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35 executives say how they balance family and work
Jeanne Sahadi - CNN 16 August 2019. [19-08-2019]
High-level executives with children have a few advantages over other working parents.
It’s time to stop parenting at work
Naira Velumyan - Forbes, 30 July 2019. [02-08-2019]
All people at different times and under different circumstances play one of three roles: a parent, a child or an adult.
Returning to work from parental leave: tips for parents and employers
Jennifer Perrow - Parentology, 24 July 2019. [26-07-2019]
Regardless of whether you’re the parent or employer, the most important thing for making a return to work a positive experience is being gentle.
3 things new parents need to return to work successfully
Gwen Moran - Fast Company, 25 June 2019. [02-07-2019]
In a tight labor market, helping ease their transition back into the workplace is more important than ever.
Deciding between stay-at-home parenting or daycare
BC Local News, 25 June 2028 [28-06-2019]
When it comes down to the classic debate, one solution isn’t by definition better than the other.
US: Connecticut offers massive paid family leave for new parents
Catherine Santino - Fatherly, 27 June 2019. [28-06-2019]
Governor Ned Lamont just announced new legislature to benefit working families.
Working and parenting: It’s Possible
Nicole Russell - The Epoch Times, 26 May 2019. [02-06-2019]
The author describes, with frighteningly accurate detail, what it’s like to be a mother, employee, wife, friend, cultural observer, and more.
When juggling work and family, women offer more emotional support than men
Lieke ten Brummelhuis and Jeffrey H. Greenhaus - Harvard Businees Review, 21 March 2019. [27-05-2019]
How do demands and the amount of support received at work or at home affect the amount of support a person gives to their spouse or coworkers, and how does this in turn, affect the relationship of their larger family or team?
End the plague of secret parenting
Emily Oster - The Atlantic, 21 May 2019. [27-05-2019]
If mothers and fathers speak openly about child-care obligations, their colleagues will adapt.
10 Japan is among the hardest countries for working mothers
Lara Takenaga - The New York Times, 11 April 2019. [14-04-2019]
Men in Japan do fewer hours of domestic work than in any other wealthy nation.
11 4 ways working dads can make more time for family
James Sudakow - Harvard Business Review, 9 April 2019. [14-04-2019]
Fathers may experience as much or more work-family conflict than their female counterparts.
12 What men really want: more time with their children
Pilita Clark - Financial Times, 6 April 2019. [07-04-2019]
Employers are out of step with a changing workforce that values paid paternity leave.
13 How to work from home with children
Wirecutter Staff - The New York Times, 5 March 2019. [09-03-2019]
If you work from home with your kids around, you know it can be a challenge when you need to focus on one or the other. These tips can help.
14 Your company needs a better retention plan for working parents
Daisy Wademan Dowling - Harvard Business Review, 1 February 2019. [01-02-2019]
This is a new, simple label we can use to describe the sometimes overwhelming challenge of trying to earn a living and build a career while also parenting well.
15 US: High cost of child care makes working difficult for families
Tory Dunnan - West Palm TV, 1 February 2019. [01-02-2019]
Average day care a week costs about $174 per infant in Florida. If you hire a nanny, you will pay close to $600 a week.
16 Teenagers’ health impacted by parental stress from work
Medical Research, 2 January 2019. [06-01-2019]
A new study shows that found that parents’ feelings of their work affecting their family lives negatively related to their teenage kids’ health.
17 How our careers affect our children
Stewart D. Friedman - Harvard Business Review, 14 November 2018. [15-11-2018]
All these aspects of parents’ careers, we found, correlate with the degree to which children display behavior problems, which are key indicators of their mental health.
18 Is marriage the end to a woman’s career?
Sharanya Manivannan - Indian Express, 19 October 2018. [19-10-2018]
The enigmatic Annapurna Devi died in Mumbai at 91 last week. Her gift with the subahar and as a singer were legendary; but almost no one ever heard either, except if very selectively allowed into her home as a disciple. In her youth, she was also the first wife of Pandit Ravi Shankar. In an attempt to quell his jealousy and salvage their marriage, she took a vow that she would cease to publicly perform, and continued to keep it even after their divorce.
19 The rise of working mothers
Janina Conboye and Valentina Romei - Financial Times, 9 October 2018. [12-10-2018]
Sympathetic policies help families in the UK, but childcare costs are still a problem.
20 Facebook is not as family-friendly as you think, working moms say
Jessica Guynn - USA Today, 17 September 2018. [17-09-2018]
Some working moms at Facebook say they can’t balance the demands of their jobs and grueling commutes with raising a family – and they blame Facebook’s failure to extend more leave to parents or to grant a perk that’s becoming increasingly common in corporate America: allowing employees to work part-time or from home.
21 Rude to your coworker? Think of the children
Kathryne Dupre - American Psychological Association, 11 August 2018. [20-08-2018]
Incivility in the workplace associated with more negative parenting behaviors at home, new study says.
22 Your workplace isn't your family (and that’s OK!)
Tim Herrera - The New York Times, 13 August 2018. [15-08-2018]
It’s fine to have warm, supportive relationships with your co-workers. But remember the context.
23 Firms urged to enhance employee engagement
Bertram Nwannekanma - The Guardian (Nigeria), 5 June 2018. [20-07-2018]
In Nigeria, organisations have been urged to devise means of making their employees happy and contented, to boost productivity and sustain profitability.
24 How a childcare crisis is leaving Berlin parents stuck at home with their kids
Vanessa Ellingham - The Local, 24 May 2018. [24-05-2018]
Expats parents in Berlin are finding that they have to stay at home with their children rather than go back to work due to a lack of daycare.
25 Making time for networking as a working parent
David Burkus - Harvard Business Review, 23 May 2018. [24-05-2018]
Networks often seem to grow during after-hours activities, like after-work drinks, weekend off-sites, or far-away conferences. And that poses a problem for most working parents.

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