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Why not take full parental leave?

Why not take full parental leave?

The New York Times Pareting Section includes an interesenting article explaining how when company culture comes from the top makes it possible to value family leave.
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A working parent’s survival guide
The News, 18 August 2019.
Working parenthood requires you to handle an endless stream of to-do’s, problems and awkward situations.

Denmark apologises for decades-old abuse in children’s homes
The Local, 14 August 2019.
Before becoming prime minister, Frederiksen said that issuing an apology to the victims would be one of her top priorities.

35 executives say how they balance family and work
Jeanne Sahadi - CNN 16 August 2019.
High-level executives with children have a few advantages over other working parents.

American families are spending more than ever before on school supplies
Amanda Henderson - Fox News, 18 August 2019.
Some believe there is a new factor this year playing a role in the rising dollar amount, which is social media.

Ireland: Government implies caring for children at home is undesirable
Maria Steen - The Irish Times, 17 August 2019.
Policy subsidises only one form of childcare and penalises single-income families.

The secret to a long and happy marriage
Peggy Drexler - CNN, 16 August 2019.
After 71 years of marriage, this couple died on the same day. Their previous declarations have become viral news.
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