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Some parents have experienced severe burnout in lockdown
MedicalXpress - University of Canterbury, 18 November 2020.
10.5% of parents in New Zealand experienced as a combination of chronic stress, exhaustion, feeling like their parenting is not as good as it was, loss of pleasure or fulfilment in parenting, and emotional distancing from their children.

Authoritative parenting raises confidence and independence
Kelly Burch - Insider, 17 November 2020.
Authoritative parents set clear expectations about how they want their children to behave.

Parenting through illness prepared me for parenting in a pandemic
Jennifer Bringle - Healthline, 17 November 2020.
An unexpected breast cancer diagnosis changed my life. It also provided valuable lessons that have given me hope during a global pandemic.

Shutdown hurts children, parents say
Eliza Shapiro and Juliana Kim - The New York Times, 19 November 2020.
As schools close again in New York, frustrated and angry parents say the decision does not make the city safe

How to find and form a “parenting posse”
Avni Patel Thompson - Harvard Business Review, 22 October 2020.
Whether you’re navigating remote school while working from home or need a last-minute pickup from soccer practice, here are ways to create this support system.

UK: New winter package to provide further support for children and families
Department for Work and Pensions, 8 November 2020.
Children and families will get extra support this winter, with councils given new funding to ensure vulnerable households do not go hungry or without essential items.
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