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Demography in the European Union

Demography in the European Union

The International Federation for Family Development has produced a background document as a contribution to the opinion entitled ‘Demographic challenges in the EU in light of economic and development inequalities’, requested by the Croatian Presidency to the European Economic and Social Committee.
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Parenting isn’t over when kids grow up
Mark McConville - The Wall Street Journal, 18 January 2020.
With so many young adults still relying on parents for support, the challenge is how to help them without undermining their independence.

Families come in different forms, and all forms have value
Emily Dhanani - InForum, 23 January 2020.
The choice to have, or not have, children is a personal decision with a vast amount of reasons behind those choices, all of which are individual to each family.

Europe’s demographic crisis needs to be addressed
Raphaella Stavrinou - New Europe, 24 January 2020.
The major demographic change that plagues Eastern and Southern European is one of the EU’s biggest challenges in the new decade.

China’s ongoing baby decline
Marcus Roberts - MercatorNet, 23 January 2020.
The one child policy is gone but the birthrate hasn’t rebounded.

Discipline may be the best gift for your children
Winnie Miseda - Monitor Uganda, 25 January 2020.
Discipline is one of the most important components of your child’s development because it exposes children to a system of values that guides them through life.

Why self-care is good parenting
Parents can do a better job taking care of ourselves — so that we can take better care of our kids. And what better time to start than a brand new decade.
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