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Spain sees worst demographic balance since 1941
Xinhua, 12 December 2018. [15-12-2018]
The main reason for the falling birth rate is that less Spaniards are getting married.
US: Most parents – and many non-parents – don’t expect to have kids in the future
Gretchen Livingston & Juliana Menasce Horowitz - Pew Research Center, 12 December 2018. [15-12-2018]
About seven-in-ten US parents younger than 50 say it’s unlikely they will have more children in the future – and among childless adults in the same age group, about four-in-ten (37%) say they don’t ever expect to become parents.
How to approach online parenting
Cara Le Mottee - IOL, 12 December 2016. [20-12-2016]
A new study on Digital Parenting supported by Facebook and recently launched by the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention (CJCP), looks at how South African parents view their children’s use of ICTs.
Do parents invade children's privacy posting photos online?
Tara Haelle - NPR, 28 October 2016 [02-11-2016]
Children should have a voice about what information is shared about them if possible.
Family dynamics may shape how we work
Roger Jones - Harvard Business Review, 19 July 2016. [20-07-2016]
Sometimes earliest interactions with family members and friends can skew decisions and ability to execute company strategy.
Feel the joy
Lincoln [14-12-2019]
Noah has never experienced the sounds that define the Christmas season. Until now.
Setting up our children for success
Union Bank of Nigeria [28-06-2019]
The idea of this Nigerian production is that while doubt and cynicism are sometimes legitimate emotions in a challenging nation, pessimism and apathy shouldn’t prevail to help the following generation achieve what they deserve.
Mi ability is stronger than my disability
Tommy Hilfiger [28-10-2018]
Featuring a cast of individuals of various abilities, this campaign touts differences, and harnesses what makes each individual unique.
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