
42 South Africa civil society’s next target: the education of our children
Maz Du Preez - News 24, 20 March 2018. [20-03-2018]
A baby doesn’t choose his/her parents. No civilised society can tolerate it that a baby’s worth and fate are determined by where those parents feature on society’s hierarchy or by the amount of money they make.
43 Including the family is critical to children’s literacy education
Nicole Letourneau - The Province, 3 March 2018. [05-03-2018]
In Canada, two out of five adults cannot read well enough to perform everyday tasks. Reading difficulties start early. Research from a cross-section of disciplines, including education, medicine, nursing and psychology suggest that parents are children’s first and most influential teachers.
44 Children are more likely to be kind and caring if their siblings are
Shivali Best - Daily Mirron, 20 February 2018. [20-02-2018]
Researchers from the University of Calgary have found that both older and younger siblings positively influence each other’s empathy.
45 How to raise well-balanced adults
Paul Schoenfeld - Herald, 11 February 2018. [13-02-2018]
Children are influenced by so many factors outside of our control: culture, peers, the times they grow up in, technology and current events. What can we do to help our children turn into adults that we would want to have as friends?
46 USA: Should you homeschool your child?
Jenni Stahlmann and Jody Hagaman - Montgomery Adviser, [06-02-2018]
The National Home Education Research Institute estimates that homeschooling is growing at a rate of 3 to 8 percent annually, which means there could be as many as 3.5 million kids currently being homeschooled in the US, one million more than the number of charter school students.
47 Children of wealthy parents not as spoilt as you would think
Times of Malta, 6 February 2018. [06-02-2018]
Two-thirds of wealthy parents restrict the amount of cash their children can access so they have a better understanding of money, a survey suggests.
48 Partnership key to ensuring all children can access education
UN News Centre, 2 February 2018. [03-02-2018]
Stressing the importance of quality education for the future of young people and children, senior United Nations officials, including the head of its education agency and the UN youth envoy, called for cooperation to strengthen education and learning programmes in all corners of the world.
49 How do I tell my children about cancer?
Annalisa Barbieri - The Guardian, 2 February 2018. [03-02-2018]
Telling children about cancer takes bravery, honesty and patience, at a time when we might not be feeling very strong ourselves.
50 How homeschooling affects your kid later
Caroline Shannon-Karasik - Romper, 9 January 2018. [24-01-2018]
Families choose homeschooling for a variety of reasons, some want a lifestyle that gives them more control over their time.
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