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European Conference on COVID-19 and families

European Conference on COVID-19 and families

An online conference on ‘Overcoming COVID-19 – jointly developing prospects for strong families’ has been organized by the German government during their presidency of the European Union.
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Homeschooling in Wales: children ‘flourishing’ as numbers rise
Lucy Ballinger and Alex Jennings - BBC, 26 November 2020.
Local authorities said children were being deregistered for a number of reasons, including anxiety, coronavirus and lifestyle choice.

Can children be persuaded to love a parent they hate?
Barbara Bradley - The Atlantic, December 2020.
When one parent in a divorce has worked to prejudice the kids against the other parent, the last-ditch solution for some judges is to send the children to ‘reunification camp’ with the mom or dad they can’t stand.

Disparity between Indian states in terms of children’s health
Neetu Chandra Sharma - Mint, 25 November 2020.
A new report provides data on various child-centric indicators and analyses them through nine dimensions namely—life, bodily health, bodily integrity, senses, imagination, thoughts, emotions, practical reasons, affiliation, play and control over one’s environment.

Children’s media groups teach streamers to adopt new approach
Patricia Nilsson - Financial Times, 25 November 2020.
Although there is a limit to how many different streaming platforms individual viewers will pay for, platforms are differentiating between expensive prestige shows, which double up as marketing, and content that generate fewer subscribers but millions of people will watch for hours, such as shows for toddlers.

The corporate ideals driving ‘secret parenting’
Melissa Hogenboom - BBC, 23 November 2020.
Many parents downplay caring responsibilities at work to show commitment. Covid-19 has exposed the challenges that parents face – but will it change anything?

Will the pandemic lead to a shift in parenting roles?
Alexandra Topping - The Guardian, 19 Nov 2020.
Men are spending more time with their children and businesses are seeing economic benefits of flexible working.
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