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UNICEF Executive Board

UNICEF Executive Board

The UNICEF Executive Board held its first regular session of 2019 on 6th and 7th February. The Board is strengthening its governance through efforts to improve its working methods.
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The real reason behind the rise of helicopter parenting
Jenny Anderson - Quartz, 14 February 2019.
According to a new book, parents today are rational economic actors responding to an increasingly unhinged environment.

The evolving social context of parenting
Mark Hendrickson - The Epoch Times, 15 February 2019.
Being a parent isn’t going to get any easier in the future.

“It is our future”: children call time on climate inaction in UK
Sandra Laville, Poppy Noor and Amy Walker - The Guardian, 25 February 2019.
Thousands of young people take time out of school to join protests across the country.

A German government adviser recommends a ban on smartphones for children
Hamza Shaban - The Washington Post, 15 February 2019.
He says children younger than 14 should not be allowed to use smartphones, citing the danger of exposing young people to sexually explicit images.

How to make time with family and loved ones count
Elizabeth Grace Saunders - The New York Times, 13 February 2019.
We are all busy, but real, meaningful relationships thrive when they’re face-to-face.

Chinese New Year is all about the family
Sharon Ling - Metro News, 9 February 2019.
It’s a time for reconnecting with relatives and strengthening family ties, of sharing and celebrating together.
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