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When parents try to do it all, they do it poorly
Emily Oster - The Atlantic, 14 June 2019.
New parents are given a lot of rules to follow, but little guidance for how to choose among them when constrained.

Why giving children fewer toys could make the whole family happier
Irish Examiner, 14 June 2019.
According to a child development expert, if parents try to live according to the basic ‘roadmap’ of buy less, fear less, referee less, hurry less and entertain less, life will be a whole lot simpler, and thus less stressful.

The future of men and marriage is bleak
Suzanne Venker - Washington Examiner, 14 June 2019.
It’s the breakdown of marriage, in other words, or the collapse of the family, that results in father-absent homes.

UK: Half of parents get financial help from their children
The Sun, 14 June 2019.
While the younger generation is well known for having to scrimp and save to climb onto the housing ladder, it has emerged many are also having to help their families at the same time.

Language-savvy parents improve their children’s reading development
Science Daily, 14 june 2019.
Researchers found that adults with higher reading-related knowledge are likelier to provide positive feedback, which helps the learning process.

First woman in my family to choose an interracial marriage
Sahaj Kohli - Huff Post, 14 June 2019.
The author either felt too American or she was forcing herself to overlook a lack of chemistry or connection to make it work just because they were Sikh.
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