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26 Yes, children are in distress, but don’t blame it all on Instagram
Gaby Hinsliff - The Guardian, 8 February 2019. [09-02-2019]
It’s tempting to look for online causes if those you love are depressed – but in many cases the problem is real life.
27 Screen time: children advised not to use electronic devices at dinner
Nick Triggle - BBC News, 7 February 2019. [09-02-2019]
Mobile phones should be banned from the dinner table and bedtimes as part of a healthy approach to devices, the UK’s four chief medical officers have said.
28 Rewarding children’s behavior with screen time can lead to more screen time
CTV News, 14 January 2019. [14-01-2019]
A new study advises limits on screen time for children and teenagers to help boost their well-being.
29 Screen time not intrinsically bad for children
Sarah Boseley - The Guardian, 4 January 2019. [06-01-2019]
Device use may not be issue if parents supervise other areas of children’s lives, study claims.
30 Parenting teens in the digital age
Raychelle Cassada Lohmann - US News, 20 December 2018. [23-12-2018]
Given how much of their lives today’s teens spend online, it’s important to provide practical guidance to protect them from real dangers in the virtual world.
31 Cybersecurity lessons are vital for children
Steve Rosen - The Star, 19 December 2018. [19-12-2018]
While there’s no 100% guarantee your child won’t become an identity theft victim, a few basic precautions can improve their odds of staying cyber-safe.
32 Parents struggle to handle children’s tech habits
BBC News, 19 November 2018. [25-11-2018]
Parents worry about how excessive mobile use is affecting their children but struggle to tame their tech habits, suggests a survey.
33 Do your children’s apps give them the hard sell?
Stuart Dredge - The Observer, 11 Novmeber 2018. [11-11-2018]
Parents’ unwillingness to stump up cash for children’s apps is exposing their offspring to adult ad-sales techniques.
34 UK: Government tells parents to “put down their phones”
Brendan Carlin - Daily Mail, 11 November 2018. [11-11-2018]
Education Secretary said parents must cut back on screen time and some ministers raise the alarm over children spending too much time on their phones.
35 We need to teach children how to be ‘biliterate’
Tanith Carey - The Telegraph, 26 October 2018. [28-10-2018]
Children are spending much more time reading from screens than the page.
36 Why having fun on the tablet can be a roadblock for children
The Straits Times, 14 October 2018. [14-10-2018]
An intrinsic problem with tablets and games is that children do not experience much frustration while playing them.
37 Parents’ technology use can negatively affect children
Psychiatry Advisor, 24 September 2018. [25-09-2018]
The researchers found that across all time points, greater child externalizing behavior predicted greater technology interference, via greater parenting stress. Further, technology interference often predicted greater externalizing behavior.
38 How (and when) to limit kids’ tech use
Melanie Pinola - The New York Times, 17 September 2018. [17-09-2018]
As with most parenting topics, constant, open communication is key to helping your family reap the benefits of technology without experiencing too many of the negative effects.
39 Singapore: When should children be allowed to have their own mobile phones?
June Yong - Channel New Asia, 15 September 2018. [15-09-2018]
If you haven’t set clear boundaries about technology use or had conversations about it with your child, then passing junior a phone is likely to be premature.
40 China targets gaming to save children's eyesight
Kris Holt - Engadget, 31 August 2018. [31-08-2018]
Authorities will limit the number of new and online games.
41 Children stare at screens 6 hours a day... How can we reduce that?
Matt Berger - Healthline, 14 August 2018. [15-08-2018]
Experts say excessive screen time is causing serious health issues for children. Obesity is among them. Here’s some ways parents can limit mobile devices.
42 Social media is making children regress to mentality of 3 y.o.
Charles Hymas - The Telegraph, 6 August 2018. [06-08-2018]
Baroness Susan Greenfield, a senior research fellow at Oxford University and former director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, says she is concerned children are losing their ability to think for themselves, empathise and communicate with each other.
43 Cellphone use by parents determines children’s behaviour
Stephen Hunt - CBC News, 16 July 2018. [17-07-2018]
Study says parents need to put down their phones and pick up their kids.
44 Parenting in the age of screens: here’s what the experts do
Anya Kamanetz - NPR, 12 July 2018. [17-07-2018]
Parents today struggle to set screen time guidelines. Many experts on kids and media are also parents themselves and their focus on in their own research corresponds with the priorities they set at home.
45 Parents’ smartphone addiction and kids’ behavioral issues
Jessica Vomiero - Global News, 5 July 2018. [07-07-2018]
The researchers dubbed the phenomenon “technoference” in parent’s relationships with their children, meaning that everyday interactions were interrupted by mobile or digital devices.
46 Should children be banned from using mobile phones in the classroom?
Anne Longfield and Carolyn Roberts - The Guardina, 1 July 2018. [03-07-2018]
France will be banning mobile phones in schools from September. What are the pros and cons?
47 How to face the most stressful season to be a parent
Jackie Gillard - The Huffington Post Canada, 27 June 2018. [29-06-2018]
Having kids out of school for two months often leaves parents feeling stressed and guilt-ridden in several ways.
48 Distracted parenting in the age of smartphones
Milwaukee Community Journal, 5 June 2018. [06-06-2018]
If a parent is involved in the cell phone instead of watching what their child is doing, not only is that potentially dangerous because they are not watching out for unsafe situations, but that child wants that connection with them, so if they are not getting it in one way, they may get it by acting out.
49 Malta: digital interaction posing serious challenge to families
Sarah Carabott - Times of Malta, 15 May 2018. [19-05-2018]
Families who have put the brakes on digital interaction, such as those in Italy, appear to be stable, according to the director of the International Centre for Family Studies in Milan.
50 How well do we understand the tech habits of parents?
The Atlantic, 20 April 2018. [23-04-2018]
When it comes to digital addiction, kids aren’t the only ones who have a problem—and that can take a toll on the whole family. Research is still in its early stages, but parents would be wise to heed the warnings.
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