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26 Your workplace isn't your family (and that’s OK!)
Tim Herrera - The New York Times, 13 August 2018. [15-08-2018]
It’s fine to have warm, supportive relationships with your co-workers. But remember the context.
27 Firms urged to enhance employee engagement
Bertram Nwannekanma - The Guardian (Nigeria), 5 June 2018. [20-07-2018]
In Nigeria, organisations have been urged to devise means of making their employees happy and contented, to boost productivity and sustain profitability.
28 How a childcare crisis is leaving Berlin parents stuck at home with their kids
Vanessa Ellingham - The Local, 24 May 2018. [24-05-2018]
Expats parents in Berlin are finding that they have to stay at home with their children rather than go back to work due to a lack of daycare.
29 Making time for networking as a working parent
David Burkus - Harvard Business Review, 23 May 2018. [24-05-2018]
Networks often seem to grow during after-hours activities, like after-work drinks, weekend off-sites, or far-away conferences. And that poses a problem for most working parents.
30 Four ways to balance parenting and work this summer
William Arruda - Forbes, 2 May 2018. [05-05-2018]
When school lets out for summer, being a parent and managing your career or business will inevitably compete for your limited time.
31 Learning to roll with being ‘good enough’ at work and parenting
Michelle Hainer - Washington Post, 13 February 2018. [16-02-2018]
Motherhood, especially when you have more than one child, is wonderful, miraculous and everything the women who came to your baby shower said it would be. But it’s also all-encompassing in a way that the author never could have imagined before she had kids.
32 Even in family-friendly Scandinavia, mothers are paid less
Claire Cain Miller - The New York Times, 5 February 2018. [06-02-2018]
Researchers say motherhood is one of the biggest causes of the gender pay gap. It might take fathers to change that.
33 Four challenges work-from-home parents will recognize
Masha Rumer - The Washington Post, 6 February 2018. [06-02-2018]
Technology is making working from home a viable option for many industries. A Gallup poll found almost half of employed Americans, or 43 percent, spend some time working remotely.
34 Hands up who’s guilty of this parenting fail
Kerri Sackville - The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 February 2018. [06-02-2018]
According to research conducted by YouGov, lots of busy working mums and busy stay at home mums and our (doubtless far less busy) male counterparts are pretty damn slack.
35 Malaysia: more companies urged to have family day
Elly Fazaniza - The Sun Daily, 29 October 2017. [29-10-2017]
The National Population and Family Development Board has urged more companies to have family-oriented events, during the 2017 Malaysia National Family Month launch, in Kuala Lumpur.
36 5 tips to better balance your marriage and parenting responsibilities
Malini Bhatia - KSL, 3 October 2017. [04-10-2017]
One of several ways you can reconnect as a couple. Here five great tips on juggling marriage and parenting responsibilities.
37 Generous family-leave policies make for a better workplace
Vicki Salemi - New York Post, 1 October 2017. [01-10-2017]
In today’s tight labor market, family friendly policies help attract, engage, motivate and retain the best talent. Smart employers respect their employees, the work they do and that each employee is an individual with other life responsibilities.
38 Shared parenting benefits working moms
Kristen Paasch - A Plus, 29 August 2017. [30-08-2017]
While shared parenting is still a novel idea in the United States, reform is moving forward.
39 5 secrets to balancing work and parenting
William Treseder - Ladders, 2 August 2017. [07-08-2017]
When we harmonize, the challenges of balancing work and care help us get to the next level. When we diverge, the same challenges stress us out. This is never more true than with decisions about work.
40 Our life as a one-income family in Sweden
Victoria Martínez - The Local, 30 June 2017. [30-06-2017]
Sweden has been the best place we could ask to live as a one-income family, writes the author, who moved to Sweden last year with her Spanish husband and two children.
41 5 helpful tips for juggling work and parenting
Vanguard, 14 June 2017. [15-06-2017]
Juggling work and parenting might not exactly be the easiest thing to do, but there are a couple of things you can do to make it easier. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 tips for juggling work and parenting.
42 US: How much Louisiana parents struggle to balance children, careers
Andrea Gallo - The Advocate, 1 May 2017. [02-05-2017]
More than 16 percent of Louisiana parents asked about their child care arrangements reported quitting their jobs because of problems finding care for their young children, while 18.5 percent of parents scaled back from working full-time to part-time at one point, according a survey presented Monday that was billed as the first-of-its-kind.
43 Flexible bosses can mean more babies
Charissa Yong -The Straits Times, 17 April 2017. [18-04-2017]
Dr Olivier Thevenon, who was invited recently to Singapore to advise on family and fertility policies, said a "soft law" that gives parents the legal right to ask for flexible working arrangements can help change norms.
44 The gender pay gap is about motherhood
Zoe Strimpel - The Telegraph, 7 April 2017. [18-04-2017]
Why does the term “having it all” only apply to working mothers, rather than working fathers, who are widely seen as unfairly put upon when asked to bread-win, along with their partners, and do 50% of the house work?
45 India: parenting & profession: the right balance
Vijay Anand - Deccan Herald, 15 April 2017. [16-04-2017]
If you are a working mother, you would agree that the guilt of not being by your kid’s side did irk you deeply at some point. But many would also agree, that they eventually made peace with it, because they knew what they were doing in their careers was for the greater good of the family altogether.
46 Companies supporting families
Hilary Shenfeld - People, 29 March 2017. [01-04-2017]
Can a company do well and do good? The 50 firms on People’s first annual Companies That Care list do just that. In partnership with the research firm Great Place to Work, they surveyed workers at nearly 1,000 companies across the U.S. With charitable giving, community outreach and some very creative perks, these firms prove you can make a profit and make the world a better place.
47 Finding a balance between school and parenting
Bianca Mujica - North Texas Daily, 22 March 2017. [23-03-2017]
“I feel like I’m occupying space in two different worlds that don’t meet all the time,” a young mother says. “I’m an outsider in parenting groups because I’m so young and I’m an outsider as a student because I can’t do a lot of the things that are part of college culture.”
48 Balancing career with family duties
Elizabeth Cipolla - The Post-Journal, 12 March 2017. [13-03-2017]
Everywhere you look, there are articles and books being written about the generational workplace shakeup that has been taking place in recent years due to the introduction of Millenials and Generation Z into the workforce amidst Baby Boomers and Generation X. However, there is another generation of workers who are fighting different battles and they aren’t being talked about – the Sandwich Generation.
49 Balancing parenting and work stress: a guide
Daisy Wademan Dowling - Harvard Business Review, 9 March 2017. [10-03-2017]
Most working parents look to their networks of mentors, coworkers, and professional contacts for advice on balancing the competing demands of work and home. But the off-the-cuff guidance that most new working parents in the U.S. get, even if it’s candid and well-intentioned, isn’t always helpful. Too often it’s contradictory, vague, out of date, unactionable, even downright disheartening.
50 Would you give up pay for more family time?
Katie Johnston - The Globe, 9 February 2017. [11-02-2017]
As younger generations increasingly demand more work-life balance, the workplace has become more accepting of fathers’ family obligations. And some of them are sacrificing money, and sometimes high-powered careers, in order to better tend to their family’s needs.
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