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People on the move statistics on mobility in Europe
Eurostat, 9 July 2019.
People in today’s Europe are on the move much more than ever before. This digital publication shows the latest figures on these movements in many different ways, with a focus on people and not on goods.

Sustainable development in the European Union
Eurostat, June 2019.
The findings presented in this publication are based on developments over a five-year timespan.

30 years of child rights and the unfinished agenda
Joining Forces, June 2019.
Thirty years after global leaders promised to protect the rights of all children, this new report by an alliance of the six largest international NGOs working with and for children says it is time for the global community to fulfil the broken promises of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Global Childhood Report 2019
Save The Children
In commemoration of its founding 100 years ago, Save the Children released its third annual Global Childhood Report to show that children born today have a better chance than at any time in history to reach their full potential.

Are the world’s richest countries family friendly?
Yekaterina Chzhen, Anna Gromada, Gwyther Rees - UNICEF, June 2019.
This report focuses on childcare leave for parents and early childhood education and care for preschool children in the 41 high- and middle-income countries that are part of the OECD or the European Union.

Effect of exposure to gun violence in video games
Justin H. Chang and Brad J. Bushman - JAMA, 31 May 2019.
Exposure to violent video games increases children’s dangerous behavior around real firearms.
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