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Cellphone use by parents determines children’s behaviour
Stephen Hunt - CBC News, 16 July 2018. [17-07-2018]
Study says parents need to put down their phones and pick up their kids.
Parenting in the age of screens: here’s what the experts do
Anya Kamanetz - NPR, 12 July 2018. [17-07-2018]
Parents today struggle to set screen time guidelines. Many experts on kids and media are also parents themselves and their focus on in their own research corresponds with the priorities they set at home.
Parents’ smartphone addiction and kids’ behavioral issues
Jessica Vomiero - Global News, 5 July 2018. [07-07-2018]
The researchers dubbed the phenomenon “technoference” in parent’s relationships with their children, meaning that everyday interactions were interrupted by mobile or digital devices.
Should children be banned from using mobile phones in the classroom?
Anne Longfield and Carolyn Roberts - The Guardina, 1 July 2018. [03-07-2018]
France will be banning mobile phones in schools from September. What are the pros and cons?
How to face the most stressful season to be a parent
Jackie Gillard - The Huffington Post Canada, 27 June 2018. [29-06-2018]
Having kids out of school for two months often leaves parents feeling stressed and guilt-ridden in several ways.
Distracted parenting in the age of smartphones
Milwaukee Community Journal, 5 June 2018. [06-06-2018]
If a parent is involved in the cell phone instead of watching what their child is doing, not only is that potentially dangerous because they are not watching out for unsafe situations, but that child wants that connection with them, so if they are not getting it in one way, they may get it by acting out.
Malta: digital interaction posing serious challenge to families
Sarah Carabott - Times of Malta, 15 May 2018. [19-05-2018]
Families who have put the brakes on digital interaction, such as those in Italy, appear to be stable, according to the director of the International Centre for Family Studies in Milan.
How well do we understand the tech habits of parents?
The Atlantic, 20 April 2018. [23-04-2018]
When it comes to digital addiction, kids aren’t the only ones who have a problem—and that can take a toll on the whole family. Research is still in its early stages, but parents would be wise to heed the warnings.
Thousands of Android apps may be illegally tracking children
Hamza Shaban - Chicago Tribune, 17 April 2018. [19-04-2018]
Seven researchers analyzed nearly 6,000 apps for children and found that the majority of them may be in violation of the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA. Thousands of the tested apps collected the personal data of children under age 13 without their parent’s permission, the study found.
10 Start the rules early to stop screen addicts
Sarah Carey - The Times, 18 April 2018. [19-04-2018]
Take it from a parent who has learnt from experience: setting time limits must be the first thing you do, not the last.
11 What parents, children should look out for to prevent online crimes
Nick STturdivant - Fox, 11 April 2018. [12-04-2018]
The world is their oyster in terms of where people are on social media. It’s important for every parent to be plugged in.
12 Stop sending children social media notifications during the night
Olivia Rudgard - The Telegraph, 22 March 2018. [24-03-2018]
An expert says it is “bonkers that children are treated exactly the same online as adults are”.
13 UK: Minister wants time limits for children on social media
ITV News, 10 March 2018. [10-03-2018]
Matt Hancock said the negative impact on young people from too much screen time is a “genuine concern”. There is more to be done on the issue where children are concerned, suggesting an age-verification system to tackle the problem.
14 Parenting and social media
Francis Ewherido - Vanguard, 10 February 2018. [16-02-2018]
Ordinarily, parenting is a long, winding road on a hilltop, no dulling. Social media just complicated parenting by adding storm and wetness to the long winding road.
15 Parents need to embrace technology
Steve M. Matthews - Hometown Life, 15 February 2018. [16-02-2018]
As parents, we need to help our children develop problem-solving skills. Instead of escalating a situation, we need to help out children learn to de-escalate and find peaceful solutions. Social norms seem to have coarsened over time, but it is still important to look for solutions instead of resorting to violence.
16 54% of Singaporean children exposed to at least one cyber risk
Kevin Kwang - Channel NewAsia, 6 February 2018. [06-02-2018]
A new study released on Tuesday (Feb 6) showed that 54 per cent of Singapore children aged between eight and 12 are exposed to at least one cyber-risk, which includes cyberbullying, video game addiction, offline meetings and online sexual behaviour.
17 Irish government launches ‘internet safety resource’ for schools
Cianan Brennan - The Journal, 6 February 2018. [06-02-2018]
‘Be in Ctrl’ contains three lesson plans, an information pack for school leaders, and will be supported by a police talk for schools.
18 Smartphones have made parenting harder than ever
Katherine Martinko - TreeHugger, 14 January 2018. [19-01-2018]
Giving a kid a phone “feels a little like trying to teach your kid how to use cocaine, but in a balanced way.”
19 Keeping our children safe in cyberspace
Barbara McDermott - The Irish News, 28 December, 2017. [28-12-2017]
Technology is transforming how our children play, communicate and interact with the world. Adults have a duty to keep them safe.
20 Technology not taking over children’s lives despite screen-time increase
Science News, 21 December 2017. [22-12-2017]
New research has revealed that as digital pasttimes have become intertwined with daily life, children have adapted their behaviors to include their devices.
21 Protecting your marriage from social media
Toluwani Eniola - Punch Nigeria, 17 December 2017. [17-12-2017]
The advent of social media has changed the way people live, interact and work. Several relationships and business initiatives have benefited immensely from social media.
22 Read this before you give your kid his or her first smartphone
Brett Molina - USA TODAY, 10 December 2017. [10-12-2017]
While it might not bring parents as much joy as a first step or first word, the right time to introduce kids to a smartphone is an important moment.
23 Is your child safe on internet?
Diane Mushimiyimana - The New Times (Rwanda), 29 November 2017 [29-11-2017]
Experts warn that as children return home for holidays, parents should be on the lookout for what their children do when using internet. Here some experts give tips on how to ensure that your child uses internet appropriately.
24 This is how you stop online exploitation of children
Rod Rosenstein and Amber Rudd - CNN, 10 November 2017. [11-11-2017]
In the WePROTECT Global Alliance - a coalition of 70 countries, international law enforcement agencies, civil society organizations and key players from the technology industry - we have an unprecedented tool.
25 Virtual reality headsets could put children’s health at risk
Robin McKie - The Guardian, 28 October 2017. [29-10-2017]
A British University scientists found 20-minute game risked vision and balance problems for players aged eight to 12.

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