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Parenting skills don’t necessarily come naturally
Ken Potts - Daily Herald, 11 July2019.
It seems this parenting business requires a whole lot of understanding, skill, patience and perseverance; and we eventually find ourselves doing many of the same things our parents did.

UK: Less than a third of eligible men take paternity leave
Jon Taylor - EMW, 8 July 2019.
The number of men taking paternity leave is continuing to fall suggests research. Approximately 31% of eligible new fathers used paternity leave in the last year versus 32% in the previous year.

Gap between China’s urban and rural parenting styles narrows
Xinhua, 7 July 2019.
The parenting levels of China’s rural families have gradually improved, which indicates that the gap between the urban and rural parenting ideas and ways is narrowing, according to a recent survey.

UK: Parenting doesn’t end when relationships do
James Munby - The Times, 8 July 2019.
The plans for no-fault divorces should be seen as a welcome step forward in reducing the impact on children of the parental blame game that is all too common in a divorce.

Ending child marriage is crucial for Africa’s development
UNICEF, 6 July 2019.
Angélique Kidjo, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador delivers a statement in a video broadcasted on the occasion of the side-event of the African Union Summit organized by the First Lady of the Republic and the Government of Niger, with the support of the Economic Community of West African States and United Nations partners.

Lebanon: A second chance for unregistered children
Nadine Malli - Norwegian Refugee Council, 8 July 2019.
Eight years into the Syrian crisis, over 200,000 children are estimated to have been born to Syrian refugees in neighbouring Lebanon. Many of these children have not been properly registered, which could affect their access to education, healthcare or humanitarian aid if they return to Syria in future.
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