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Family Enrichment Congress in London

Family Enrichment Congress in London

A final Declaration of the 20th Family Enrichment, held in London (18-20 November), is now public. More than 1,000 delegates participated in the main Congress, 250 other young participants in the Personal Project Congress and around 300 in the previous World Meeting of Leaders.
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The Convention On The Rights Of The Child— still critical 30 years on
Maryanne Murray - UNICEF USA, 19 October 2019.
How the CRC continues to be a guiding force behind UNICEF’s mission — and why upholding its principles has taken on new urgency.

UK’s natural population growth is sputtering
Marcus Roberts - MercatorNet, 14 October 2019.
Continued population growth in the UK is heavily dependent on immigration. But Brexit may change the numbers substantially.

UK: More families needed for children awaiting adoption
BBC News, 14 October 2019.
More than twice as many children in England are waiting to be adopted as there are families willing to adopt, campaigners are warning.

Should stay-at-home parents be paid?
Jeremy Engle - The New York Times, 10 october 2019.
Support for this idea is gaining political steam. Are housework and child care equal to paid work outside the home?

The child care paradox
Sara Mauskopf - Forbes, 15 October 2019.
How is it that the cost of care can be so high and businesses can still struggle so much?

Qualified immigrants revitalise Portugal’s labour market
Natasha Donn - Portugal Residente, 11 October 2019.
The aspects bringing foreigners flocking are the recent recovery of the economy, the fiscal incentives at work and “the perception of Portugal as a safe country”.
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