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Japan: More flexible family care leave mandated
Herbert Smith Freehills - SRHM, 5 January 2021.
Legislation has been amended to allow employees to take child care and family care leave on an hourly basis.

UK: opposition wants to “put families first during lockdown”
Sienna Rodgers - Labourist,
The UK Labour leader will frame his party’s arguments about social security, fair pay and more in terms of their effects on the family.

Policy fundamentals for better health
AARP, 7 January 2021.
To live longer, healthier lives, people should be empowered to engage in positive health behaviors and have accesss to affordable, high-quality health care, prescription drugs, and long-term services and supports as well as social engagement.

Born and raised in China
Yang Ge - China Daily Global, 7 January 2021.
Boosting the fertility rate requires a more comprehensive package of pro-family measures.

Family visits and communication should be the standard of care
Richard E. Leiter and Samantha Gelfand - Stat News, 9 January 2021.
As the Biden-Harris Transition Covid-19 Advisory Board works to develop a long-overdue national response to the pandemic, it must expand its scope beyond supply chains, mask mandates, vaccines, and ICU beds.

Why focusing on digital parenting has become more crucial than ever
Amitabh Kumar & Prem Prakash - Social Story, 2 January 2021.
Digital Parenting is a developing skill through which the parents or caregivers and their children can explore technology together.
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