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24 June 2019

PHS as a key element for families
PHS as a key element for families
The European Federation for Services to Individuals has published a position paper with ‘10 Proposals for High Quality, Accessible and Affordable Personal and Household Services’, addressed to newly elected Members of the European Parliament and designated European Commissioners.
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Science suggests parents are taking parenting too far

Parents who want to give their kids every advantage are spending more and more time and money on kids, but science is finding that it’ s better to step back and find balance.
[Patrick A. Coleman - Fatherly, 13 June 2019.]
The damage of dad-shaming

In the US, more than half of the fathers in a national poll reported being criticized about their parenting decisions.
[Perri Klass - The New York Times, 16 June 2019.]
Korea: 65% of young people think marriage, childbirth unnecessary

More than six out of 10 people in their 20s to 30s do not see marriage and childbirth as necessary, mainly because of financial pressure, a survey showed.
[Kim Rahn - The Korea Times, 18 June 2019.]
Jailed mothers: the ‘terrible damage’ to children

About 17,000 children are separated from their mothers every year by the prison system in England and Wales, and some MPs say the courts may be denying the human rights of these children.
[Frankie McCamley - BBC News, 17 June 2019.]
A new series to help families spend less time on screens and devices

Devices may be everywhere, but they don’ t have to take over your summer.
[Roisin Ingle - The Irish Times, 18 June 2019.]
Half of Britons socialise with family and friends at most once a month

Some 8,000 Britons were surveyed on every aspect of their live, with an average ‘wellbeing score’ of 60.4 out of 100.
[The Guardian, 17 June 2019.]
Global Childhood Report 2019

In commemoration of its founding 100 years ago, Save the Children released its third annual Global Childhood Report to show that children born today have a better chance than at any time in history to reach their full potential.
[Save The Children]
Being a dad isn’t easy

Commercial dedicated to all those parents who consider their job is to make the next generation better, however hard their task is.
[Ram Trucks]
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